TAROT READINGS: What They’re All About By =Lorna Anne

Evolution — Not Prediction

     A reading with =Lorna will not  tell you what’s going to happen to you in the future. Why?  Because you already know it, you just don’t think you do. This is because the form of the future reality will follow the feelings, if you don’t block them with fear. To think you can’t know the future is to give away your power. Do you think there’s some Universal Agenda that your desires can deviate from? Unfortunately, that is what organized religion teaches, and it is our undoing.

     Are you afraid that what you want, you’re not supposed to have? That you’re wrong to want it, that you don'[t deserve it? That you want what will destroy you> A reading with me would tell you that any of those assumptions are fear-based. That they could motivate you to want choices that are not truly grounded in your desires or your true karmic path, but rather, wants based in fear. Don’t go against your true emotional pulls — your desires. Sometimes, fear confuses us so much, we don’t even know what are true feelings are anymore. A reading can help sort through the emotions to find the true feeling. Desire is actually the Soul calling the direction of its path. To not honor the desires creates a hostage situation to one’s fears.

     Freedom does not come from being told what to do, or criticizing what is wrong with ourselves, others or our realities. It comes from understanding how reality works, by being conscious of the self and its relationship to reality and to ourselves. The Tarot process is to bring these unconscious elements into harmony and balance. Then, life becomes not only manageable, but a joy to live, as well.

     Why is Tarot so much faster and easier than other methods, such as therapy? Because Tarot immediately brings the unconscious to consciousness in the throw of one hand. Why is it healing? Because it enables you to confront the hidden conflicts in the mind and resolve them.

     It is an  incredible self-centering tool for making life choices, as well as understanding your evolutionary path and your collective karmic role. The best time frames for ongoing evolutionary work is done in weekly sessions of one hour length. Dealing with daily life events and unconscious material such as dreams and disease are just a few of the subjects for healing by using the Tarot. Regular Tarot Readings are one dollar per minute. You can tailor the reading length to your needs. On-going weekly hour sessions are $60 per session.




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