I’ve read quite frequently in New Age publications the belief that all of reality is a mirror of ourselves. Certainly when synchronicity is involved, mirrors are at play. They are visual representations of our internal thoughts, desires or fears — a kind of magnetic attraction. They are not necessarily omens — just reflections.

     But reality is doing other things, under other circumstances, rather than just being a mirror. It can present us with Visual Aids. They are similar to omens:  basically, a Higher Intelligence communicating with us through our reality experience. Visual Aids teach us. They don’t scare us. They point to a direction.

     Secondly, realities serve the function of proactive lesson teaching, in which we are catalysts for someone else’s karmic growth We do that for each other. We are of service to others by helping them fulfill their karmic destiny, and vice versa, others will do the same for us.

     I am sure there are more ways in which reality works that I haven’t mentioned, for it’s not just smoke, mirrors and Plato! It is also a proactive, interrelationship between all of us and a Higher Intelligence/Will, an active dynamic interplay based upon evolutionary choice.



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