By =Lorna Anne

Trends: We start the month off with the Sun squaring (90 degrees) Pluto and opposing Uranus so we are able to get an overview of what the month will entail for each of us as Pluto and Uranus square exact on Nov 1st, yet again. The long term themes of growth and change that we’ve all been dealing with are put in juxtaposition with a Full Moon Lunar Eclipse on the 18th, when even the best made plans may go awry. In addition, Mercury goes stationary retrograde on the 19th when thinking goes in alternate currents than what is usual. Mercury goes Stationary Direct on Nov 13, so avoid any large purchases or contract signing until after then, or before the 19th.
It’s not a super busy month astrologically. It seems to be more of a pivotal point between separating from the past and moving into an unknown future. Eclipse patterns, this month and the next (when we have a New Moon Solar Eclipse), create sudden changes in expectations and life patterns.
Always a learning curve in an eclipse pattern, Aries is the lesson for this month for everyone, inclusive. This is: Defend your individuality (your convictions, beliefs, opinions); function independently by ending or transforming co-dependent relationships; develop a sense of self and self assertiveness; overcome the fear of not being right; be competitive and don’t fear losing; and embrace new beginnings. Following through on these things will prevent you from eclipsing yourself! (What areas of life these lessons pertain to depend upon each person’s individual chart, but the lesson is there somewhere for everyone.)
We are all learning to accept change, whether we want to or not. It is best to learn to embrace it and see its advantages. Another long-term aspect this month is Saturn quincunx (150 degrees) Uranus. It is an unusual and quixotic aspect between the planet of restriction and form (Saturn) with the planet of upheaval and innovation (Uranus). This aspect, by nature, is difficult to describe. It is the unexpected, the unexplainable and the mysterious, also contributing to expected energy shifts. The exact hit is on the New Moon on the 5th, but effects should follow up to a week. All of this activity, along with the portentous Uranus/Pluto square, is a signal too flow with the greater transformative energies for the greater good of liberation and growth.
Week 2 is more grounding than the first. Practical thinking refutes idealism and expanding to quickly. Week 3, the drive to accomplish goals is strong, but it is best to wait until Week 4, when the aspects are more favorable for reaping the rewards of our efforts.
Key Words: Independence, Individualism, Planning and Transformation.

ARIES: This month for Arians, new relationships bring up issues of bonding with others, while maintaining independence and individual perspective. The threat, for Aries, is to lose oneself in partnerships by sacrificing our needs because we fear being selfish. For those who have no problem communicating needs and desires, this should be a harmonious month of structuring relationships so that they are fulfilling for all parties. There is always a compromise, providing both parties are willing. Why bother with a tug of war. The Moon is in the opposite sign on the 4th and at home in Aries on the 16th. Negotiate, learn, and stick to your principles.

TAURUS: Taureans are in a transformative period of growth because they are expanding their awareness of what to hold onto or what to change. This has to do with personal transformation as well as the effect we have on others and they on us. Embrace change, but re-think your options in the third week, for you may decide on an alternate course. Pursue your ideals and believe you can achieve them. The Moon is in your sign on the 19th, which should give you clarity as to what is the best choice.

GEMINI: Geminians will find a path through the clutter of facts and information that surrounds them in order to understand how to prioritize what is most important and relevant to the situation at hand. Mercury, your ruling planet, goes retrograde in Scorpio, so there may be a desire to eliminate the superficial and focus on one’s path and destiny. Look for long range growth and not short term quick fixes. It’s worth the extra effort. The Moon goes into Gemini on the 21st, the same day that Mercury turns retrograde. Watch out for information snafus.

CANCER: Cancerians get a reprieve from all the activity of last month. Harmonious aspects from Venus and Mercury should promote fulfilling social engagements and intellectual pursuits. Remember to not be overly controlling or protective of others, especially with the Full Moon eclipse in Aries. A laissez-faire or negotiating policy is favored; however, if you are challenged by others controlling you, back away and go it alone if compromise cannot be reached. Change tends to take care of itself: neither force it or try to maintain a status quo that doesn’t work. The Moon is in your sign on the 23rd, when you will be able to see the best possible way to handle things.

LEO: Leos have Mercury, Venus and Saturn all squaring your sign (90 degrees) from Scorpio. Maintaining your balance and perspective when things go in ways that you don’t want or intend, may be the lesson of the month. When the Moon enters Scorpio on the 6th, the next couple of days should provide an inkling in terms of themes you will be working with for most of the month. Chances are, they will pertain to changes that you do not want to make, but look at the long term possibilities and not just the immediate repercussions of those changes. Others may change their minds when Mercury goes into Scorpio on the 21st, so if you can wait until the latter half of the month to take action, things may look better than they did. The Last Quarter Moon is in Leo on the 26th, so by then, actions can be taken with more assertiveness.

VIRGO: Virgos will get an energy boost this month when Mars will enter your sign on the 15th. A great time to start a new physical fitness program or competitive sport that requires discipline. Take things slow on the 19th because facts are blurry with Mars opposing Neptune. It’s a good time to turn inward and get in touch with your higher spiritual nature and make sure that you are getting everything that you need. Mercury is going to conjunct (same degree) Saturn two times in its retrograde path, so for Virgos, best to be conservative, practical and limiting. There’s time to make changes in the 4th week when favorable aspects help you to overcome the blocks. The New Moon is in your sign on the 28th, along with Mars in harmonious aspect to Pluto, favoring action then.

LIBRA: The Sun is in your sign most of the month, entering Scorpio on the 23rd, so it is a month for celebrating and social occasions. Also, what comes back into focus is another exact hit of the Uranus Pluto square, which accelerates the karma. Uranus is in Aries, your opposing sign, and Pluto is in Capricorn, squaring your sign. Once again, this highlights the long term themes of change and doing the unconventional/unexpected. Hopefully, by now, the “fear of falling” has subsided and you are aware that you can land on your feet. The lesson is change is for the best and should be enjoyed and not feared. The Moon is in Libra two times this month, on the 3rd and 31st, so you will have lots of advantage in understanding your process as you evolve into a new way of being.

SCORPIO: Scorpio’s house is active this month, with Mercury (turning stationary retrograde in your sign), and Venus and Saturn all in Scorpio. You continue the process of consoldation and limitation in order to streamline your reality. Self discipline is highlighted but don’t let Saturn make you melancholic, which is its tendency, along with being overly critical and mistrustful. Last month gave you the capacity to work effectively at tasks; this month, the creative aspects are flowing in terms of what you want to add to your reality to make your transformation complete. You will figure out most of this month’s challenges when Mercury goes stationary retrograde on the 21st. This is a month for thinking, strategy and visualization. Don’t be surprised if you change your mind about something you thought you didn’t wantand then decide you do. Trust your process and try not to control it. Don’t eliminate things unless you really want to, not because you should. The Moon is in Scorpio on the 6th, so plant the seeds of transformation then. The Sun goes into Scorpio on the 23rd, so you should feel stronger.

SAGITTARIUS: Sagittarians will be in their element when they stay true to their beliefs and trust in higher laws in which to live by. This month, you get to espouse those views any way that you see fit, or you may decide upon a spiritual course at this time that you have wanted to follow. Energies are favorable for travel and relationship opportunities, especially with those from foreign cultures. Don’t do too much too fast because there is a lack of clarity in situations until the 16th. Venus enters Sag on the 7th and the Moon follows on the 8th, so think in terms of expanding your family of friends with those who share your ideals.

CAPRICORN: The first half of the month may be challenging for Caps, because there may be a conflict as to whether to try to fit in and be a part of something or to go it alone. The latter choice does not really scare a Capricorn –- in fact, it is usually preferred. Thinking about things rather than just jumping into action would also be helpful, since the First Quarter Capricorn Moon is a confusing time, so devising a strategy would be most effective. Mercury, which rules the mental functions, conjuncts your ruling planet two times due to Mercury’s retrograde behavior, so don’t be surprised if you see things differently at the end of the month in terms of the best way to succeed.

AQUARIUS: The first half of the month, for Aquarians, is still a propitious time to get things done. Giving value to what is unique and different in mid-month favors long term growth. You may be forced to change routine in the first week – go with the flow and don’t resist. This month conflict is building again between your ruling planet Uranus and Pluto. It’s the same long term themes you’ve been working with. Even if you are just fine-tuning your process, the shift you will feel on the inside may cause you to make sweeping changes on the outside, if you haven’t already. Best to plan these, if you can, for after Mercury turns direct on November 12th. The Moon goes into Aquarius on October 12. Ground yourself for the upheaval ahead.

PISCES: During the first half of the month, the pressure of goals and ideals may challenge you to keep pace with them and still maintain your confidence. After the 19th, tension should ease with the promise that your goals are achievable as long as you protect yourself from too much energy coming at you, or expending your energies beyond limits. Stay calm, stay rational, and you will navigate your way. The Moon is in Pisces on the 14th. At that time there is confirmation and grounding.



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