Prescience: You Already Know It!

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Paying attention to how you feel about life’s option as your mind reviews them is important. Join guest author Lorna Anne as she shares “Prescience: You Already Know It!

Written by Lorna Anne

Ancient forms of divination — predicting outcomes and foreseeing events — were far more varied than we are aware of today. The ancient forms of augury still used in modern culture include Tarot cards (cartomancy), palm reading (chiromancy), tea leaf readings and astrology. They all apply to interpreting the future, though there are other uses for these arts as well.

Here are a few other very unusual ones that were once practiced:

  • Apantomancy – A method which forecasts from chance meetings with animals, birds and other creatures. It may be said to include modern omens of the black cat variety.
  • Capnomancy – The study of smoke rising from a fire
  • Xylomancy – Divination from pieces of wood.

There are more than 70 different tools for divination, even prediction using cheese — tiromancy!

photo_16987_20100314The point is, all these various forms function by consulting a visual tool within one’s reality, and watching how it performs; and then making a causal connection between that performance, and an event happening in the future.

But there is no need to resort to all these unusual forms of augury. We have the necessary tool inside of ourselves.

It is called Intuition, if we care to nurture it and use it. It is the same process as the above, but with no outside help.

There are 3 ways in which to gain this type of insight:

    • Clairaudience – Astral (outside of mundane reality) hearing, where a voice speaks inside one’s head.
    • Clairvoyance – Second sight where visual images inside the head project future events.
    • Clairsentience – Foreknowledge through astral sense perception.

There are also astral taste and smell senses but they are used rarely.

Clairsentience would be accessible for most people. Everyone has prescience: the ability to sense an impending future. For many it is atrophied, due to preoccupation in the material realms. But it’s there even if we’re not conscious of it.

The way to become aware of it is to be more conscious of the pulls and tugs of the emotions, by paying attention to their automatic affinity or polarization from something or someone. Emotional responses are useful guides in helping us make choices for our future.

As you heed these feelings, the voice of the emotions will speak more clearly. You will be able to hear the positive and negative resonances that come from somewhere inside of you. True prescience allows knowing your future through the emotional response to the various possibilities.

Try this: Remove all fear of good and bad choices from your options for your future. All options are good. Pay attention to how you feel about each option as your mind reviews them.

There are many types of feelings that may come up:

      • Reactionary – This feeling is based on anger, which is based in fear. Strong feelings may be the result of this option being threatening in some way and therefore you react against it.
      • Resistance – The feeling is unease, pushing away and even nausea. Because you feel resistance, it doesn’t mean this option is wrong. It may mean that you must expand your view of its potential.
      • Affinity/repulsion – This is the realm where prescience resides. The feelings flow freely. They are not forced or shunted. Quite naturally, (if not manipulated) they will pull toward the right option and repel the wrong.

Once you have felt an affinity for an option, if you give yourself permission, the feelings will naturally bond and want to nurture what feels like home. You will know it is the right choice.

Now that you’ve made the choice that the Universe is supportive of, realize that the true emotions are the voice of your future. You can be assured that the Universe is behind you completely when it comes to fulfilling the karma. Your future will be the fruition of your chosen path because form followsspent several years studying dream interpretation with a Jungian therapist. She currently resides in Chatham, Ma. For personal inquiries, please contact Lorna via Email.





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