NOVEMBER ASTRO FORECAST

By =Lorna Anne



TRENDS: It’s a watery atmosphere this month, with Sun, Mercury, Jupiter, Saturn and Neptune  all in water signs, suggesting that attention must be paid to our feelings and our hearts. What are our emotions telling us?  Three of the five planets are also changing direction, either in or out of Retrograde. This causes the planet to appear to slow down as earth passes it in its orbit, and this intensifies the planets’ energies. Remember too, that the month begins with the fourth Uranus/ Pluto square, with the Moon in on the action opposing Uranus and squaring Pluto. More bang for the buck, so to speak. Stay grounded and go to the feelings. Avoid excessive control or being controlled and maintain you individuality. Since those planets (other than the Moon) are so slow moving, their effects will be with us all month.

    There are also three planets in  Earth signs: Mars in Virgo, Venus and Pluto in Capricorn. They will help provide grounding when dealing with the emotional roller coaster, making things manageable. Change is strong in the air with all those planetary shifts and the Uranus/Pluto square. This month is the time to put our desires into motion, to ground our feelings in our reality and honor them in our world.

     A New Moon Solar Eclipse on the 3rd ( 11 degrees Scorpio) teaches all of us far-reaching lessons about that sign.. It teaches us responsibility for all of our actions and the effects we have upon our realities. It teaches us to shed light on darkness and hidden things covered up. Use your energy to transform yourself, and in turn, it will transform the world. Do not try to control others or manipulate them. Dig beneath the veneer of reality’s surface for insight into what’s really going on. Remember, the highest form of Scorpio is the eagle (preternatural vision); its lowest form, the Scorpion. Inflicting revenge and pain does not work Scorpio is power. It is in all our charts whether we have planets in that sign or not. So use your power with integrity.

     There are strong Jupiterian influences this month providing us with the wherewithal to deal. For with Jupiter, its influence is  optimism, generosity and faith. Don’t question it! Just watch your boundaries so that you don’t go too far too fast, or, if you feel truly (and you are not ignoring your concerns), then go all the way! Expansion is fine! The key here is to make sure you feel comfortable.

     In Week 2, both Mercury and Neptune go Stationary Direct within two days of each other and with harmonious aspects. Thoughts turn to analyzing our ideals and making positive efforts to achieve them. Venus squares Uranus and conjuncts Mercury, so this is the week to release excessive control in order to allow the Universe to manifest for you.

     In Week 3, the Sun goes into Sagittarius,  making the energies buoyant; and with a sextile (60 degrees) from Mars to Jupiter, there’s plenty of energy and ambition to make anything possible. In Week 4, it is best to coast and wait for opportunities to present themselves if they haven’t already. Most likely, the last few days of the month will bear fruition in unexpected ways!

KEY WORDS:  Action, Innovation, Optimism, Ideals and Insight.


ARIES: We begin the month with the Moon in your opposing sign highlighting illumination and awareness as to handling Uranus (in your sign) squaring Pluto in Capricorn. Another big shift in your life is t be expected. Remember to be in harmony with it and treat it favorably. The middle of the month is ideal for action. The Moon is in your sign on the 13th – a great time to begin new things. Stay in touch with your feelings, individuality and principles, and you will navigate the watery currents successfully.


TAURUS: Relationships are certainly highlighted  this month, whether they be work, family or intimate. There’s lots of activity in your opposite sign, Scorpio, which means you must learn to embrace your opposite. For example, delving beneath the surface and seeing what is at the core of your feelings and any fears behind them. It’s the need to strip away all pretense and get real. A masquerade will eventually backfire. The first week will feel intense; but by the third week, direction should be clear. In the fourth week, don’t go overboard. Get used to what’s new and different, like getting used to your new sneakers before a 6k run. There’s a Full Moon in your sign on the 17th, bringing illumination and resolution.


GEMINI: Mercury, your ruling planet is all over the place this month. It changes direction (after starting in Retrograde) and going Direct on the 10th, so energy should start to intensify and action is favored around then. Make sure you know the direction in which you want to go before making a move.  Mercury aspects Pluto and Saturn two times (due to the Retrograde) as well as Venus, Mars, Jupiter and Neptune one time, so life is a mixed bag: very busy, shifting energies, and very complex. The Moon is in your sign on the 17th. Take a mental breather by paying attention to your feelings at this time.


CANCER: Cancerians are in the throes of evolutionary progress once again, and hopefully it is recognized as such. The challenges that you face will be more manageable if you 1)attempt a little  order and control of yourself, 2)you explore the watery depths of your emotions. Don’t over-indulge with extreme irrational emotional actions or appetites. All signs point to the most productive course as one of limitation and organization. From the 12th on, energy runs high, so try to lay low and sort things through before then. Best not to take action until Mercury goes direct on the 10th, in favorable aspect to your sign. The Moon is in Cancer on the 21st when opposition should be overcome and clarity gained.


LEO: This month is an ongoing carryover process from last month because planets in Scorpio are still plentiful and they challenge you to release any blocks you are hiding behind and to loosen up a bit. You must agree to disagree and accept others’ processes that are different from yours. You may not know how to handle a situation, so a little alone time is okay in order to sort things through. Better to attempt to implement change rather than cut things off. There’s a First Quarter Moon in your opposite sign, Aquarius, on the 10th. There may be obstacles in your path, but the solutions should present themselves. The Moon is in Leo on the 22nd and the Sun goes into Sagittarius on the 21st, so you should feel a breath of fresh air and an energy boost.


VIRGO: Your ruling planet, Mercury, has a busy month (see Gemini for its activity). But in addition to all that busyness, there are other astrological aspects that provide you with lots of drive, ambition and energy to deal. All planets are in harmonious aspects to you, with the addition of Mars in your sign. The 3 (at times, 4) planets in Scorpio provide new opportunities that favor evolutionary growth. Wanting everything to be concrete and rock solid may not be the way to go this month. There will be shifts and fluctuations and it is best to go with the flow, trust it will work out positively, and stability will be reached. Help it along but don’t try to control it.  The Last Quarter Moon is in Virgo on the 25th, so challenges can be overcome after that.


LIBRA: There is once again the Uranus/Pluto square, which creates a T-square, with your sign at one end of the cross bar opposite Uranus; and Pluto makes the base. This configuration creates quite a bit of tension because it seems like everything is coming at cross purposes at once. The solution is to go to the opposite sign from the base of the T, which would be Cancer. With all those planets in Scorpio the last couple of months, there should a lot of emotional analysis to find what one truly wants. Nurture the self. Do not manipulate your emotions to control your world, or cover them with fear. Feel safe with following them instead. Socializing and intimate relationships will have their challenges as Venus moves into cool Capricorn to join Pluto in the T-square on the 15th. This will be an action-packed part of the month. When the Moon goes into Libra at the end of the month, on the 27th, the aspects will show that your turbulent journey has been worth it, for understanding the politics of relationships, you will reach a new level of intimacy.


SCORPIO: Another busy month continues for Scorpios, with the Sun, Mercury and Saturn all in your house! It is your birthday and this should pack more than the usual punch with the addition of the Uranus/Pluto square exact on November 1st. Happily enough, with so many planets in complementary water signs, the activity should provide a lot of self growth and transformation, both internally and externally. Stay true to what your heart wants because sudden changes in a life plan may occur. Thinking in new and innovative ways is at a high point. Feelings of emotional groundedness should provide buoyancy to one’s outlook for the future, no matter how big the leap into the unknown. The Moon is in your sign Nov 2 and29.  Plant seeds early in the month as to what you would like to see grow, and watch the unfolding of that process throughout the month.


SAGITTARIUS: The desire to indulge, expand and embrace the world with joy is met with a rather dour response at the beginning of the month. Bide your time. Things must remain hidden for awhile yet. The best week to put your well-made plans into action is the third week, when Mars (energy/ambition) makes favorable aspects to your ruling planet, Jupiter, as well as the Sun entering Sagittarius. It is a time for things to go your way. Others’ values may oppose your expansionary tendencies, so a little moderation may be needed. One needs structure in order to expand securely. The Moon is in Sagittarius on the 4th. Get grounded and plan out the action-packed month ahead.


CAPRICORN: Capricorns are in the thick of it in their transformational process, with Pluto in Capricorn making another square to Uranus in Aries. Remember, the basis of this journey is freedom in being different and allowing others the same right. That is how we find our true path. Favorable expansion and growth in the areas of home and family are highlighted, with Venus in Capricorn conjoining Pluto on the 15th, and squaring Uranus the day before. You may find that what you value most is letting go of self-made hassles and developing a laissez-faire policy with things that you can’t control. The first week of the month has many favorable aspects, including the Moon in Capricorn on the 6th, so you should be able to begin the month with a full view of what lies ahead. Be open to a lot of communication about your feelings. It will help you sort things through.


AQUARIUS: Aquarians are bound to feel friction this month, with three planets forming 90 degree angles from Scorpio. A lot of the pressure is probably concerning your public image, and possibly your career. If a change is in the offing, it’s not a bad idea (with all that Scorpionic energy) to transform or release confining situations. Once again, be true to the unique person that you are. Uranus, your ruling planet is involved yet again with the square to Pluto, so you are not exempt from this mass karmic evolutionary process. The First Quarter Moon is in Aquarius on the 10th, so a lot of unconscious issues may come to consciousness. Do not push them away. Process them in order to arrive at a solution.


PISCES: With so many planets in watery signs this month, Pisceans should still be in a comfortable mode of evolutionary growth, expanding and exploring their emotional world. Much can be learned by digging deeply into the emotional psyche, and particularly dreams, since Neptune (the unconscious), your ruling planet, goes Stationary Direct; but also, on the 11th, Mercury (mental functions) goes Stationary Direct and makes a favorable aspect to Neptune. So make conscious the unconscious! The Sun squares Neptune on the 21st and goes into Sagittarius a few days later, so prepare for conflicting energies with your own, when practicality opposes ideal. Furthermore, the Moon is in Pisces on the 10th, also aiding you in getting to the core of your emotional issues. The only danger is being swept away by emotional forces and losing your center. Be patient and work out any conflicting details by the end of the month.









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