“BLOWING BUBBLES: How To Discern What’s Real From What Isn’t” By =Lorna Anne


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“Blowing Bubbles:  How To Discern What’s Real From What Isn’t”


By =Lorna Anne


            —Are you ever not sure how to “take” someone or something? Can you trust them? Is is on the level? This will help you figure it out!


     There are those who are, what could be called, poverty thinkers. The coffee cup is always half empty and about to get less—plus the coffee isn’t good anyway! But the other end of the pendulum swing is also prevalent, especially among people who run in reaction to those negative thinkers They don’t want to think badly about anyone or anything. They like to think of their world as a happy bubble.


     This can be carried too far, however, when one’s view of reality can border on fantasy and fiction. We see it as we’d like to believe it is, rather than how it really is. Reality is subjective, and it’s a slippery elusive place. Do we really want to think “badly” (notice the adverb) about someone or something?


     When we stand on the precipice of a moment, we know what has already happened, for better or worse; and what is happening is before us. We may agree it’s not ideal, maybe even downright horrible; but what is going to happen is up for grabs, so to speak. And that fulfillment of the dream holds many. The opportunity for change to occur. A lot of pain and misery could be averted or endured if we only knew if there was truly hope for positive change, or if we’re wasting a lot of air blowing bubbles that cannot sustain existence.


     The solution is to pay attention to your feelings. How are you feeling about the person or situation?If you’re cajoling yourself into believing everything will be all right, but your emotions are resistant to that way of thinking, then you are deluding yourself, and it’s time to take a pro-active strategy.


     Why don’t we want to see things as they really are, rather than clinging to the heady intoxication of the bubbles of success? For one, because it brings up having to take control, and might even bring up the “C-word” –confrontation – which many fear. And secondly, to see something as negative, wrong or bad, brings up the idea of failure because we’re not living in a happy bubble. But we must speak up and ask the necessary questions, set up boundaries and standards for what we want life to be. Women bear an extra stigma which can make it harder. Many times when they confront a situation and say that something must be remedied, they’re labeled – you know what! “Stop your complaining, B—-!”


     Rather than avoiding or covering up problems, exposing them makes them accessible for change. That allows the light of day to reach what’s being hidden beneath denial. Like all pendulum swings, balance is in the middle.


     In our world, we will most assuredly be given realities that may be unsavory. Why not call it for what it is and be pro-active in changing and transforming it into something that is workable? It’s better that trying to hold bubbles in our hands to keep them from breaking.





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