All those talents hidden away in sock drawers and laundries. All those delitescent desires that we've never thought possible or can't seem to make the time for giving them a place in our lives. Eventually, they are like socks that disappear in the wash leaving our lives incomplete.

     Are we really who we say we are if we don't step up to the plate and do it? Can we be writers if we're not actually writing? There's a fine line between truth and fiction, even within our own lives; it's our obligation to walk our tslk, otherwise, all those dreams will become nothing more than dead and empty ideas rather than the life we could have had. The best opportunities are usually the ones not taken.

     What prevents us from pursuing our dreams and doing what we love to do? Why is it as remote as a Hawaiian vacation? Possibly practical concerns such as lack of money, or emotional/mental issues -- lack of confidence, fear of failure, loss of security, the unknown.

     These all may prove to be impediments and obstacles, but these problems should not stop us. Who was it that said, "There are no problems, only solutions." Inside of each problem lies its solution. Don't we all long for the chance for fulfillment and to lead meaningful lives through the pursuit of what makes us happy? This is not unattainable for anyone.

     It is merely an act of will. The longest journey begins with the first step. Don't be afraid to put yourself out there. Meet the Universe halfway and believe that it supports your endeavors and desires. Seek solutions and answers to obstacles. Remember that love makes things grow and doing what we love will grow into our dreams fulfilled.

     Doing what we love is our birthright. Being supported by the culture and the powers that be is something we need to have faith in before we even attempt to find fulfillment. Believe unconditionally in eventual attainment of your goals and your success will be assured.

     All of us have hidden talents, and to leave them buried beneath piles of questions and fear would be undervaluing the treasure we were meant to share with the world. Our true purpose for being here, and our Destiny, are within our grasp.


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