By  =Lorna Anne



     Trends:  We begin the month under the influence of the larger slower moving planets. Expansive Jupiter Retrograde in opposition to incisive Pluto; and at the end of the month, Jupiter Retrograde will make an exact square to Uranus. Venus Stationary Direct is opposing Jupiter and conjoining Pluto at the very beginning of February, to help give us a clearer view as to what needs to be given value, care and concern in the coming days ahead..

      We’ve been here before, back in August when Jupiter was direct, it made its first hit (see August 2013 Astro Forecast on my blog, as well as January 2014 Trends). Basically the energies ask that we purge and expand, transform and change in order to enrich our lives. The difference now is that because Jupiter is Retrograde, we need to look at ourselves on the inside rather than exert energy to make things happen. It is time to apply the above process to ourselves. What do we value about ourselves? What don’t we? In essence, this planetary configuration brings up power and ambition, which is the root of the above process: we take power and control over ourselves If inappropriately handled, the energies could lead: to fanaticism. Are we driving ourselves too hard? Making ourselves do what we don’t want to do? Are we pulling unfair internal power plays? This is a time for compromise between feeling (Cancer) and form/structure (Capricorn). Create and do what you love. The internal assessment is to figure out if you really are doing what you love or do you just tell yourself that? Also, when it comes to others, anything can be resolved with tolerance and a willingness to compromise. Oppositions indicate that you must see both sides.

    Since the planets Jupiter, Uranus and Pluto form a T-square, with Uranus at the base in Aries, the solution to resolve tension this month is Libra. Libra wants balance, justice and fair play. That will help overcome the power trips and curb the wily ambition. Be wary of Libra’s pitfall: the need for approval from others, which can prevent the right action from being taken. Aries, currently home to Uranus, demands respect for the individual.

     Week 1 is intense with the T-spuare, Mercury Retrograde on the 6th and Venus Stationary Direct. Mercury turns Retrograde one degree away from Neptune: lack of clarity, misinterpreted communications and confusion are likely. Neptune rules the unconscious Pay attention to dreams, or catch a good movie. If one must do business, pay particular attention to details. Actually it is probably best to avoid taking action on big projects until the end of Week 2. There’s a Full Moon in Leo on the 14th, and the Sun is making harmonious aspects to Saturn, so then is a good time to get things rolling. Week 3 and 4 are copacetic and action-oriented. Bear in mind that Mercury is Retrograde all month so do not make any signed binding agreements until after it goes Direct on the 28th. At that time, the Sun will also be conjoining Neptune, so any missed errors during the month should come to light.

     By the end of the month the Jupiter/Uranus Square will come to an exact hit on the 26th. The first hit when Jupiter was Direct was the end of August beginning of September. It’s an interesting influence. It makes us feel like we could actually catch falling stars – gook luck and exuberance – like bolts out of the blue. At this time, if you believe in something strongly enough, yet it seems out of reach, go for it! If you’re doubtful, better not do it because the energies are wild. Change will most certainly happen in the most unexpected ways. Tendencies toward impatience and restlessness are most likely, with a desire for the new and different. There are planets Stationing Retrograde on May 1 and 2, so try to check the impulsiveness for a few more days.

    P.S. It;s a /Full Moon on Valentine’s Day with harmonious astro weather!

     Keywords: Compromise, Power, Freedom, Change.



ARIES:  It is a good month for action, especially mid-month. The energies are very harmonious for Aries so much can be accomplished. Blocks which may arise in mid-month can be overcome with a little Arian ingenuity. So don’t give up! At the end of the month, the Jupiter-Uranus Square (mentioned in Trends) should have a powerful impact of release, so if anything has been hanging fire, it will come around by the beginning of next month. The Moon is in Aries on the 2nd, so plant your seeds for the cycle ahead.


TAURUS: It is best for Taureans to chill out this month and take it easy. Saturn, opposing your sign, is being squared by the Sun and Mercury, forming a T-square  with the latter planets at the base. The solution to resulting conflicts is to accept and understand the sign of Leo: the self-expression of internal power through generosity, kindness, optimism and creativity. It would be a good time to begin a creative project or do something to enrich yourself. The Moon is in Taurus on the 5th and your ruling planet, Venus, is picking up speed so around then you should have illumination as to what to value.


GEMINI:  Your ruling planet Mercury goes Stationary Retrograde on the 6th so the first week of the month may be a bit intense with sudden energy shifts and change in attitudes. Bear in mind that Mercury and Venus are moving slowly, so resolving things may take a bit longer than usual. The second and third weeks are definitely more harmonious, so sit tight, the clouds will blow away. The Moon is in Gemini on the 7th which adds spice to the broth! It will help you sort things through. It is important that you trust your own perspective.


CANCER:  Cancerians are at the other end of the opposition with Pluto in Capricorn and Uranus in Aries, squaring your sign. So the beginning of the month will probably be the issues for the month, though you can presume that things will get easier as you learn to understand and deal with uncertainty and unexpected situations In the long run, they can work in your favor. If you can’t make it a win-win situation it’s time to let go and move on. Look at the bright side of change. The Moon is in your sign on the 10th which should help you sort things through.


LEO: Leos have a lot working in their favor this month, with the Sun, your ruling planet, harmoniously trining Mars and Mercury. However, in Week 2, the Sun and Mercury square Saturn, so there could be conflicts from others, especially with the Full Moon in Leo on the 14th. You should be able to see where relationships are really at. The planetary configuration forms a T-square; the solution is to embrace the energies of Taurus: serenity, and discernment of what you need to be happy. Make an effort to create what makes you feel secure and gives you a sense of ease and beauty In personal relationships it is a good time to be loyal but not possessive. The Moon goes into Leo on the 12th.


VIRGO:  Your ruling planet Mercury goes Retrograde on the 6th, so the first week is a great time to set your affairs in order and take on jobs you’ve been putting off or don’t normally do. Aspects are harmonious most of the month, but a pattern of uncertainty and inaction may prevail until the end of the month when Mercury goes Direct. The third week is the time to shift from reticence to action in preparing for your next move. The Moon enters Virgo on the 15th after the Full Moon, so it will help you get your bearings.


LIBRA: Mars is still in Libra, and your ruling planet, Venus, is Stationary Direct, so energies should remain high for Librans, with a new impulse for artistic endeavors highlighting the month. The beginning of the month is intense, with Venus SD opposing Jupiter, conjoining Pluto, and squaring Uranus, making a Grand Cross with your sign. It is time to determine what things must be purged from relationships and yourself. What compromises need to be made? If this cannot be achieved it is time to let go. Fight for individuality and freedom for everyone. Compromise and freedom are not antithetical. The rest of the month should ease up until the end, when Jupiter squares Uranus. That’s when freedom can be claimed, at least on an internal level. The Moon is in Libra on the 17th giving you clarity of vision.


SCORPIO: The beginning of the month is very active for Scorpios, with Venus joining your ruling planet, Pluto, and both opposing Jupiter. Be careful of “going overboard”, since Jupiter is the planet of expansion. Saturn is still in your sign (the planet of limitations), making it easier. The Sun and Mercury, are exerting friction during the middle of the month, but it will help eliminate outmoded ideas and ways of thinking, and give you a fresh perspective..On the 4th, Venus sextiles Saturn, so watch for opportunities to come your way, especially through the aid of women. The Moon enters Scorpio on the 19th. Best to wait until after the 24th to realize long range plans.

SAGITTARIUS:  Sags have lots f activity going on with your active ruling planet Jupiter, so I doubt that it will be a dull month, especially at the beginning and the end. Enjoy some respite mid-month to get some equilibrium. New information and insight should also come your way mid-month, to help with releasing any limitations that may have been blocking your path. On the 22nd, there is a Last Quarter Moon in your sign, so giving closure to something and moving on is in order.


CAPRICORN:  The first week of the month may be power-packed, since Venus conjuncts Pluto in your sign, opposing Jupiter and squaring Uranus. You may think that the best strategy in a situation is to let go, but actually, for Capricorns, the key is Libra: partnerships with fairness and justice for all. A gracious compromise is in order. The middle of the month will have its challenges with others’

wills in conflict with yours, but the conflicts will render positive results if you hang in there. On the 24th, Venus makes harmonious aspects to Saturn, so you should see those results. Your ruling planet is going Stationary Retrograde on the 1st of next month so there will be energy shifts next month if things are bogged down. The Moon enters Capricorn on the 24th, so things should coalesce then.


AQUARIUS:  You may be feeling a bit restless, so you may be on the move or wishing you were. It’s your birthday, so you should be more daring that usual, wanting to shoot for the stars, which is fine, so long as you’re sure you can handle it. Freeing yourself from others excessive demands and striking out in new directions could bring about unexpected beneficial results. Mercury Retrograde returns to your sign on the 12th, giving you fresh ideas and new solutions. The Full Moon on the 26th should be quite illuminating. You should be able to land in a new place.


PISCES:  The month begins with Mercury having just entered your sign, though it does not get very far, turning Retrograde at 3 degrees Pisces on the 6th. It is very close to Neptune, so the need for rest, sleep and dreams should be indulged. Pisceans need reality breaks and this is the time to take one, if not in dreams, in watching a movie or spiritual meditations. Mercury returns to Aquarius on the 12th, and the Sun enters Pisces on the 18th, so as the month progresses you will be revitalized. The Moon is in Pisces on the 28th. Seeds should be planted for the coming month.







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