Unconscious Tension: What It Is And How To Cure It


Wise Words for Healthful Living

“Unconscious Tension: What Is It And How To Cure It!”

By  =Lorna Anne


    Do you feel tired all the time? In a constant state of worry, but uncertain of the reason? Do you go through your day looking at what you have before you with anxiety and maybe even dread? This is a type of feeling. Like carrying an impending sense of doom around with you all the time.


      These concerns over situations or tasks in our everyday realities prevent us from two important things: 1) Paying attention to how we’re feeling when we’re “doing”; 2) Paying attention to our expectations as to what we will be given. We must become conscious of this tension and anxiety in order to relieve it.


     Here are two classic examples:

1)  You have plans, or you perceive that your day is going to go a certain way, and then it goes in a completely different directtion – which technically, is no worse than your scenario, just different and unexpected. It is not surprising that you might feel tension, or maybe even anger, because your reality concept was altered. We must realize that we are dealing with limited vision as to really what would be most beneficial in our world, at a certain time. There are so many unseen variables that we are unaware of, that we can hardly make the best assessment. We must accept that our way may not be the best way. Yes, at the root of it are feelings of betrayal, as if reality screws us over, but that is not the truth of it at all. In fact, negative reallities can turn around and become positive if we don’t block them by disliking and polarizing from them. Try to see the wisdom of the unexpected.  Also, like attracts like, so the more we love your realities and accept them, the more beneficial they will become because that is what we will pull to us.

2)  Another common underlying tension stems from how we see ourselves as doers. If we were not raised in a loving, supportive, nurturing environment, it is easy to fall prey to performance anxiety, whether we are aware of it or not. Whereas, in example 1, we’re taking umbrage with the Universe, in this example, we blame ourselves. What’s frightening is how deeply this fear of  “screwing up” goes – from basic mundane tasks such as cooking a meal,  to making major changes in our lives.


     Do we fear that we will create failure? Pay attention to how you feel when you’re doing what you’re doing. Even better, before you start any task or activity, focus on telling yourself you’re going to do a great job and banish the fear – you’ll be surprised how much better things will turn out!


     Those are two examples of unconscious hidden anxieties that create dis-ease. Make them conscious and choose to delete them from your thinking process.




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