Some people hate to wait — it’s Aries.  Impatience. I’m an Aries and it’s my second middle name. I don’t wait unless I absolutely must. Since that happens on many levels, whether waiting in lines or waiting for realities to manifest, such as giving birth or selling a house. it’s waiting. In the latter case, it’s a matter of astrological timing, and that can be tricky in terms of ascertaining precisely when.

     What I have learned from my readings is that there is a host of unseen helpers that are setting things up behind the scenes, so to speak, like stage hands. Call them Djinn, Angels, or Genies. All cultures have them, especially pre-Christian ancient ones. Many cultures believed certain helpers were relegated to certain rooms in the house to watch over and protect them.

     Like stage hands, it takes awhile to rearrange the reality externally to make conditions and circumstances right for creation. The most important things in life are what we cannot see. We must give them that time  willingly and happily, knowing eventually, the show will go on!



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