By =Lorna Anne



Trends: April is the most powerful month of this year, at least in relation to the outer planetary configuration we have all been dealing with for the past three and a half years. First, the Aries lessons that we must all embrace. These include: being oneself completely; and that includes the search for oneself, because Aries represents the life force, as well as new parts of ourselves emerging. It is impulse, direct and decisive. Spring – the beginning of all new life. New experimentation in one’s world; making the inner drives real in the outer world; being a leader rather than a follower; an adventurer; a pioneer. This is the upside of Aries represented in two words – New and Different! But dysfunctional, as all signs can be, brings about a completely different scenario: a totally self-centered person who thinks of no one but themselves; domineering and forceful; combative; intolerant; impatient and arrogant.

Because this month is a veritable explosion of power, the lesson is not only that we keep our power, but that we use it wisely. This will be the cosmic choice on a microcosmic level in our own daily lives, to macro-world politics between nations. The main planetary configuration involves the outer planets Uranus and Pluto who have been moving in and out of a 90 degree square orb since April of 2010, to be exact. Jupiter has been added into the mix since August 2013, when the planet of expansion, in direct motion, opposed Pluto and squared Uranus. All planets move backward and forward only figuratively. It is the earth’s movement past a planet that makes it look like its going backward. All three of these planets have been in this dance since last August (See last month’s Astro Forecast for details). April brings the final climactic pass in T-square configuration. In addition, the Sun. Mercury and Mars will all impact the T-square during the month. It becomes a Grand Cross when Mars, in retrograde, enters the other planets’ orbs at the end of the month. A Grand Cross (two oppositions and four squares) leads to great growth, but great endurance and discipline are required to handle the energies which can feel limiting or oppressive. This is the cosmic choice: What manner of power do we exert? Or do we do the flip side and become the victim? The latter is wrong; the former – power – must be used wisely.

Week 1 begins with the Sun (energy) conjoining Uranus (upheaval) and squaring Pluto (transformation). Fortunately, Venus enters Pisces on the 5th, which may help soften the intense energy, especially if we understand life from a spiritual perspective, which is what Pisces calls for. The realization that we are all one and part of cause and effect from others actions and our own in the world will help keep things in perspective. Proceeding slowly and with caution is wise in Week 1.

Week 2, the Sun opposes Mars (assertion/aggression), adding more fuel to the fire. Be wary of dysfunctional Aries within and without. This is a confrontational aspect. In addition, we will probably all be receiving some unexpected transformational information, but most particularly affected are Aries, Libra, Cancer and Capricorn (the signs that are embraced by the Grand Cross). Mercury (communication and mental functions) squares Jupiter and Pluto and conjoins Uranus, all on the 14th. Mercury also rules transportation. Be careful in your travels (both mentally and physically) on that day. Pluto also turns Stationary Retrograde on the 14th. This planet inspires transformation, but if dysfunctional, power plays and manipulation will intensify. The other happening in Week 2 is Venus conjoining Neptune. Heightened spiritual values may ameliorate the T-square once again.

In Week 3, the three outer planets make their exact hits: Jupiter squares Uranus and opposes Pluto, and Uranus squares Pluto, all on the 20th and 21st. The upside is sudden life-changing opportunity, a letting go of old structures, rebirth and freedom. The dysfunctional side of these planets would create oppositional forces, fanatical behavior, power plays, over-extension and extreme impulsiveness. On the 16th, Mercury opposes Mars, which can create combative rash behavior. Venus is in harmony with both Jupiter and Pluto on the 17th and 18th, so once again this may help soften the energies, and it is usually a good time for financial issues and relationships of all kinds.

Week 4, Mars moves into position to create the Grand Cross mentioned above. The red planet rules Aries though it is in its opposite sign, Libra, opposing Uranus in Aries on the 23rd. These are long- lasting aspects since these planets move slowly, so we will feel the effects of this several weeks into May, at least. With Mars in the mix, things are even hotter; however, the latter part of Week 4 is filled with very harmonious aspects among the Sun, Mercury, Venus, Saturn and Neptune, so hopefully, reason will help temper the aggressive forces.


Key Words: Power, Upheaval, Choice, Endurance



ARIES: Aries is in the hot seat on your birthday with 3 planets in your sign, all part of the T-Square, Grand Cross configurations. Personal relationships are highlighted, but expect the unexpected and unusual. There’s tremendous tension in the air, and for Aries, this should be stimulating rather than defeating, since Aries are stress magnets. Look at life as a transformational journey. Job promotions and expansion in the home are highlighted. The Moon is in Aries on the 26th, so hold onto your hat and enjoy the ride. The dust should settle, but be particularly careful on the 6th, 14th, 20th, and 27th, when the Moon aspects the Cross. These will be particularly intense.


TAURUS: Taurus is in one of the easier places in the zodiac this month, with harmonious aspects to the above-mentioned intense configurations. There should be opportunity for change and expansion in the fields of communication and possibly foreign cultures. Anything unexpected that may happen is coming from your 12th House of Destiny, so the chips are falling where they may. You should see where they land around the 28th, when the Moon goes into Taurus. If you’re not sure where someone else is coming from, ask.


GEMINI: Gemini can’t help but get a boost of opportunity from all this activity in Aries, with a gentle trine from Mars in Libra. It’s a good month for action, but it will be intense in it’s upheaval. Long-range goals and plans may change, but more resources or money should come your way to make things happen. Find a way for spiritual goals, personal relationships and work to be all in harmony. New friends are likely. The Moon is in your sign two times this month, the 3rd and the 30th, highlighting a relationship focus this month.


CANCER: Your sign is one arm of the planetary Grand Cross and T-Square. Expansion as to how you see yourself and your capabilities is highlighted in both career and at home. Your house personal relationships is still working through issues of love and nurturance as support – not as control. Career is highlighted so you will probably work hard. Do not over stress. Remember to care for yourself. The First Quarter Moon is in Cancer on the 7th. If things are confusing then, wait until the 19th for things to sort themselves out. The Full Moon on the 15th should give insight into your deepest desires. Intense days when the Moon aspects the Grand Cross: 6, 14, 20, 27.


LEO:The only conflict for Leo this month is that long-term square from Saturn in Scorpio which still demands discipline and frugality, rather than overspending of time, energy and resources. There is growth this month in higher learning of all kinds. Communication skills will demand clarity. Between the 7th and the 19th is the best time for setting forth on new ventures of any kind. Managing your schedule carefully will help handle the work overload. Remember to see yourself as part of a greater whole. The Moon is in Leo on the 8th. Recharge for an active month ahead.


VIRGO: Virgos need to pay attention to long range plans and breaking unwanted routines this month. In short, figure out what will make you happy and how to go about doing it. Expand your goals and trust that resources will come. Around the 19th you should be able to see how your desires can be accomplished. Letting go of material possessions and concerning oneself with spiritual matters is also highlighted, so this is the month to move away from your analytical mind, and simply, feel. The Moon is in Virgo on the 10th. The first couple of weeks may feel unstable, but by the third week you should have more clarity.


LIBRA: Personal and business relationships are highlighted this month since there’s lots of activity in the Arian house that is opposite yours. There could be feisty relationships with efforts to control the feelings and emotions on both sides, but that won’t work. For Librans, the Grand Cross at the end of the month, it is the climax for solving these long-term issues. Don’t let others tell you what you should want. Also, finding ways to improve the work environment is favored this month since Venus is in your house of work Try to balance emotion with practicality and compromise with individuality. Lunar aspects to the Grand Cross are on the 6th, 14th, 20th and 27th. These are triggers to release your process, particularly the 13th – 15th, when there is a Full Moon Lunar Eclipse at 25 degrees Libra. A very intense time!


SCORPIO: Lots of work on a creative project and not much time to play is the agenda for Scorpios this month, especially after the 7th, when Venus enters your sixth house of work. The work should be joyous because it is concerned with giving form and structure to your reality in ways never done before, and you may change your mind about things you thought you wouldn’t There may be exotic elements in your life, since Jupiter is in your 9th house of foreign cultures. There may be risks involved this month, and with Saturn Retrograde in your first house, taking it easy and not rushing impulsively is advised. Communication can be a valuable tool so don’t be afraid to speak up. The Moon is in Scorpio on the 15th, right after the Full Moon. After that, the path should be clear.


SAGITTARIUS: Sags may need to gather more information in the first week, before taking any action. Not until the Full Moon on the 16th is it best to make any moves as it may be rash behavior and you may not like where you end up. Make sure you see all details clearly before jumping. Your ruling planet Jupiter is involved in the large planetary configurations which means this month may be life changing for you as well. What do you want to keep? What do you want to leave? And what must you change? These will all be determined, though the right course of action may be riskier than other options, but if you keep your thinking clear, you will be successful. The Moon is in Sagittarius two days after the Full Moon, when clarity is at it’s height.


CAPRICORN: Light is being shed upon your deepest desires and needs as the Sun and Mercury are in your 4th house. Pluto in your sign is going Stationary Direct on the 14th, one day before the Full Moon, which squares your sign, so mid-month will probably be challenging in its intensity. Don’t try to hold on to outmoded structures and things don’t work – sweeping changes are in order. Power struggles can be a form of transformation for all parties, but make sure you are coming from a place of win-win for everyone. Let things play themselves out and don’t control it unless it’s out of control and you need to assert yourself. Remember, always try to come from your heart. Using force and coming from your heart are not incompatible. The Moon is in Capricorn on the 19th, and impacts the Grand Cross on the 20th. The 6th, 14th and 27th are also pivotal days in your process.


AQUARIUS: It should be a busy month filled with mental tasks of all kinds: communication, gathering and giving information. Karmic life changes at work may be at play this month. Embarking on a quest or a higher learning experience of some kind are favored. Saturn is still in your 10th house of work, so you should be dealing with lots of responsibility. How you handle it is the question. Make your voice heard. Make yourself happy by acquiring or partaking in something you truly want. You deserve it and it is favored, with Venus transiting your second house of material possessions. The Moon is in Aquarius on the 22nd. Time to plant seeds for the next cycle.


PISCES: Venus is exalted in your sign this month, which means beauty, nature, art and creativity are highlighted. She is a beacon for all of us in softening the harsh aspects this month. Pisces should have a bit of an edge in that transitions should not be harsh and opportunities should present themselves. No sign can escape the energies of this month completely; guard against confusion and lack of clarity when it comes to getting the facts straight. You may have been yearning for a change and unable to figure out which way to go. By the last week of the month, the answers should present themselves. The 22nd-24th may be a bit challenging due to uncertainty, but by the 25th, the fog should lift.












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