By =Lorna Anne

Trends: As we move into airy Gemini, our focus shifts from earthy, sensual Taurus to those of Gemini’s domain, the mental faculties: These include the thought processes; the cognition of our surroundings through the ability to observe and be a part of them with eyes, ears and a capacity and reciprocity of communication. Mercury, Gemini’s ruling planet, turns Stationary Retrograde in Cancer on June 7th. This means uncovering consciously what we’ve been avoiding, whether it be long-put-off projects, or feelings we’ve been denying rather than facing; it’s time to let the proverbial cat out of the bag. For the lessons of Gemini, we must learn to utilize the mind for what its purpose truly is: a means to take us to where our hearts want to go. With Gemini we learn that the mind is the means, not the end. In Gemini we also learn to regulate the flow of our bodily energies so that we don’t over-extend ourselves to exhaustion; and, it’s also the regulation of the mind to protect us from the exhaustion of fear, by offering solutions, options and possibilities. The mind should be a resource to keep us centered on our course, and not overthrown by fear.

Week 1 is very mystical and inspirational, with Venus making a favorable aspect to Neptune, yielding dreams, psychic visions, and cosmic truths. The dysfunctional side of this aspect is excessive secrecy, rationalizations and twisted logic, escapism, delusion and laziness. With the Sun making opportunistic aspects to Uranus on the 6th, Week 1 will be anything but boring – filled with brilliant insight and the unexpected.

Week 2 it’s best to lay back a bit because it’s going to be difficult to get much accomplished with Venus opposing Saturn and Mars squaring Pluto. In short, lots of effort with little results. In the meantime, with all this Pluto energy (Venus trines it, too) it’s best to dig deep into the psyche for illumination and understanding about ourselves and our relationships. The Full Moon on the 12th will help.

In Week 3, things should break wide open and release from undesirable circumstances should occur. Mars, in direct motion, makes its last pass from Libra to the widening Uranus/Pluto square, creating a T-square. Usually the last and final pass is the mildest of all; however, if one did not embrace the release called for in last month’s purge, it may be quite eruptive this time. Fortunately, there’s lots of solid mental thinking to help you understand the process with Mercury entering Gemini on the 17th and the Sun conjoining Mercury on the 19th (though on that day thinking could be fuzzy because the Sun and Mercury become too close, creating static. Also, on the 18th, a few gifts from the Universe are given.

Week 4, Venus enters Gemini as well, adding new versatility to communication and socializing. The Moon is in Gemini on the 24th, so the airwaves will be filled with voices! Expect opposition to authority and restrictive forces around the 25th when Mars opposes Uranus in the last hit of the T-square. We end the month as we began it – with more Neptunian aspects. The Sun trines it bringing us more music of the spheres and mystical inspiration. Venus squares Neptune on the same day releasing creative imagination. If you must be task oriented around the 29th, pay particular attention to detail because deception and illusion may be prevalent. The Full Moon is in Sagittarius this month so expand your horizons and enjoy life’s exploration.

Key Words: Communication, Revelation, Release

ARIES: At the end of the first week, Arians, you will have an opportunity to use your inventive original talents to further you on your path. Don’t be afraid to embrace the new and different when it comes to self-expression, no matter how “out there” it may seem. Mars, your ruling planet, squares Pluto on the 14th and opposes Uranus on the 25th, creating a T-square so don’t allow yourself to get stuck in ruts. Trust that challenging realities will change or must be

helped to change. Use your power wisely and fairly. Blaze a new path to a bright future. The Moon is in Aries on the 19th, allowing you to go inward for insight.

TAURUS:Taureans have a very active month because your ruling planet, Venus, has her social itinerary filled up with aspects to mystical Neptune (4th/29th), Pluto (on the 8th), Saturn (13th), Jupiter (18th), and a sign change into Gemini on the 23rd when things should get even more lively and social. In the first week, indulge in fantasies about the future and romance, for aspects favor leaving practical reality behind and envisioning new and more beautiful worlds. Life gets bogged down from the 9th-14th so be conservative. After the 18th, opportunities for expansion and dialogue on pertinent issues is encouraged and potential resolution could be finalized. Though mental acuity is strong for Taureans this month, be wary around the 29th when deception and confusion may be present.

GEMINI: Geminis are buzzing throughout their birthday month with so much to do and so little time to do it; but aspects certainly favor making a game plan so you know where you’re headed and how to get there. Your mind will most likely be overactive with the Sun. Mercury and Venus all in Gemini at some point, and your social calendar is probably full as well. If not, its time to get yourself up and get out there, especially from mid-month on. You may not understand all that’s happening around you but try to fit the pieces of the puzzle together by realizing that there’s a bigger picture that you are a part of, which will eventually be made clear. The Moon is in Gemini on the 24th with Venus entering it as well the day before. Then you should be able to decide what you really want. Just remember you are not the whole picture, just part. The Full Moon in Gemini on the 11th will highlight pertinent relationship issues.

CANCER: Cancerians begin the month with Mercury Stationary Retrograde in your sign, so you should probably expect sudden new feelings or feeling-based ideas that are out of the box. It is best to accept them and work with them. They most likely will have to do with making changes to get out of uncomfortable situations. The most intensity will be around the 13th and 14th when Mars makes a T-square with Jupiter in Cancer and an opposition to Pluto in your opposite sign, Capricorn. Timed with the Full Moon on the 12th, relationship issues might be in the flux. Things lighten up on and after the 18th, when Venus makes a favorable aspect to Jupiter, and the Sun enters your sign on the 21st. Do what feels good and remove yourself from oppressive authority, whether you or others are its cause. The Moon is in Cancer on the 26th and a New Moon is in your sign on the 27th. Plant wish seeds for next month’s cycle.

LEO: Leos should be in the process of formulating goals and plans for the future along with lots of socializing and entertaining friends. You may finally need to speak your mind about feeling manipulated or overwhelmed in the work field. Figure out how to work smarter and expend less energy. Brilliant insights and sound thinking will help you win favor, but best to not push too hard too fast, especially before the 18th, when Venus and Saturn are opposing each other and squaring your sign, and frustration may be expected. The month begins and ends with the Moon in Leo so you can see an entire cycle of enlightenment unfold. Pay attention to pivotal days: 15th, 12th, 19th.

VIRGO:Virgos will have an introspective month, especially since Mercury, your ruling planet, goes Stationary Retrograde on the 7th, bringing up all sorts of buried unconscious feelings that need to be explored. Intimate or business relationships may feel oppressive and it’s time to give value to the changes you know you need to make. It might be as simple as claiming more time to yourself or a total revitalization to remove blocks and bring life back to an otherwise stagnant situation. After the 16th, ease and clarity should be available to you if you make yourself heard. The First Quarter Moon is in Virgo on the 5th, which can create conflict, so wait for the Full Moon on the 12th for certain clarity as to your deepest, innermost desires.

LIBRA: Mars in your sign is making its 3rd and last oppositional aspect to Uranus and square to Pluto, creating a T-square. Once again, the solution is to follow the feelings and give them expression.The desire for partnership at the cost of freedom will not work; however, finding your own inner security, regardless of partnership, is really the key. Venus, your ruling planet opposes Saturn (13th) and trines Pluto on the 8th so an attempt to make those changes that you realize you want may be blocked. Energies can be released after the 14th, once Mars squares Pluto. There is still a need to grow and change so don’t try to hold it back. There should be lots of good insight this month and clarity to your path. The Moon is in Libra on the 6th when artistic inspiration runs high the whole first week.

SCORPIO: Structures and boundaries in intimate relationships will loosen up after the 13th when it will feel safer to bring your fantasies into your reality. Keep in balance the need for give and take, sacrifice and satisfaction. Compromise is sacrifice in a good form – everyone gives a little to get what they want. Once these parameters are agreed upon, trust can form. Mars squares your ruling planet, Pluto, so saying what needs to be said to change the undesirable is imperative. It will open doors to true communication and resolution. Work on remaining connected to the world around you; temporary escape is fine, but no avoidance. If you’re open, those fantasies can become realities. The Moon is in Scorpio on the 9th while Venus makes a favorable aspect to Pluto. A good time to begin new things.

SAGITTARIUS: Sags may be filled with brilliant new ideas, but you may be having a hard time figuring out how to get from Point A to Point B. It is the nature of the beast the first half of the month, but by the 17th reason will pervade and a path will follow. There is definite opportunity for expansion in career, gaining more emotional security, possibly by letting something go to get something else. It’s a Full Moon in Sag this month so feelings of wanting to gamble it all needs to be counter-balanced with reason and logic, no matter how ideal the dream seems. At the very least, be sure you feel absolutely safe before taking the leap. The Moon goes into Sag on the 11th, and is Full on the 12th, giving you illumination.

CAPRICORN: Capricorns are still in a transformational mode when it comes to relationships and in terms of public image. What matters is that you find your unique path even if others do not share your view. Walk softly and carry a big stick is not a bad motto as we approach the Mars/Uranus opposition squaring your sign. Have confidence that you will find emotional security and safety in your leap of faith. Keep your power and overcome your fear of the unknown. Work, career and image are the main focuses of activity. There could be some unexpected changes in those areas. The Moon is in Capricorn on the 13th, following the Full Moon on the 12th, so lots of insight at that time should show the way clearly.

AQUARIUS: Aquarians could be making some bold moves at the start of the month, when unexpected news and information will present opportunities. Clearing up confusion in relationships is highlighted as well, though it may take until mid-month before you are certain of your intentions and you are willing to put energy into making things feel new again. Long-lasting commitment may be challenging if it feels to restrictive, so make sure you let others know what you need to feel comfortable. The Moon is in Aquarius on the 15th when you can get grounded. Keep your power when Mars opposes your ruling planet, Uranus on the 24th. That aspect usually signifies rebellion and opposition to authority.

PISCES: Pisceans begin the month in their element – with spiritual visions and inspirational thoughts – due to a harmonious aspect between Venus and Neptune. Opportunities to make changes in the home are highlighted; though most of the action rests with future plans and goals. Discussion concerning them is favored. You may feel there are many obstacles that must be overcome, but original problem solving will conquer most of them if you put your mind to it. Give structure and form to the intangible and make it concrete. At the very end of the month be wary of any business dealings, because errors and confusions could easily occur. Three planets are squaring your sign this month so challenges in relationships will be in accepting that others see things differently. There’s a New Moon in Pisces on the 17th, so you can get your bearings then.



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