“When Destiny Strikes” By =Lorna Anne

When Destiny Strikes”


By =Lorna Anne



We’ve all had it happen. Something in reality comes along and completely switches the path we had planned to pursue, replacing it with an entirely unexpected scenario. Of course, sudden accidents are the most obvious examples. But on a more subtle level, the switches occur in our everyday world – plans and intentions are changed due to upsetting occurrences in our external reality. Hence, Destiny is at play.


Most of us do not like to have our forward momentum altered because it reminds us that we are not in total control of our lives. We feel dis-empowered. We must understand that there are energies other than ourselves controlling things, otherwise everyday would be identical to the itinerary in our Daily Planners. Everyone has their own interpretation of who rules our Destiny and all are equally valid. The point is, reality is a collaboration with something other than just ourselves, collectively referred to as Destiny, and the power works both ways between us.


Most people don’t respond well to Destiny unless it makes their circumstances better; sometimes people don’t realize that has occurred and gifts are overlooked because we’re aggravated at our loss of control. Sometimes we must respond with positive acceptance to a so-called “negative” Destiny and avoid being in conflict with it. That makes us more ready to accept the challenges rather than fight against them.


First, we do that by realizing that no matter what hand Destiny has dealt us, we have the power to change it to the positive. That is the point of a negative Destiny: to teach us to empower ourselves to overcome the obstacles.


Second, we must realize we have a very limited vision when it comes to ourselves and what our cosmic place in the Universe is. Therefor, since we can’t see the whole picture, we’re in no position to judge the reality as right or wrong, bad or good. So we must confer that knowledge to Destiny – that what it is giving us is the best-case scenario for our evolution.


There is something positive and good in everything. It is usually in hindsight (if we have enough vision to overcome our negative view of what has happened) that we see there was benefit – even to pain, misery and torture.


And that is Point 3: Everything is part of our evolution. What is the endpoint? Faith in the Destiny. Faith that it is there for a positive reason (if we can’t see it), and that we will work in partnership with the Destiny to change it to what we want. We heal ourselves with that choice and become stronger.


We are all learning to become empowered against the darkness of fear and despair.. It seems that all our evolutionary processes are to make us stronger. Sometimes the lessons seem hard, cruel and unfair from our perspective. Suspend judgment, accept, transform, evolve. In hindsight you will understand why Destiny strikes.





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