We begin the month in the throes of the aftermath of the square (90 degree angle) between Uranus and Pluto, exact on May 20th. Since both these planets are so slow moving, and since the Sun, Mercury and Venus are all making aspects to this unsettled pair, we are dealing with the intense change and upheaval generated by this lengthy aspect.  Fundamentally, change will happen to everyone, but in varying degrees and levels, depending on where this aspect falls in each person’s natal chart. At the very least, expect the unexpected; at the most, welcome to a new life! In all cases it can be recognized as change: replacing the old with the new. It is time to shed worn out security blankets for new life and a better reality. The first two weeks of June will be rather scattered and skiddish. The powerful force of change that has emerged in our lives is something that we must put into perspective, rather than try to ignore it.

     We are aided by Saturn trine (120 degree angle) Neptune, which helps us balance our ideals with our reality — really what this whole process is about. A new and better life for everyone; and macrocosmically, a new and better world order in the grand scheme of things. Saturn reminds us to be simple, not extravagant or costly. Neptune reminds us that sacrifice is okay if it brings us a greater reward. It’s about  prioritizing what we really want to bring about.

     There’s lots of social and relationship issues this month, since Mercury and Venus team up in the sky in the sign of Cancer. Best to put your true feelings on the table. By week three, calm should begin to return to us all, and issues should be resolved. In the fourth week, it is time to start to feel secure with the new changes made in your world. We will all  be able to see, in terms of the bigger picture, the positive evolution that has taken place. It is a good time to begin spiritual, psychic, or occult studies, for inner change is equally as important as outer. There should be respite from stomach issues and implementing a healthier diet, or any self-nurturance this month is stressed.

     Keywords:  new order, new path, alignment of reality and the ideal


ARIES: Arians have to think about options and opportunities this month, and the directions in which they will lead, since most likely they will be presented. Your ruling planet Mars is in Gemini, so lots of communication about your ideas and intent is suggested. The first couple of weeks, make sure you are clear on what each course of action entails. You don’t want any confusion concerning hidden expectations or doubts, so be aggressive in understanding. The Moon is in Aries during the first week of June, so plant your seeds for the future. The last quarter Moon in Aries in week 4 should show practical results. You may run into others who will challenge your ideas — or feel overwhelmed by you. Be sensitive to others but stay true to yourself.

TAURUS: Venus, your ruling planet conjoins with Mercury at the end of May and will do so again at the end of June, when Venus catches up with Mercury’s slowing movement as it prepares to go retrograde on May 27th. Writing, communication, learning, teaching and short trips are favored; or maybe rather than travel, there will be investment in home improvements, since Venus resides in Cancer most of the month. Week 2 may be a little intense with unexpected demands as Venus squares both Uranus and Pluto. But by the 3rd week life should smooth out. When Venus goes into Leo in the 4th week, it is an ideal time to review the beginning of the month to see what you have learned about what you value most and what you want to accomplish in the world. The Moon in your sign on the 4th – 6h should provide a good space to get centered.

GEMINI Geminians are buzzing with ideas and social engagements during the first 2 weeks, but your ruling planet Mercury is slowing down in the latter two weeks, so you can catch up on everything you put aside during the earlier part of the month. Anytime Mercury goes retrograde, it’s time to think out of the box — consider things you never thought of doing before. The second week gives new and interesting perspectives that may help solve any mysteries or clear up any confusion over details needed to take action on a plan Mars is in your sign this month so the energy is there. Pay attention to what you value most and direct your energies toward those goals. Better to limit a bit, rather than being overwhelmed by too much.

CANCER: This month Cancerians are feeling the Uranus/Pluto square most strongly because three inner planets (Sun, Mercury, Venus) are entering your sign and touching that volatile pair. Best to try to be a peacekeeper. You may want to radically terminate a situation, but working with it to create a win-win situation is what is favored. Bringing peace, harmony and beauty into your world is possible with the help of Saturn and Neptune in water signs, so solutions can be achieved if you’re willing to work with them. Mercury goes retrograde in your sign in the 3rd week, so if it feels like things are dragging they should release around then. Let it happen. Don’t control it. Jupiter enters Cancer on the 26th, so it should feel like a dose of renewed faith around then. The Moon is in your sign the 9th-12th. It is a time to pay attention to what you really want, for in the latter part of the month, it is attainable.

LEO: Your ruling planet, the Sun, is very active this month, so it should be a busy one. Work smart, not hard. Figure out how best to handle your busy schedule and the unexpected surprises that may come to you in early June. Since the Sun conjoins Jupiter, travel or higher education may suddenly present itself. Sports and recreation create a good balance to work activity. If in doubt this month, don’t be…there are many good things happening for you now, if you recognize them as such. The Moon in your sign on the 12th -14th in mid-month, is a good time to listen to your heart.

VIRGO: Because Mercury rules Virgo, and this little planet is very active this month, the best start is to understand one’s place in the larger scheme of things. Whether it be spiritual pursuits, career or relationships, it’s best to see what value you place upon yourself and your part in the world. What do you want to contribute in the future? Progressive ideas that expand opportunities are worth putting your energies into. If you’re out to save the world, or just yourself, remember you can have a good time while you’re doing it. The Moon is in Virgo the 14th-17th, so information you’ve been seeking should come through around them.

LIBRA: How to keep balance and order in the midst of chaos and change is a concept Librans have been working with as Uranus slowly makes its way through your opposing sign of Aries. Unusual and interesting relationships in your life should provide lots of socializing opportunities in the first half of the month, though there could be underlying tensions in social groups, where Libra’s artful and gracious abilities can smooth out, while helping others cope with changes in their lives. it is a time for new opportunities in the first 2 weeks, so don’t miss them. The Moon is in Libra the 17th-19th, a time to draw upon your resources and make your life a beautiful work of art.

SCORPIO: With Saturn still presiding in your sign, in retrograde motion, the continued urge to search inward to figure out one’s path and destiny continues. With Saturn’s trine to Neptune, it’s important for Scorpios to see how they can make their everyday world become their ideal. The quixotic energies of Gemini favor not trying to control your life, but more, to play along with it and see where it goes. At the end of the month, the picture could be a lot clearer as inner planets move into the sign of Cancer. A vision of something larger in control and calling the shots can help Scorpios in going with the flow of their creation. Clarity is on the horizon and the 18th-21st is a good time to understand the deeper mysteries that you ponder and for which you seek resolve.

SAGITTARIUS: Sags have been making good headway in dealing with all sorts of relationships in their lives. This trend of revamping the ones that don’t work and improving the ones that do, should be the outcome of all that effort. With 4 planets in your opposing sign, have you been willing to see the other side of the story, and maybe even take a few risks for what you believe in? Lets hope so. Best not to get trapped in dogma, “my way or the highway”. There’s always a win-win solution to every problem, so Sags should work to achieve this. Mars is also in your opposite sign, so you may have to deal with unexpected aggression or attempts at control. Do not compromise your ideals. The Moon is in your sign on the 21st-23rd. It’s a good time for some rest and relaxation.

CAPRICORN: Well, Capricorn, this month will bring a lot of things into the light so you can finally solve the issues with which you’ve been concerned. The full Moon is in your sign this month, on the 23rd; shortly after that, Mercury goes retrograde in Cancer, so if you haven’t figured things out by then, you ought to be able to do so. It hasn’t been easy bearing the brunt of the Pluto/Uranus square with Pluto in your sign, but the overall lesson to remember, is to delineate between when it is best to keep the status quo and when it is best to be willing to try something new.. Don’t sacrifice your feelings or those of others. Pay attention to negotiating change that doesn’t deprive anyone of what they need. An agenda is only important if it serves a greater good and not just personal interests.

AQUARIUS: Aquarians, ruled by Uranus, are in the midst of great change if they’re willing to uphold being the individuals that they truly are. The lesson for Aquarians is to be an individual within a group and not conform to prevent rocking the boat. If anyone should rock the boat, it’s you! What’s wrong with a good swim in the river, anyway? With so many planets in or moving into water signs, sometimes it’s good just to be with your feelings, even if you don’t understand what’s causing them or where they’re coming from. Best to pay attention, they just might be the key to your next move. The Moon is in Aquarius on the 25th and 26th, so its a good time to begin new directions.

PISCES: Your ruling planet, Neptune is in your sign in harmonious aspect with Saturn. Don’t be surprised if your intuition, dreams and psychic activity increase, for with the help of the inner planets also going into watery Cancer, this should heighten these abilities for everyone, but most particularly, for you. In terms of the bigger picture, see that the emotions and feelings must be grounded by believing that desires can be brought to fruition. Do not allow yourself to become the sacrificial lamb — you’re a fish, remember? Stay true to your feelings and swim in their currents; at the same time, try to objectively understand where your feelings are coming from, and it will help you to consciously see your self as who you truly are. Eliminate the should pictures. Find out what will make you truly happy, if you haven’t already, and make plans to bring this ideal into your world. The Moon is in Pisces on the 27th-29th, so with the help of spiritual insights that you’ve had this month, prepare by planting the seeds for your future and for a deeper more meaningful reality.



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