TRENDS:  Mercury, the planet which rules information exchange, communication of all sorts, and our inner thinking processes, is the highlight of the month. A quick moving planet, Mercury makes aspects to all the inner planets this month: Sun, Venus, Mars, and Jupiter.  So there’s lots of mental activity to engage us, along with some intense outer planetary alignments; those planets which move more slowly, have actually been the long-range issues and slowly unfolding influences and themes in our lives since 2010. It seems that the time has come to consciously deal at last with the need to address the direction of our evolution and to make solid choices. With Mercury being so prominent this month, the strongest days that favor the fruition of Mercury’s activity are May 15, 19, 20, 21, 25. However, Uranus squaring Pluto on the 20th (90 degree angle), will create upheaval in any situation where power and control are exercised unfairly. Beware of the use of deception to achieve one’s desires. Eventually, if not immediately, it will be uncovered. Hopefully, a loving laissez-faire policy will be the outcome of this month’s lessons. There are also two eclipses this month (5/9 and 25), which normally alters or relinquishes something in our daily lives around that time. Old  patterns dissolve, and new patterns emerge in unexpected ways Once you know what you want, this is the month to go for it, for Mars is conjuncting (same degree) the Sun and gives everyone extra strength, courage, stamina and determination, especially at the beginning of the month. 

KEYWORDS; Analyze, scrutinize, decide.

ARIES:  Even though opportunities abound at the beginning of the month, you must be willing to make adjustments and to work with situations in your world that my seem impossible or unsettling. The obvious lesson is to embrace the upheaval happening now and know it is all part of evolution to a higher level. Pay attention to the unforeseen opportunities that are there.  Overcome uncertainty. 

TAURUS:  It’s your birthday month, however, you may not be feeling overly joyous with Saturn in your opposite sign for the entire month and more. Focus on the inner self. Where are you blocking yourself from attaining what you want? Where do you need to expand your vision and realize that the fertile earth of the self must be worked with and valued in order to harvest eventual cornucopia. There is an New Moon Solar Eclipse in your sign on the 9th. Pay attention to what you value most in your life. Make decisions.

GEMINI:   In mid-month, things pick up for Geminians with the Sun, Mercury and Venus all entering your sign. You probably will feel, as the month progresses, uncertain as to whether you’re seeing things clearly. Are things really as they are? Is the conflicting information overload confusing? Don’t try to figure it out this month. Watch, observe and see what happens.

CANCER:  Cancerians are still reaping the benefit of the trines (120 degree angle) from Neptune to Saturn; however, that outer planet square (90 degrees) between Pluto ad Uranus will probably have you jumping. Be wiling to accept a new order and let go of the old. It will improve more quickly if you don’t fight it or run away. Relationships are favored this month. Go with the flow of changing feelings and don’t try to keep the status quo.

LEO:  Leos have two opposing forces/drives to contend with that are antagonistic and hard to work with. The best suggestion is don’t try. Rebel. Go somewhere else, do something else, get out. Break the pattern and the norm. You’ll feel liberated. May 15 -18, the Moon is in your sign. Resolve your issues at that time.

VIRGO:  The fi5rst half of the month rolls along in daily routine. In mid-month, when planets shift into Gemini, you should finally gain tremendous insight in terms of figuring out those long-range directions you’ve been analyzing and trying to understand. It will all make sense if you realize it’s not just about being practical and having to sacrifice unwillingly. It should be a win-win for everyone.

LIBRA: Librans are in a dance with that outer planetary Uranus/Pluto square. Trying to figure out whether you should take the Leap of Faith or maintain the status quo should resolve by mid-month. After the 20th is a time to take action when trying to solve the above dilemma. Go with your feelings and follow your heart  Don’t try to control it.

SCORPIO:  What you value and how much you’re willing to discipline yourself to get it and contend with consequences is the theme for the first half of the month. It’s an ideal time to be grounded and omitted to success. You are finally realizing what changes need to be made to support your motivation and drive. You’re getting more in tune with trusting your deepest feelings. Trust the process to heal your deepest issues.

SAGITTARIUS:   You may find yourself attracted to what you never thought you would be. It’s a time for fresh perspectives, innovative thinking and seeing things from all sides. This makes you more open to embrace your opposite, Gemini, when four planets are in that sign. Expand, travel, explore. If you run into opposition, remember that each problem holds its own solution. Talk about it. Don’t hold it back when it comes to expressing yourself.

CAPRICORN:  By now, let’s hope, you’ve accepted transformation and aren’t trying to stay inside a crumbling building.  Make peace with it and let it go. You may find, especially in relationships, that things will improve greatly if you stop trying to control it. And the opposite holds true: if you’ve been the total victim, it’s time to take action and protect yourself. Don’t let pride get in your way by refusing to accept the benefit and the changes taking place in your life. Strive for harmony.

AQUARIUS:  Aquarians are affected by the Uranus square to Pluto because Uranus is your ruling planet. Fortunately, four planets in Gemini will help you understand why things had to go the way they did and you might then even be willing to accept radical change and actually enjoy it. Don’t allow yourself to be controlled by others. Defend the unique individual that your are and value yourself. Temper your desire for aggression by using your genius to solve issues.

PISCES:  After mid-month,  Pisceans may decide they’ve gone in one direction just about as far as they can go and it’s time to try something new. So pay attention in the first half of this month for opportunities that may be offered to you. It’s a great time to figure out how to turn your world into the utopia you’ve always wanted. It can be done if you’re willing to meet the challenges and see them as part of the process. You have all the outer planets on your side right now, so plan your way into your ideal future..


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