the Ouroboros is an image of a snake, in circular form, eating its tail. Like the symbol of the Phoenix, it dies to be reborn, by devouring itself. It is an evolutionary symbol equated with Scorpio and its three levels of transformation: the scorpion, the snake and the eagle. The Ouroboros is the power to heal and regenerate through understanding the self.

     In Alchemy, the Ouroboros is a mystical state of completion, the outcome of which is the Hermaphrodite — the complete person in touch with both the masculine and feminine parts of themselves.

     This morning it occurred to me that the symbol is a closed system, a complete circle, and that is also a form of protection. I relate to this symbol in terms of my own spiritual studies, and it can be applied thusly, once again, in a circular form. The Masculine part of ourselves is the active, creative principle — the doer. The Feminine part of ourselves is the passive creative principle — the emotions. The Ouroboros is a great symbol for how to work with both parts.

     If we introduce the Will (the stimulation to create the desires) into the equation, then another circle is created:  Will — Feeling — Form — Will. There is no need to fear that we are wrong to create our true desires. (If the Mind controls the Will and prevents it from acting in accordance with the feelings, a psychic split occurs and protection is lost.)

     The Will is in the feelings (feelings prompt us to act); the feelings are the form of the reality we want to create. Following the feelings gives reality form to the Will, because the Will supports the feelings There is circular protection to help us create the reality we want. If one believes in this alignment between the Will, the feelings, and the reality, then the future Destiny can be known. No more do we need to fear an unknown dark and scary future! Chew on that one for awhile!!



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