Wise Words For Healthful Living


“Losing It: Choices As Tests”


–The Path To Evolution And Strength



Every time we make a choice we create a situation. Within that situation are variables. They are the factors that contribute to that situation. The have an effect upon it. For instance, you decide to go out to lunch and you expect the experience to be pleasant and delicious. Every action that you take is a variable –what you choose to look like, how your stomach is feeling, what you’ve heard from others about the restaurant, the company you are keeping, the waiter, the cook, your choice of food, ad infinitum.


Some variables can be anticipated, like clothing choice and attitude. But most cannot be controlled. Such as a traffic jam on the way to the restaurant making you 10 minutes late, which affects your date, as well as the restaurant! The ripple of cause and effect.


It seems that these moments are when the hand of Destiny steps in and we are caught unawares in the unexpected, and this is where real growth happens. That is, when the routine gets shattered. Because we have to make a choice as to what to do about this unexpected element which is filled with further unknown variables that could affect us positively or negatively depending on the choice we make in the moment.


This is the test. Do we freak out and lose control of ourselves (which is the only control we’ve got)? That makes matters worse, though that is what many do. When there is a need for cool, calculated thinking, losing it is not the solution.


If we master our fear and operate clearly, we have passed the test. We have become stronger because we handled the situation and did not give in to weakness. We have just evolved, and that is what life is all about.







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