By =Lorna Anne



TRENDS:  The highlight and challenge of the month will be Jupiter in Cancer taking on the mighty square of  Uranus and Pluto. Jupiter is the planet of expansion, which favors ways of thinking about one’s life in terms of positive growth. Opposing Pluto, there is tension concerning the transformation that is required for that growth; and with a square to Uranus, the sudden, the unexpected, and the innovative will challenge the attempt to control the process. One cannot dictate the course of the river, they can only navigate its depths.

    Jupiter is higher universal law, so spiritual enlightenment versus practical power and control is also in play on a macrocosmic level. This month features tremendous force and energy, for example, great wealth and power, or tenacious drive and ambition. Extremes. Whether this power is abused by greed or used for positive growth and transformation depends upon how honest those are that wield the power. We must remember that we are all one, all family, and that if we cheat others, we cheat ourselves. Denying ourselves has the same result upon others.

     In the first half of the month, concerns with acquiring resources, thinking in new and innovative ways to achieving our goals, and dealing with the power plays that may be obstacles in our path will occupy us. In the latter half of the month, the cardinal signs Aries, Libra, Capricorn and Cancer must deal with choices concerning impulse and excess. Urges and desires for freedom should not be ignored. A sudden break may be necessary, but if it is possible, a modicum of restraint so that one does not go too far too fast would be helpful. Certainly do the unexpected and unconventional, but find a balance so that it can work for everyone.

     Jupiter square Uranus has been known to offer unexpected opportunities. There is magic in the air this month which may change your life forever. The last week of the month, the Sun conjoins with Mercury. We should all see the fruition of this month’s efforts of working with our personal power and the challenges of our reality.

     Key Words: Power, Expansion, Excess



ARIES: Arians are trying to maintain balance by avoiding extremes. Growth expansion is demanded, but be wary of too much too fast.. Clearing away limitations is important, but not to the point of feeling unstable Breaking up old patterns and pursuing new courses is prerequisite, but be conscious of your choices. Extreme confidence may be needed –but not arrogance. Be true to your self expression and defend it. The Moon is in Aries on the 23rd giving you an energy boost.


TAURUS: Taureans will find the latter half of the month more propitious when your ruling planet, Venus, traverses into her own sign,  Libra, on the 6th, strengthening the energies of harmony and balance. If you are uncertain in the beginning of the month as to what is going on, wait for insight before taking action. Creative self expression and a flair for the artistic should be heightened. There are lots of opportunities for achieving your desires if you look beneath the surface tension and see the benefits of expanding rather than limiting your options. At the beginning of the month, necessary resources should become available.


GEMINI: There is a lot of Mercurial activity for Geminians in the second week of the month, so practical matters should coalesce and solutions can be reached, even though you may have to commit yourself to more than you expected you would in order to achieve your aims. This is okay. It’s a good time to relinquish conservatism and break a few expectations by doing something new and original. Reality may have a pleasant surprise for you at the end of the month. The Moon goes into Gemini on the 7th so it should help ground you for the second week’s activities.


CANCER: Cancerians are in a cycle of spiritual and material reformation. They are dealing with great powers and forces that are forging their destinies. Do not polarize from this power, whether it be your own or of another.. Maintain your power stance to create a win/win situation for everyone and do not try to over-control or succumb to being a victim. This evolutionary path is very beneficial if one achieves compromise. You begin the month with the Moon in Cancer on the 3rd, trining (120 degrees) Neptune and Saturn, so a vision for a successful month should reveal itself.


LEO: Leos continue to stay quite busy, with both the Sun and Mercury in your generous sign. Unexpected changes may occur at the beginning of the month; roll with the flow for they are beneficial. This month, make sure that you are aligned with the part you choose to play in your life drama. Most of the action is at the end of the month, when you are able to see yourself clearly as part of a greater whole. There’s a New Moon in Leo on the 6th. Plant seed wishes for your birthday and the year ahead. Mars enters Leo on the 27th, heightening your energy.


VIRGO: Venus is in Virgo during the first half of the month, so organizing, analyzing and carrying out responsibilities, though well meaning, may be difficult to follow through on, with all the disruptive energies and impulsiveness going on with Jupiter, Uranus and Pluto. It’s okay, Virgo, break the routine most definitely. Leave the drudgery behind and chase your perfect ideal. Let go of the restrictive hold you have on yourself and the world and enjoy. Mercury enters Virgo on the 23rd. Then you can settle down.


LIBRA: Librans are in the honored place of holding the fourth position of the Grand Cross that is occurring between Jupiter, Pluto and Uranus. This creates formidable tension in maintaining a positive center when sudden unexpected energies are released. The key is to maintain balance in a world that seems extreme in its actions and directions. There is tremendous growth in a Grand Cross. The energies are intense, and Aries, Capricorn and Cancer are all feeling them along with you. If you are the one being extreme, this is not wrong, especially if you have tried to maintain a crumbling status quo these last several months, when a completely radical course may be the solution. The trick is to find your own true path and not be afraid to follow it. The Moon is in Libra on the 10th, which should help balance and ground you.


SCORPIO: Scorpios may find this a good time to share or combine resources with others. There is a new awareness that letting the energies around you flow rather than trying to control or bottle them up, is quite liberating. Respect for the bigger destiny that is unfolding helps you do this. If you are indecisive as to whether you should expand or cut back your world in some way, expansion is the order of the day. Overcome limited ways of thinking. The Moon is in Scorpio on the 12th, when you can see the turn your transformation needs to take.


SAGITTARIUS: Jupiter, your ruling planet, has entered the sign of Cancer, which represents new life, growth and caring for oneself and close relationships. This month, Sagittarians learn that there is more to life than ideas and principals. They must honor their feelings, which sometimes become obfuscated by dogma. In addition, Jupiter is tangling with that Pluto/Uranus square, creating a need for faith in one’s transformation to a new level of existence. Here, one’s spiritual principals can come in handy. The adventure of traversing unknown terrain should bring excitement into Sag’s life this month. The Moon is in your sign on the 14th, right after the First Quarter Moon. Confront the unknown with optimism.


CAPRICORN: Big power plays may shake up Capricorn’s world this month, whether you are the perpetrator or are the recipient of large forces altering your destiny. Since Capricorns are accustomed to struggle and transformation, the themes are the same; however, with Jupiter in the mix opposing Pluto and squaring Uranus, along with other harmonious aspects, it is time to make your move without fear, or others may make their move first. This is a good time for expansion, freedom and growth. By now you know to relinquish control of your world and rely on yourself. Keep the faith. That is the guiding principal for using power justly because you will trust the process that way. The Moon is in Capricorn on the 16th. This will help ground you for the quixotic Full Moon on the 19th.


AQUARIUS: Uranus, your ruling planet, has started its retrograde motion which always brings up questions on an internal level as to whether you are following your true path and not just accommodating others. If this latter possibility is the case, it’s time to re-align with that creative, unorthodox passion that you’ve abandoned. One must not be afraid to take an independent stand and break from the herd mentality of should pictures. This may be your challenge this month, Aquarius. Relationships may be very demanding. If you are the giving type, limiting it is okay. If you tend to be an isolationist, being more open would be a good thing. In either case, let yourself shine. The Moon is in Aquarius on the 19th and Jupiter squares Uranus on the 21st. Be careful of going overboard, but on the other hand, don’t pass up opportunities that may come like bolts out of the blue.


PISCES: Pisceans still have harmonious aspects favoring their sign and augmenting tremendous inner growth and self understanding, as well as seeing clearly one’s role in the world. The Grand Trine between Neptune (the planet of knowing one’s purpose in the bigger picture as well as an awareness of one’s relationship with the greater powers), Saturn (discipline/structure), and Jupiter (expansion/faith), allows Pisceans to fulfill their dreams in practical ways and to understand that the universe is held together by love. Don’t be afraid to share it with those you care about, as well as toward your reality. The Moon is in Pisces on the 21st, when a spiritual awakening takes place by the 26th. Inner realization and intuition are heightened.




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