“Give Yourself Permission To Be Happy”


By  =Lorna Anne



     Denying the emotions and what makes us happy breaks our link to the best possible karma It destroys harmony with our world. Extreme denial can lead to extreme conditions, because emotions are like nature – you can’t control them without serious repercussions, and they certainly cannot be destroyed –only repressed.


     If we honor our feelings in our world, our realities can get into balance, and we, in harmony with ourselves and the world around us. For centuries this culture has tried to destroy the connection to our emotions. Need I mention Adam and Eve. An apple? She wanted an apple, she ate an apple. Are we really supposed to believe that all of mankind is doomed for all eternity because of an apple? Who are they kidding? But it scared you, didn’t it?


     I am convinced that these horrible aberrations of humanity (mass shootings in schools and malls) are largely due to emotional denial. There is tremendous anger resulting from tremendous societal forces of repression upon the soul’s desires for happiness. This frustration will drive a person to the point of madness. Some just have lower thresholds. There are mitigating factors in every case, of course, but I think if we didn’t call feelings bad, taboo or evil, and we dealt with them, rather than frustrate or repress them within ourselves, we’d be doing something to help.


     In my own small way, I must also deal with emotional indulgence when I “know better”. Normally I eat no processed sugar or no processed foods of any kind. But once in awhile, I get a craving for these ridiculously over-sweet delicious chocolate peanut butter cupcakes. It would be a sin to not indulge! And here’s my reasoning: I can’t see the bigger picture as to what my body needs; I know through food cravings. It may seriously need some extra sugar on that day. And that’s why I need to trust it, rather than say the emotional impulse is wrong But why a cupcake and not dried fruit? Because it makes me happy! And that’s indulging the feelings!


     When a taboo desire comes to you it is right for that one moment in time. You’re not leading yourself down the path of destruction. You have power to keep things from getting out of hand. Do not, indulge the feelings until you can eliminate the guilt trip (which is caused by not trusting your emotions). You can trust them. It is humanity’s saving grace.




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