The following is what my esoteric counseling work creates:  Being in harmony with one’s Destiny and Reality makes things flow and happen. An army divided is conflict and life tends to get stuck and not move…Removing the blocks starts the flow.

     I inherited the family cuckoo clock: a reindeer-headed antique with curling leafy vines around its border all in dark wood. The persistent tick has a disconcerting affect upon my nerves.  In addition, the cuckoo comes out on the hour and half hour as applicable; however the number of cuckoos no longer correspond to the correct time. It’s random. And so, it has adorned my wall as a nostalgic relic of a lost time.

     Then with my move, I realized the cuckoo could not come because, so ancient and fragile, it couldn’t survive shipping. The day came (yesterday) when I had to find it a home, so I put it in a box and took it with me to the bike shop where I was bringing my bike to be shipped. I figured I’d try to offer it to some antique barn, but it bothered me that it was losing it’s home.

     After negotiating bike business, I said to the bike mechanic who I’d never met, “This may sound wild, but you don’t know anyone interested in restoring an old cuckoo clock, do you ?” His eyes got really big and he exclaimed that was his passion — he loved fixing clocks! He said he’d just watched a video on UTube on how to fix cuckoo clocks! So the cuckoo landed lovingly into his open arms and I knew it had found home.



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