With all of the New Age insights into the power of positive thinking, and the role the mind plays in creating one’s reality, it seems that the power of the emotions has been either disregarded, or, they are looked upon as blocks to achieving clear thinking. Have you ever heard someone say, “Oh, my emotions got in the way”?

     Most of the time emotions are ignored as propelling forces (passions). They are indicators not only of what we need to pay attention to inside ourselves, but they also reflect the unseen condition of realities around us.

     The reason that many people don’t trust emotions is that they are so slippery. One day, we feel one way; the next, we feel differently. We can run through a whole gamut of varying emotions about a subject or we can be like a ping pong ball, back and forth between two opposing feelings, ie. love/hate.

     So one might ask, how can emotions be considered reliable indicators?  Rather than neglecting the emotions for their instability, we need to stabilize them — to understand why they’re flooding all over the place so wildly. Most likely, they are in reaction to a fear. If we uncover (make conscious) the fear, we will see it is irrational, as most fear is; if we value the fear as real, then we need to take precautions against whatever we fear from happening, and prevent it. But, we don’t throw the proverbial baby (the emotion) out with the bath water (fear).

     If we stay true to finding the real passion, we know we’re on the right track, and our minds will work in ways to keep us safe from fear, by delineating irrationality from reality.

     Remember, the soul resides in the emotions, not the mind. The mind is there to facilitate reaching the emotional objective, by figuring out ways to make it happen —  not trying to invalidate the feelings as wrong, out of fear.

     So, for starters, we can find our true emotions by making conscious the fear reaction. The next step is to trust the passion. You are not crazy if you are truly feeling it, no matter how unlikely it seems. Once we believe in our feelings, we can carry our interpretation of their power a step further.

     If we are centered and feel good about what we want, our higher emotional centers may still be in a state of resistance, though nott as strong a current as fear, but more of an underlying tension, like a dam blocking a flow. This may not be fear, but rather, a sensing on the part of the higher emotional centers that karmically you are still in the process of working through blocks and issues in the external reality that concerns the karmic situation. If you pay careful attention, you will feel the tension release when the outer reality changes, before you even consciously know it has!

     Your higher emotional centers are keenly aware of the greater cosmic forces that are at work, and if we don’t polarize from our feelings, there is much insight we can gain about ourselves and the world around us.

     Realize your emotions are like sensors. It is where the soul and intuition reside. Do not abandon them for the sake of following the path of mental creative visualization, for they are the deciding factor as to what the visualization aught to be. Realize the emotions play a fundamental part in creating your reality.


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