By =Lorna Anne


TRENDS: This month is concerned with harnessing the tremendous forces and powers released last month, using them to regenerate outmoded concepts and realities. We must organize and control our own personal willpower to become disciplined and hard working. Tests of strength are on the agenda, and we have plenty of power to achieve our goals if we embrace the principle of honing our focus. This means an opposite pattern from last month’s call to expansion.

The big players this month are Saturn and Pluto, which favor narrowing our survey of the entire landscape to a particular site, so to speak, and to start digging for buried treasure. Remove distractions and escapes. Energy is high for most of us, so work hard. Don’t abandon goals and ideals because things are not going your way. This is the test of strength. With endurance, you will see the permutations of your reality swing around and work in your favor in unexpected ways.

The first week has a New Moon in Virgo, so we are getting organized for the month ahead, determining what we will focus on and where we will direct our energies. Week 2, we will come head-to-head with limitation, and narrowing our focus – and it is best to respect that process. You’ve explored the vast terrain, now eliminate what is unnecessary and doesn’t work. Delineate and narrow your priorities and playing field. Week 3 is the busiest of the month, with both inner and outer planets making aspects to each other, as well as Pluto going Stationary Direct. We should start to see the results of our hard work and its transformative effect in your world by the end of the month. We can realize that in our own small ways, we can have tremendous influence upon our realities. Don’t be overly demanding or it will backfire. Remember, less is better. Week 4 is a good week to relax a bit, with Venus squaring Mars and trining Jupiter, a little play time will be well earned.

Key Words: work, discipline, hone and consolidate.



ARIES: Aries energy is running high, with new and innovative ways to overcome blocks and limitations, without going to extremes and hurting yourself in the process. The force is with you as you carve your destiny into the unknown future. Relationships may be in the limelight this month, with Mercury and Venus in your opposite sign, Libra. Mars, in harmonious Leo, favors doing more than you normally would. In the second week, a square to Saturn by your ruling planet, Mars, encourages you to take a break from routine. Don’t force issues this month. Don’t try to fit a square peg in a round hole. Be tolerant of others’ wishes and needs and respect your own. In Week 3, the Moon goes into Aries on the 19th. This will help you get back on track and gain equilibrium and clarity. After that, action can be taken.


TAURUS: Venus, your ruling planet, begins the month in Libra, her own sign as well as Taurus. The first half of the month should be quite quixotic. The ideal is what you’re after, but how to get there, you’re not sure. Experimenting with new and creative forms of self expression is favored. The latter half of the month may become a decision-making time in terms of life changes. What you want to add, or have added to your life, requires adjustment. How do you keep the dream alive? Accept change as positive and look forward to the unknown future. Taureans may need to make a short term sacrifice in order to get the results they want. It’s all about priorities. At the end of the month, if not sooner, you will know what these are.


GEMINI: Except for the Sun in Virgo squaring your sign, this month’s aspects are very harmonious for Geminis. They should help ground you and pull in those scattered energies so you can focus on your primary goals. The second week should introduce relationships into your world that are new and exciting. With Mercury, your ruling planet, squaring Jupiter and Pluto in the third week, it’s a good time to revamp your boundaries to not allow others to take undue advantage of you. The latter half of the month is a great time to network and share your ideas. The Moon goes into Gemini on the 24th, grounding you to transform yourself and to create the changes you want to make.


CANCER: At the very beginning of the month, the Moon is in Cancer, so it’s a good time to plant the dream seeds for the month ahead. Energies are harmonious and opportunities present themselves. The second week, things heat up a bit, when you may be confronted with the choice to succumb to an other’s wishes or be true to yourself and possibly have to go it alone. Don’t sacrifice your individuality for the sake of peace. By the end of the month conflicts should smooth out. The Last Quarter Moon is in Cancer on the 26th, when things should come to a head and the path should be clear.


LEO: Leos begin the month with Mars in your sign squaring Saturn. Though energies are usually high when Mars is in your sign, take it slow the first half of the month because the agenda you may be aggressively trying to push will probably not be accepted en total. Negotiation is favored during Week 3 if you’re willing to settle for less than you were pushing for. You need to realize your plans can still work with some concessions. New and brilliant solutions to problems will present themselves in order to make things happen for you, if you don’t disregard them as crazy and refuse to look at other options. The Moon is in your sign both at the beginning and the end of the month, so it should continue to be a busy one.


VIRGO: This is your month, Virgo, with the Sun in your sign. The culmination of a year’s worth of work should be rewarding since you’ve had helpful long term planetary aspects in your favor. Your efforts to improve yourself and upgrade your world by getting rid of what isn’t working anymore, should be coming to fruition It is a work-filled month with high energy during the first week. Your relationships may find your tendency to overwork to be somewhat antagonistic to a healthy partnership. Around the 14th, a change in plans would not be beneficial. The third week is particularly active when your ruling planet forms a T-square with Jupiter and Uranus. Stick to your principles and communicate your thoughts to others. Make it a win/win compromise for everyone. There’s a New Moon in Virgo on the 5th, so plant the thought seeds for a prosperous month ahead.


LIBRA: Venus, your ruling planet, is a strong player this month, and fortunately, in favorable aspect to the Uranus/Pluto square. Relationships, artistic pursuits, socializing and culture are highlighted, and Librans deserve a break. However, lessons must be learned, and this time it’s about uncovering sublimation of all types and rebelling against stifling routine. Your job is to keep things active, fresh, unusual and different. Don’t do the same-old, same-old…Venus enters Scorpio on the 11th, so it’s a good time to begin making changes. Don’t rush things in Week 3. Wait for the opportunity to present itself. It will. Stay true to your principles if they are challenged in Week 4. Otherwise, see and enjoy the artistry and spontaneity of life itself! The Moon is in your sign on he 6th; Mercury enters Libra on the 9th, so others should respond well to you. Seek harmony.


SCORPIO: For any large life changes that Scorpios have been contemplating – this is a month to make them. Saturn, in your sign, is sextiling Pluto in Capricorn. Saturn rules your reality and your destiny. Pluto rules change and regeneration. They are in an opportunistic aspect, so the time is ripe, while there is a brief respite from the Uranus/Pluto square. You may be challenged by impositions that create limitations. Best to not allow it. Keep your focus. If you feel confined or restricted, it may be the catalyst to make the change that you need. The Moon goes into Scorpio on the 8th. Venus goes into Scorpio on the 11th, and Mercury squares your ruling planet, Pluto, on the 14th, so there’s lots of mental clarity during that time. The 18th – 24th is a good time to implement change, with lots of Scorpionic energy to aid you.


SAGITTARIUS: The first week of this month is a good time to get grounded and to make concrete the vision of the world you want as your reality. It’s a good time to get organized and channel your power, to make it happen, particularly with the First Quarter Moon in Sagittarius on the 12th. This may bring up unconscious issues of not doing enough, but by the third week you will see the need to hone your focus more finely, if you’ve taken on too much. Pay attention to all the pertinent details so they don’t come back to haunt you later on, because they were overlooked. By the 26th, you should be feeling pretty good about your evolutionary process, getting closer to your ideals and trusting that they will happen.


CAPRICORN: Don’t short-sell possibility this month because opportunities abound for Capricorns. Though the Moon goes into Capricorn on the 13th, a square from Mars to Saturn and Mercury to Pluto, may leave you wondering, “How did I get here?” Bide your time and wait for things to start happening, as your ruling planet goes into a favorable opportunistic aspect with Pluto on the 21st. Around the 26th, a plan of action should be revealed, though resources may not be as abundant as you want, you will find that much more can be accomplished than you thought. In your own Saturnine way, you know where to trim the fat, so to speak, in order to make it work.


AQUARIUS: With Mars in your opposing sign, Leo, you may try to ignore or control your desires out of fear as to where they may lead. You need to honor them and not limit your reaction to them. It may not be a bad idea to take things slowly and not go too far too fast. All or nothing is a little extreme when harmony and accord must be considered. The Moon goes into Aquarius on the 16th, helping you to think of ways to obtain your desires. Don’t make changes this month. Rather do the mental legwork required.


PISCES: The Sun is in your opposite sign, Virgo, for most of the month, so relationship issues most likely will be highlighted. Whether it be in the work place or at home, being true to what you want out of these connections is ultimately important. With the First Quarter Moon in Sagittarius on the 12th, sacrificing your ideals may be an issue, but stay strong and challenge what doesn’t work for you. Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto are all working harmoniously in your favor, so aside from a few minor kinks, transitioning to a better relationship should be an achievable goal. The Full Moon is in Pisces this month, so the 17th – 21st should be particularly intense. Lots of creative work can be done to shape your relationships into deeper commitments and clarity in fulfilling partnership needs.







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