By =Lorna Anne



    TRENDS: This month is a call to faith in freedom and freedom in faith. The first week of the month starts with an energy shift which is pleasing for most as it helps align our path with our ideals in some way. This month is really about creating and perfecting your reality in order to allow the self expression of  your true nature to shine, as unusual as that may be..There is a lot of contact between inner and outer planets which makes it a month chock- full of opportunities and challenges.

     On the other hand, four planets are retrograde at the start of the month. Mercury and Saturn turn direct this month, Uranus turns retrograde and Neptune and Pluto remain retrograde so we end up with a total of three retrogrades and two directs. When planets appear to be changing direction (ie. We pass them, or vice versa in the orbits) it intensifies their energies. For those turning retrograde the shifts are internal. We’re going to think and feel differently this month, hopefully all in the name of freedom. Be willing to make and accept sudden changes to align your reality with your new ideas. Now is the time to do it.

     Yes, the Uranus/Pluto square (90 degree angle) is still there, being aspected by the Sun, Venus and Mars, so our ongoing, long-term evolutionary process (the background theme) moves along nicely. The harmonious spiritual 120 degree aspect between Saturn and Neptune is the main force toward creating a better world. The pair are aspected by Venus, Jupiter and Mars. Basically, this all means, expand your  :reality and make the changes you know would be best. Those who tend toward excess, don’t push yourselves too hard. Mars enters the sign of Cancer, so energies are low. Pay attention to your personal needs for nurturance and self protection as your new life unfolds.

     At the end of the month, stay focused on the job at hand and on what you are doing. Quirky aspects between Mars, Uranus and Pluto make it a sensitive time for carelessness and accidents. To make this aspect work for you, alter your routine intentionally and do something different. Also at the end of the month, avoid power plays and guilt trips Trying to control your world in unnecessary ways may backfire. It is best to replace control with faith. Saturn tends to limit, control and diminish. Favorable aspects from the planet of expansion, Jupiter, may act as the necessary balance. The correct perspective is controlled expansion. This month tends to be a closing of one cycle and the beginning of a new and unusual phase of existence – a better way of being—which has been our evolving process for a long time. With Saturn going direct in Scorpio, joint financial issues and litigation should resolve themselves. 

     Key words:  Shift, Expand, Balance, Release



ARIES: Arians are really going to have to strive for peace and harmony in an ever-changing world this month. Keeping one’s individual center is very important in terms of coping with the changes and shifts at hand.. With Uranus stationary retrograde in your sign, you might finally figure out a brilliant solution to a confusing situation, though your stance might be challenged by others. The Moon is in Aries on the 26th of the month, so it is a perfect time to get that clarity you seek.


TAURUS: Your ruling planet Venus is very active this month so social opportunities and entertainment should abound. Before getting too carried away, however, the first week is to finally conclude what it is that you really value for your future, without questioning or limiting your ideals. But the latter part of the month, especially with the Moon in Taurus on the 29th, there will be lots of opportunities to make what you value concrete.


GEMINII;   Geminians lay low this month. You deserve a break after last month’s frenetic pace. Mercury, your ruling planet, goes stationary direct on the 20th, so even though you have some bright ideas during the first week, it is best to wait until after the 20th to take action. The Moon is in your sign two times this month, on the 4th and the 31st. Look inside yourself to find your true feelings. Don’t be a chameleon.


CANCER: With Pluto still in your opposing sign of Capricorn and the remaining two planets, the Sun and Mars, opposing it, you will be able to recognize what motivates you at the deepest level. Make sure your actions are not driven by fear or the need to control, but rather, embrace change and the ensuing uncertainty of transition as a necessary part of the process. It is a time for self-reformation and discipline to achieve the ideal you. There is a New Moon in your sign on the 8th. Then you will find your center.


LEO: Well, Leos, life picks up its tempo for you. Venus is in your sign so enjoy life and do the things that you love, which hopefully involves some creative form of self expression of a spiritual, idealistic nature. New hobbies (or long lost ones) should prosper with some Leo fire Expand anything that you feel is too limiting. The Moon is in your sign on the 9th, so it’s an ideal time to begin those new activities or schedule future ones.


VIRGO: Virgoans should experience a month with lots of new opportunities for work and career advancement. If you haven’t already, start networking to make your plans come to fruition. Be flexible and work with what you’ve been given and expand your vision of what is possible to achieve. Don’t under-sell yourself. Venus enters your sign on the 22nd, so by the end of the month, others should see your value. The Moon enters Virgo on the 12th, so plant your seeds for when your ruling planet, Mercury, goes stationary direct on the 20th. That’s the time for action, not before.


LIBRA: For Librans, July might be a challenging month.  Still impacted by the Uranus/Pluto square, and with three planets aspecting that transformative pair, it will be difficult but productive. The difficulty may be in deciding what to let go of and what to keep. Follow your emotions. Keep what you need and let go of things that only give you ego gratification. If it calls for drastic measures, trust it. Uranus is going stationary retrograde in your opposing sign, and the Sun, Mercury, Mars and Jupiter are all in Cancer, making 90 degree angles to your sign, so the order of the day is release your load…Purge…The First Quarter Moon in Libra on the 15th should get things rolling.


SCORPIO: With Venus, Mars and Jupiter all in trine (120 degrees) with Saturn in your sign, the drive to expand or enlarge your world is prevalent. Especially with Saturn finally going direct, all that inner searching should have resulted in revealing your ideal path Mercury goes direct in the 3rd week of July, which will also help to finally move things along. If nothing happens before then, don’t worry. Remember to keep a balance between expansion and restriction—not too much, not too little. Pace your growth but get a move on The Moon is in your sign on the 16th so mid-month is a time of strength. Don’t try to rush things or over-control.


SAGITTARIUS: Your ruling planet, Jupiter, having just shifted from Gemini into Cancer, is making favorable aspects to that spiritual Saturn/Neptune trine. For Sags, there are opportunities for pursuing those long-term dreams for higher education. Whether it be formal education, an accelerated learning curve concerning the higher laws of nature and reality creation, or just an expansive exploration of your own inner self, it is time to expand into new territory. Part of the learning process is respect for letting everyone do what makes them happy, and being tolerant. That includes giving yourself permission to do what makes you happy as well, and then it becomes a win/win situation for everyone. The Moon is in your sign on the 18th, which should be a very propitious time.


CAPRICORN: For Capricorns, though drives and ambitions are strong, with four planets (Sun, Mercury, Mars and Jupiter) in your opposite sign of Cancer, relationships should take precedence. Don’t sacrifice your feelings just to accomplish your goals. You must balance the two and give to both sides of the opposition. Your ruling planet goes direct this month on the 8th, so after that, energies should shift and start to pick up. Don’t force things this month. Let your world breathe fresh air into your life through caring for and not controlling others The Moon is in your sign on the 20th,. The same day that Mercury goes stationary direct in Cancer, so relationship issues should come to a head.


AQUARIUS: Your ruling planet, Uranus, goes stationary retrograde this month, so the energies for sudden upsets and upheavals are accentuated. Unusual circumstances provide opportunities for new growth, especially in the first half of the month. If you change direction mid-month, it might be because the Full Moon is in your sign on the 22nd. Whether you change course, or maintain the same one, just remember to follow your heart and don’t try to second guess yourself. If you disrupt the status quo, Venus in your opposite sign of Leo, helps you overcome the fear of expressing your true self, when others may try to inhibit you.


PISCES: Pisceans should be coasting along comfortably this month, preparing and pursuing the path of their true desires, which they decided upon last month– hopefully. Saturn trining your ruling planet, Neptune, for the second time in the last month, is now in direct motion, so you can start to actualize your ideal life. The material versus the spiritual may be in conflict, but remember that if you ask for a solution, it will be given. Trust adding and expanding new things into your life to align it more perfectly with your dream. The Moon is in Pisces on the 24th, so it is a good time to practically launch your plans.





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