I just returned from a trip to New Jersey via a rented car to visit my mom. Normally I can make it in 6 hours; this one took 10 1/2 hours. Here’s what happened:

  After being caught in a quagmire of a 2-hour traffic jam, I pulled off to get some gas about three quarters of the way back to the Cape and went to a small chain convenience store. I wanted to top the tank as I had to return it full. I had cash. The cashier wouldn’t allow me to pump without paying first, even though I didn’t know how much it was going to cost.  A frustrating conundrum. So, I put in $35 knowing it wouldn’t completely fill it, and perturbed, I went to the Ladies Room and unwittingly left my purse.

     Just as I arrived at the rotary on the Cape, I got a phone call from the gas station 18 exits back, saying I left my purse. They would not mail it. So, I took a little spin around the rotary and headed back 60+ miles. I didn’t get angry at myself, I just wanted to figure out the lesson.

     Most people would say I have to pay more attention and be more conscious in the moment. And that is true; however, Neptune was squaring Venus. The planets that rule sleep and dreams and the unconscious; so I had a lot working against me on the cosmic level. But here’s where I went wrong.

     Every situation can ALWAYS be a win-win situation if we work at figuring out how. For instance, If I hadn’t allowed myself to become a victim of circumstance, I would have thought to stay on the same side as her and not polarize. I would have realized I could use my card for the difference as it could have handled that much on it, but not the full amount, which is why I wanted to pay cash.

     Neptune, since it rules the unconscious, has no boundaries. It’s lesson is to be at one with everything. As I mentioned above,  I should have done that and it would have cleared my thinking. In addition, the negative side of Neptune is not about win-win, but about martyrdom and sacrifice (Christ was a Pisces, the sign Neptune rules). The cultural perspective favors sacrifice,, and I sucked right into it. I would have used my card, which would have required my purse…the obvious, I wouldn’t have left it.

     So the lesson for me is don’t do the negative Neptune and become a victim. Realize that everyone can have what they want in this world with a little insight and creative thinking, all conflict can be resolved harmoniously.

     The upside? I never got stopped by the cops.  : )


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