By  =Lorna Anne



TRENDS: Pisces is the realm of life that we have no control over. It asks the unanswered questions of why we’re here and why things happen.  It is a seeking of answers about things we cannot see, such as Divine Intelligence, the forces of the physical and spiritual world. It is facing the unknown and surrendering to it. With the Sun, Moon, Mercury and Neptune all in Pisces at some point during the month, those are the lessons. Pisces, in its dysfunctional state, demands unnecessary sacrifice. If we don’t learn the lesson of being in harmony with the Greater Whole, Pisces will teach us by taking away something we need but haven’t appreciated or cared for, and that deprivation/sacrifice will make us aware of accepting that greater power has influence in our lives. Pisces is the cosmic consciousness coming to earth and the realization of the interconnectedness of all things.

     Pisces rules water and petroleum. Look at how many water accidents there have been with Mercury’s ingress into Pisces and its subsequent Stationary Retrograde in the early critical degrees of Pisces during the month of February.. This is no coincidence, and with Neptune, Pisces ruling planet in it’s own sign, the energies are super-intensified. Through Pisces, we learn Universal Love and Compassion, that we are not separate and alone. Pisces wants to dissolve boundaries of all kinds: such as those between the spiritual and physical world, or rules and regulations. And yet, we must all be individuals within that whole, and not sacrifice ourselves or others due to fear. We must learn to accept everything that happens that is out of our control as part of a growth process set by a higher agenda to allow us to embrace and become part of the emotional flow of creation. It is spiritual awareness. It ‘s not about whether to be in the dance or not, it’s about how to dance to the music that’s playing. What steps need to be taken and what is the timing? Of course, everyone’s individual charts impact the timing of events in each person’s life; however, the guidelines offered here are windows in which action or non-action is best. It’s interesting to note that during times of non-action, reality itself may impose blocks which cannot be controlled. But if one can pay attention to these windows, when choices can be made, they will afford the easiest passage to the next place.

     The month begins with a New Moon in Pisces, so everyone can plant seeds of goals and wishes for the coming month. Watch how each Moon phase moves the process along. The theme this month is Karma, or Destiny. It is a month where both expansion and restriction are needed, depending on the week. This is the timing for the dance.

     Week 1 is definitely a holding pattern because the astrological weather is too unstable. Jupiter just squared (90 degrees) Uranus; Mercury and Jupiter are going Stationary Direct; Mars goes Retrograde on the 1st and Saturn goes Retrograde on the 2nd. Any change in planetary motion intensifies the energies. In addition, Venus squares Mars on the 2nd and this is a combative aspect. Add Mar’s intensified energies to the mix and this can cause a lot of conflict. Venus enters Aquarius on the 6th a call to value freedom and a way to gain it somehow in our lives.

     In Week 2 we may want to push a total destruct button, either due to uncertainty or a wanting to break free of limitations, especially from the 8th to the 11th. The First Quarter Moon is on the 8th, usually bringing conflicting issues with it. Limitation is the pattern for the week. It is best not to go total destruct, but rather, attempt to prove that the karmic changes taking place are positive and must be made. After the 12th this should become clear.

     In Week 3, the tempo shifts, the energies pick up and expansion is the order of the day. There should be a flood of fresh energy and perspective. The Full Moon on the 16th will provide enlightenment and alleviate fear of unnecessary sacrifice or ruined realities. There is a win-win solution out there for any conflict and this is the week to expand one’s thinking and find it.

     Week 4 is the culmination of this month’s process of rebirth and life change. The Last Quarter Moon is on the 23rd so the fruition or failure of one’s efforts should be apparent. We are all experiencing these karmic shifts on some level. They are very important in terms of aligning ourselves with our Destiny. There is a New Moon in Aries on the 30th and a new cycle begins.

     This month, leave your mind behind and feel your connection to what you value in your world. Seek beyond the mundane into dreams, spiritual realities and new dimensions. Explore your intuitive and imaginative faculties. Pisces will open the door.

KEYWORDS:  Dreams, Destiny and Emotional Connection.


ARIES: The first couple of weeks may be a bit bumpy for Aries, but after the 12th, it’s a piece of cake until the end of the month. The month begins with your ruling planet Mars going Stationary Retrograde. This only happens once every two, two and a half years, and since Mars is in Libra, your opposite sign, relationship issues should be prominent. In addition, the Moon is in Aries on the 2nd, so assertion/aggression is called for, but beware of being downright argumentative with a low threshold for temper control. Especially with Jupiter Stationary Direct on the 6th, squaring your sign, this can bring about excessive emotion. Be assertive but remain cool.


TAURUS: Taureans begin the month confronted with values and ways of thinking that are different than their own. With Saturn going Stationary Retrograde in your opposite sign, Scorpio, you may be feeling rather oppressed. Week 3, new opportunities will present themselves in terms of how to deal with these tensions. Any changes that you make during Week 4 will have lasting positive effect. Don’t be afraid to include something new that you want in your world. The Moon is in Taurus on the 4th, so plant seeds for the future.


GEMINI: Though the month starts out slowly for Gemini, with Mercury Stationary Direct, implementing new strategies and goals is a good idea. Don’t expand too quickly. The best opportunity in which to do so is at the end of the month when Mercury (your ruling planet) makes long-term harmonious aspects with Jupiter, the planet of expansion. The First Quarter Moon in Gemini on the 8th may bring up unconscious fears. The Full Moon on the 16th will enable you to see things more clearly.


CANCER: The first week of the month should be up-tempo for Cancers, with Jupiter in your sign going Stationary Direct (optimism and expansion) on the 6th. With Jupiter squaring Uranus and moving into another opposition to Pluto next month, this is the last hit for that T-square you’ve been working with since the beginning of the year. To solve the conflict, remember the lessons of Libra: fairness and justice for all; networking and inter-relating. The last half of the month things will smooth out and settle down. The 3rd, 10th, 17th, and 24th your ruling planet, the Moon, makes challenging aspects to that T-square so those dates may be turning points. The Moon is in Cancer on the 9th. Pay attention to your feelings.


LEO: The first half of the month, Leos may be in a clearing out process, willing or not. It’s important to remember to keep what has value to you. Don’t throw the baby out with the bath water. Limitations may challenge you but for the time being, other people’s wants or needs may come first and it would be best to acquiesce rather than trying to control the situation to your own advantage. The Moon is in Leo on the 11th, the same day that Mercury squares Saturn, so you should realize where limitations need to be overcome. You will be able to manage challenges after the Sun enters Aries on the 20th.


VIRGO: Virgos are in a harmonious flow with all the energies this month. It should be pleasurably full of new opportunities, especially mid-month, when sensitivity to others’ needs may offer surprise experiences that may further your own ambitions. With so many planets in Pisces, your opposite sign, relationship issues may be at the forefront. Don’t let your mind talk you out of how you are feeling. Be sensitive to yourself as well. The Moon is in Virgo on the 14th, and your ruling planet, Mercury is harmoniously in aspect with Mars, so mental energy is running high.


LIBRA:  Mars goes Stationary Retrograde in Libra on the 1st, so unexpected desires and energy shifts may occur. Or maybe you will find new ways of doing things. With Venus, your ruling planet, squaring Mars on the 2nd and entering Aquarius on the 5th, there is a shift from repression and limitation to freedom and expansion. Especially with Jupiter going Stationary Direct on the 6th and challenging your sign to break out of prosaic routines and create new paradigms for existence. Mercury in Aquarius is helping balance passion with reason, but by the end of the month it is the feelings that will win out, when Mercury enters Pisces on the 17th and Venus trines Mars on the 24th, breaking blocks and limitation. There’s a Moon in Libra on the 16th, which should help you see things more clearly, right after the Full Moon.


SCORPIO:  Any glitches you may experience around the 10th or 11th are short-lived and should clear up happily by the 14th. Don’t underestimate your power to make thing happen during the first half of the month. Other people’s values may challenge you, but expand your thinking to see the benefit of being led in new directions. Saturn in Scorpio goes Stationary Retrograde on the 2nd, so breaking out of any hostage situations you’ve created for yourself is in order. During the last week, it’s a good time to make changes or start new endeavors, after the Moon is in your sign on the 19th. Lift yourself to a new level of consciousness, the aspects are in favor.


SAGITTARIUS: Challenging energies will make you stronger as you successfully learn how to work with them. Jupiter goes Stationary Direct on the 6th, intensifying the desire to expand your life in some way, which will be easier after the 6th. Learn to forgive and nurture yourself and others. The lessons of Pisces will help you navigate through the emotional waters. Following the advice for expansion/holding patterns (See Trends), will also aid you. The 3rd, 10th, 17th, and 24th are the days the Moon touches your ruling planet and sets off the Jupiter/Uranus square that happened on the last day of February, so these are pivotal days in your process. Even if you begin a new path or endeavor this month, try to see it as part of a larger process. It gives perspective. The Moon is in Sag on the 21st which will help ground you.


CAPRICORN: If you are uncertain as to what others want or need in their lives, then find out. Be willing to bend the rules in order to preserve what you really want. Other people you care about may be going in a completely different direction, so where others want to place themselves in your life must be accepted. With Jupiter Stationary Direct (in your opposing sign, challenging limitation and restriction) determine where your true feelings are, no matter how difficult that may be, and trust coming from that place. Things will work themselves out around the 14th. The last week is ideal for tying up any loose ends. On the 28th, information may come that provides opportunity for change. The Last Quarter Moon is in Capricorn on the 23rd, completing a cycle. Pivotal days this month are the 3rd,10th, 17th, and 24th.


AQUARIUS: What you want to achieve may take longer to come about than you think it should, but it doesn’t mean it won’t happen Be careful that you are not setting unattainable standards. Venus enters your sign on the 5th and Mercury just turned Stationary Direct in it so the pace will start to pick up by mid-month. Challenge limitation. On the 18th, Venus sextiles your ruling planet which is in Aries, so feelings and opportunities for freedom and daring acts may occur. It’s all one connected process of that Jupiter square Uranus which took place February 28th. You may be challenged on your path, but it will take you to a positive stronger place in terms of self development. The Moon is in Aquarius on the 25th, so you can catch your breath before the month is out, when harmonious aspects reign.


PISCES: Pisces is the dominant sign since it’s your birthday month. The Sun, Mercury, Neptune and Moon are all in it at some point, so it should be a busy one. A nice start is the New Moon in Pisces on the 1st, so plant your seeds for the month ahead. The beginning of the month is a good time to assess situations and make plans for future directions. The latter half of the month makes favorable aspects from your sign to both Jupiter and Pluto, so you should receive beneficial information at this time concerning your goals. Pay attention to the lunar phases (First Quarter, etc),  as they are pivotal points in your process. Again the Moon is in Pisces on the 27th, so you can assess this month’s growth and plant seeds for the coming month.






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