MAY ASTRO FORECAST 2014 By =Lorna Anne



By =Lorna Anne



Trends: Need versus greed. That is the lesson we all must embrace with Taurus for our teacher. The myth of King Minos is a great example. Zeus gave Minos a beautiful white bull to sacrifice; but instead of following the god’s bidding, he sacrificed one of his own inferior bulls and kept the beautiful one for himself. Zeus’ revenge was to have Minos’ wife fall in love with a common bull and to give birth to the Minotaur – half bull, half man. Minos hid the creature in a labyrinth and fed it young children. Taurus is associated with luxury, material possessions and sensual pleasures of all kinds. It is delight in the earth and it’s beauty and bounty. But Taurus’ deeper role is to instinctively understand how spirit is made concrete in nature – Spring in all its aromatic and beautiful array of colors. Taurus can also be the bringing forth of the creative process in art and music since Venus (who rules the arts) is Taurus’ ruler. Venus symbolizes love and Taurus is very loyal to the end, even if it destroys them in the process. It is a dysfunctional side of Taurus, as well as marrying for prestige, status, wealth or fame, rather than for love. They can be stubborn and very rigid, or the other extreme – overindulgent and going too far. Hence, need vs greed. The power is with Taurus this month and we all need its earthy grounding influence as we pick up the pieces from last month’s explosive aspects.


An interesting note: Venus and Mars are swapping signs, in that Venus is in Aries and Mars is in Libra (which Venus also rules). Masculine/feminine roles are switched, which should be interesting to see in ourselves and others. Venus will conjoin Uranus in that T-square this month (the last of the inner planets to do so) so we may still feel some aftershocks from last month when it comes to defending our values and what is important to us. Hopefully, in hindsight we can see some humor in last month’s occurrences. It will help assuage the process. Mars begins its Stationary Direct motion mid-month enabling action and manifestation. There are also five planets changing signs, which is like changing the wallpaper.


In Week 1, we experience two of them. Mercury goes into Gemini on the 7th, opening up new avenues for communication; and Venus enters Aries on the 2nd, encouraging new values, enterprising friends, pioneering art forms, heightened self expression and possible aggression. Mercury opposes Saturn on the 2nd, so confronting limitations and moving through them is highlighted. The Sun moves into an opportunistic aspect with Pluto (change) and Jupiter (optimism/expansion), so overcoming obstacles is possible, no matter how difficult it seems. Do not be afraid to let something go that isn’t working and replace it with something that is; especially if you didn’t purge last month when aspects demanded it.


Week 2, relationship issues are pertinent. One person may try to hold the other back in some way. It may be better to delay, but not to prevent change. By mid-month, aspects make it very favorable to put those long-awaited plans into action, but be very careful of detail, because with Mercury squaring Neptune, communication may be deceptive or unclear, especially the 15th and 21st when the Moon aspects Neptune. The Full Moon is on the 14th in Scorpio so dig deep for information and facts. Be willing to revise whatever you’re uncertain about so you can feel comfortable.


Week 3, Venus makes a T-square, conjoining Uranus, opposing Mars and squaring Pluto, which should encourage us to appreciate the lengthy process we’ve been in by realizing it is all worth it, to finally find our true path – one that we can trust. There still may be a few surprises, especially around the 15th, but they should be seen as opportunities and not detriments, as aspects are favorable.


In Week 4, the Sun squares Neptune on the 28th, so be careful to get facts straight. Otherwise, enjoy some fantasy time! Jupiter makes a long-term aspect of growth to Saturn, so the last week we should become balanced between the spiritual and the material, finding the right pace for expansion and growth, balanced with structure and form. Venus enters its own sign Taurus on the 28th and Mercury enters Cancer on the 29th, when caring for and nurturing ourselves and our world will be important. Beautify your surroundings. Tell others how much you appreciate them. With the New Moon in Gemini on the 28th, plant seed dreams for next month’s cycle.


Key Words: Appreciate, Rest, Imagine


ARIES: With Venus entering Aries on the 2nd and opposing Mars on the 11th, it should be a busy social month for Aries, as well as one in which we want to beautify ourselves, our homes and our environments. Love could be in the air in Week 2. Keep the ideal in mind as to your eventual goal in either business partnerships or close relationships but don’t be afraid to set boundaries so that you can feel secure. Mars, your ruling planet finally goes Stationary Direct, so if the going has been tough, things should get easier. It’s been Retrograde since March 2nd, demanding inner examination, so now plans can be completed. Expect the unexpected mid-month when Venus conjoins Uranus in the powerful T-square with Pluto, Uranus, and Jupiter. The Moon is in your sign on the 23rd, when a new Arien cycle begins.


TAURUS: This is your month, Taurus, and it should be exciting and fun-filled. With Venus in Aries, desire and impulse are strong. Others may not be as adventurous as you and try to inhibit you,; or you may, yourself, set unnecessary limits when harmonious aspects to Jupiter (the planet of expansion) say otherwise. This over-done hesitancy will stop you from taking action. If you are held back or delayed, things should free up by the 15th, and the remaining two weeks will be filled with new opportunities. That said, be careful of going too far around the 18th, when Venus (your ruling planet) squares Jupiter. Lots of communication opportunities when Mercury and Venus dance a duet and conjoin two times in one month, which is unusual. The Moon is in your sign on the 25th when your life cycle should be on a new level.


GEMINI: Mercury, your ruling planet, enters its own sign, Gemini, on the 7th, so news, communication and information gathering are highlighted. On the 11th, there’s a challenging aspect from Neptune creating fuzziness and unclear thinking. Let your imagination loose instead; figure out if you could have anything, what would you really want? Next month is your birthday! There may be a change of work after Mars goes Direct on the 19th and harmonious aspects between Mercury and Venus make it a good time for interviews. The latter part of the month should bring some unusual excitement that may mean a lucky break. The Moon is New in Gemini on the 28th, so plant seeds for next month’s cycle.


CANCER: Cancer, one of the signs hardest hit by last month’s Grand Cross, can get some respite this month. The seas will calm and there should be smooth sailing to the end of the month, when Jupiter in Cancer makes a harmonious aspect to Saturn, the planet of grounding and structure. Venus will square Jupiter on the 18th, so be wary of excess of all kinds. On the 28th, the Sun squares Neptune, so try to make sure that you get all the facts straight with anything you’re working on to avoid confusion. The Moon is in your sign on the 3rd and on the 30th, so you have an entire month to watch your cycle unfold. Pivotal days are the 6th, 14th, and 21st.


LEO: Leos start the month out with an extra boost of energy from the Sun, your ruling planet, which makes favorable aspects to Jupiter and Pluto. And the Moon is in Leo on the 5th, helping to ground you at the start of a new cycle. The 10th -12th have some tense aspects. Conciliatory communication will work better than pulling out the guns. Actually the best policy for mid-month tension is to just let it be and let everyone do what they want. Career and public image are highlighted this month. So spruce yourself up, focus on the positive and put your innate talents out there! At the end of the month, make decisions concerning your goals and ambitions. Don’t forget to take the time to enjoy yourself. Expose yourself to foreign cultures. It’s highlighted.


VIRGO: If you’re feeling cramped and blocked, after the 7th you should feel a breath of fresh air when your ruling planet Mercury enters Gemini. There are new opportunities to expand or change one’s career. Don’t be afraid to do what you’ve never done before. Step outside of the box; the greatest thinkers were all outside! There is no evolutionary growth if we don’t allow ourselves to be different. People will listen to your ideas if you venture to express them; but Saturn in your third house may have a self-deprecating effect so work harder at making yourself understood. Overcome insecurity by valuing and appreciating yourself or someone. Travel is highlighted, either physically or mentally. The New Moon is in Virgo on the 8th, so set your goals.


LIBRA: Librans should feel a new wellspring of life when Venus enters Aries on the 2nd. She and Mercury have a little duet going on in the latter half of the month which should provide lots of insight into solving dilemmas. In mid-month, Venus conjoins Uranus on the 15th, squares Pluto on the 14th and Jupiter on the 18th. It may feel like the denouement of a very long play in which self awareness was worth the price of admission. Now it’s time to apply all that new knowledge in practical reality. Break with ineffectuality and self-imposed limitations. Strength in partnerships is highlighted. On the 28th, Venus enters Taurus: ease and rest – finally, and a chance for a clear perception of the bigger picture.


SCORPIO: Challenges to expand limited thinking will begin the month. Give yourself permission to indulge in the finer things in life. It will help lift Saturn’s spartan influence in your first house. Aim for larger goals. Personal and business relationships of all types are in the forefront. Mid-month, new ways of doing things at work are highlighted. Controlling excess and over-expansion may be an issue after loosening things up, but by the 24th, things should become more balanced when Jupiter and Saturn (expansion/contraction) make a long-term harmonious aspect, so a comfortable rate of growth can be achieved. Humor is a powerful tool to deliver hard sentiments in a kind way.. Relationships will certainly get aired out. It’s a Full Moon in Scorpio on the 14th conferring the ability to see clearly any murky issues that may have pervaded earlier this month.


SAGITTARIUS: You should have lots of energy to burn at the beginning of the month when the Sun makes harmonious aspects to Jupiter, your ruling planet. If you’re still feeling too undisciplined or limited in the work arena, after the 11th, things should pick up. Personal resources should also improve then. Making long-range plans with others (whether personal or business partnerships) is highlighted; though on the 14th and 15th, plans may go askew, and you may need to make some sudden last minute changes. But by the 24th, when Jupiter makes a Harmonious aspect to Saturn, you will be able to find the proper balance of give and take. The Moon is in Sag on the 15th, right after the Full Moon, so clarity should present itself.


CAPRICORN:The pressure has lightened for Capricorns after last month’s powerful planetary passes to Pluto in Capricorn. This month requires you to face blocks and limitations in personal relationships. Take the risk and speak openly and honestly about the boundaries and structures you want in place. What do you value in partnerships and what would you prefer to eliminate from the dynamic between yourself and others? Physical activity is highlighted with the Sun in your 5th house, and socializing in your home can be expected, since Venus (socializing) enters your fourth house of domesticity. Venus conjoining Uranus and squaring Pluto on the 14th and 15th could generate a few unexpected issues. By the 24th, Jupiter is making a comfortable long-term aspect to your ruling planet, Saturn, so relationships should settle down and your evolutionary growth in those arenas should be apparent, especially when the Moon goes into Capricorn on the 17th.


AQUARIUS: What you need to nurture yourself is something you will give considerable thought to this month, as the Sun resides in the deepest part of yourself. Although mental activity is a prerequisite for all Aquarians, a little down time for peace and reflection should be given credence and incorporated into your schedule. It is also a good time to begin a health plan or change your diet. Mid-month, Venus conjoins your ruling planet, Uranus, so unexpected events may change your course of action. It is best to wait if you can before taking any new action until after the 19th when Mars goes Direct and taking chances is more favorable. The Moon is in Aquarius on the 19th as well, so you can see things more clearly.


PISCES: It should be an active and busy month for Pisces, so take off your pajamas and get going! Communication and information gathering are essential so that others can understand where you’re coming from. Projects to beautify the home are highlighted and with Mars Stationary Direct in your 8th house on the 19th, there may be a huge purge or clearing out, of not only any unused items, but of any negativity dragging you down as well. Mid-month when Venus conjoins Uranus, it’s a good time to take chances to accomplish what you want, and reaping the benefits should be the outcome, unless you have over-extended yourself too far. Jupiter makes harmonious aspects to Saturn on the 24th, which will help you get your balance. Otherwise, be wary on the 11th and the 28th when Mercury and the Sun square Neptune (your ruling planet) respectively. Pay attention to detail to avoid deception. The Last Quarter Moon is in Pisces on the 21st, so it is a good time to assess your progress and figure out the next steps to take.




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