This is some thing I believe we — all of us —  are capable of though most of us don’t know it. It’s probably simpler than you think.

1)     Know that the level of Dis-Ease is at it’s worst point. Now that you are focused on healing, it will get  no worse — only better.

2) Lay your left hand, firmly pressed, on area to be healed.

3) Feel love from your heart and send it to the area to be healed.

4) Imagine yourself as a vessel, a passive recipient, that brings the healing energies of the Life Force to work. Your authority must give it permission. They do the healing, you do the love.

5) Your focus during this process (15-minutes, twice a day), should be on the desired healed state, accompanied by a knowingness that this process will eventually heal you, due to the help from the Healing Life Force.



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