Wise Words For Healthful Living

“The Human Robot”

By  =Lorna Anne


–When and how does spontaneity leave our lives and what can we do about it?


     Here is a list of tendencies which most of us have to some degree. They are necessary and helpful under certain conditions. However, excessive conformity to the following exemplifies the human robot.

  • Doing things the same way in the same order everyday

  • Censoring what one would like to say rather than finding a way of saying it in a palatable form

  • Being rigid with schedules and routines

  • Refusing to allow new/benign things into one’s reality

  • Making up “rules” about oneself

  • Developing a character which is portrayed (like an actor) rather than spontaneous natural responses


     These extreme tendencies mask fears of which we may or may not be aware. For instance, the first tendency stems from a need to control one’s actions to an extreme degree of conformity in order to prevent unknown consequences from happening, and to keep reality working in optimum order. But life is a relevant state. On certain days it may work better doing things differently. Controlling all impulse, one misses a break from the monotony, for the sake of false security.


     The second example is based in the fear of creating a negative impression. Rather than speaking the truth in a way that is acceptable to others so they will be willing to listen (it’s all in how you say it), some will censor the thought or feeling completely. This leaves the evolutionary transformation that would have occurred from speaking the truth, in suspension.


     The third and fourth tendencies stem from the fear of the unknown or the unusual. The best opportunities are the ones not taken. Avoiding anything new and different is beyond caution, because cautious people allow new and different things into their world. They’re just careful with them.


     The fifth on the list stems from fears of inadequacy. Creating rules which prevent us from changing and doing things is a mask to cover up fears of failure and defeat.


     The last one –  the false persona – is the most extreme form of robot because it is like creating a virtual self, a version that is not real, and forcing oneself to conform to that character creates a lot of deep psychic turmoil, for it is denial of the self.


     How do we counteract the robot inside of us? Fearlessly. Do the exact opposite of the above. Allow uniqueness and originality into your life. Learn to love and embrace yourself for who you are. If robots must be within us, they must be sequestered to manual, technical tasks, and not be allowed to take possession of us.


     Learn to interact spontaneously, and consciously, in your world. Stop trying to follow or create formulas of everyday life. It is the only way to maintain growth and integrity of the self, as well as allowing the Universe to expand our world and bring us new gifts.








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