ASTROLOGER & HEALER: Lorna has knowledge in many areas of the Esoteric Arts. She is currently focused upon Healing and Astrology. 1) Healing: The most powerful healer is Love. Lorna channels this vital energy and directs it into areas of pain, or disease, giving both relief and healing benefits. One treatment will improve the condition, and may heal it entirely. Treatment time: 1-1/2 hours. 2) Astrology: Lorna publishes an Astro Forecast, with monthly planetary trends, and personal, predictive horoscopes for each sign. Astro Forecasts can be found at: WordPress.com or Medium.com, Astro Forecast 2016 by Lorna Anne. These are not computer generated interpretations, but rather, Lorna’s own unique system and perspective. Her focus is to provide insight into oneself and understanding of one’s life path.



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