By =Lorna Anne



Trends: We have seen with last month’s experience in Gemini that the mind is a two-edged sword. It can guide one to safety or disability, depending on what the ego allows. In July we move into the watery, emotional sign of Cancer: the ocean, the womb of life, the unconscious, the pulls and tides of the Moon. Cancer is symbolic of the co-mingling of energies to create new life, and to care for and nurture it once it is born. It’s also about honoring what many of us ignore —the life of the unconscious. We deny its impulses to release new life within ourselves. It is Cancer’s job to nurture and stabilize us against the winds of Gemini by going deep within our emotional selves. It is inner safety as well as the safety of family and tribe. We realize our inter-dependencies with others and our need for bonding. The dysfunctional side of Cancer is the fear of never having enough, and so Cancerians can be extremely selfish in order to protect themselves from the fear of lack. They can be possessive and demanding of others to the point where they stifle the Eros – the life principle itself. We all must learn to live more in the present and feel the life support of the Universe, rather than always worrying about the future.Mercury enters Cancer on the 13th, coloring our thinking with emotion and thoughts of what will give us security. Venus enters Cancer on the 18th. We may see increased sensitivity of feelings in ourselves and others The Sun is in Cancer until the 22nd. Out of darkness and pain comes birth. Embrace and nurture the process by caring for and supporting something new in your life.


July carries a special meaning for us (depending on chart placement as to how strongly this aspect will be felt), due to an unusual planetary configuration known as a Yod. Physically it is arrow-shaped and the planet at the tip of the arrow points the direction to a special fated mission – a direction to pursue as beneficial to our evolutionary development. (The arenas of life where these planets fall will be dealt with in the individual horoscopes that follow Trends.) Two of the planets in the Yod (Saturn at the tip/Uranus at one base) will be in aspect all month in a quincunx (150 degree angle) which is one side of the Yod. The energies will be very quixotic, where an unexpected (Uranus) event or occurrence in reality (Saturn) will be a blessing in disguise. A quincunx brings on situations that spontaneously arise that force us to make fateful changes. For all of us, the placement of the planets in this Yod signify a Leap of Faith concerning the form of the reality given to us. The mission is to trust it even though it will be unusual and unexpected. The third planet, Venus, will move into the Yod formation on the 7th, giving us all a clearer picture as to what to value as our path. Also, Uranus rules the higher mental realms beyond mundane thinking, such as intuition and the sixth sense of “knowing”. Trust your intuition: it is a key to fulfilling your Yod as well as realizing we have the power, as co-creators, to transform any reality we are given to what we want it to be, creating new life out of it. Remember: manure makes beautiful flowers!


Energies will be unstable this month for, in addition to the above, three planets are changing direction, two of which are in the Yod. Saturn goes Stationary Direct in Scorpio on the 20th and Uranus goes Stationary Retrograde on the 21st in Aries. That should add extra charge to the Yod energy, giving us lots of power. Mercury turns Stationary Direct in Gemini on the 1st. Put it all together and it can be described as internal revolution causing outside change. Also 6 planets change signs this month. In addition to the Cancerian energies, the Sun and Jupiter enter Leo (the 22nd and 16th, respectively). More on Leo next month, but suffice it to say that its energies should give us faith in our Leap. Mars moving into Scorpio from Libra (25th), gives us power to transform ourselves and our world.


Key Words: Nurturance, Faith, Intuition


ARIES: Aries is still learning the lessons of listening to one’s own inner voice and following it, despite the fact that it is not the “norm.” Being able to communicate an intuitive vision is important so that others will understand the direction you choose to go. Avoid power struggles. Let others come to their own understandings. By mid-month, harmony between opposing factions can occur. Be wary around the 19th when unfair authoritative control needs to be released, either in business or intimate relationships. The focus is to transform reality into your heart’s desire since the tip of the Yod is in your 8th house which is the process/transformation of relationships finding a foundation and giving them stability for growth and prosperity. And it is the choice to increase intimate bonding with others and sharing resources. The two legs of the Yod are in your 1st house of self (you are part of the transformation as well) and the other is in your 3rd house of communication, where transformation will also occur. The Last Quarter Moon is in Aries on the 19th, when the end of a lunar cycle lets you see where you stand.


TAURUS: For Taurus, it might be challenging to accept the unpredictable and uncertain. The key is to realize that life is a process that eventually unfolds and sorts itself out. The Sun, Venus and Mercury are all in your 3rd house of communication: sharing ideas, information gathering and conflict resolution are highlighted. The changes you truly desire to make must be trusted. The tip of the Yod is in your 7th house of love and business partnerships. One leg is in the house of karma and Destiny, where dreams co-mingle to create new worlds. The other leg is in your 2nd house of material security and values. Make your wants known and let a little karmic magic help move things along. Follow your heart and your intuition. People you may bring into your life right now will have profound importance. The Moon is in Taurus on the 19th to help ground you and give you focus on how to make things happen. Trust the twists and turns of the path.


GEMINI: Gemini is learning to value themselves (one leg of the Yod is in the 1st house of self), their talents and capabilities, using them in new and creative ways to achieve their goals and ambitions. Your field of work is being of service to others (tip of the Yod in the 6th house) and in the mix, help may come from unexpected sources which can further you on your path (Uranus in the house of friends and goals). You may decide to purchase the necessary material goods needed to make things happen. Be open-minded when solving problems. Value what makes you feel secure and emotionally fulfilled. You should have good insight during the first half of the month; the latter half, emotions may replace clear thinking, and following your feelings and intuitions are of primary importance. The Moon goes into Gemini on the 21st to help ground you.


CANCER: It’s your birthday month and it could be filled with surprises. All those creative brilliant thoughts you’ve had concerning your career (one leg of Yod in your 10th house), can come to fruition, with Saturn at the tip of the Yod in your house of creativity. You may challenge yourself to expand and overcome restrictive thinking and to give form to those creative insights.Don’t be afraid of the less traveled path.. From the 19th to the 24th, a call for aggression may be necessary against unfair authority and power plays, whether it be from yourself or others. Your thinking may be very emotional and self-protective. Become conscious of unconscious manipulation within yourself as well.Try to make strained relationships with others a win-win situation for everyone. The Moon is in Cancer on the 23rd when dynamic aspects may cause upheaval. Stay centered on your path.


LEO: Although July may be filled with social engagements, Leos have lots to do. Uranus in the 9th house encourages you to acquire higher learning. Either teaching or taking classes is favoredto improve skills and/or spiritual understanding. There could be underlying tension and power plays at work. Nothing is overt and in the open, so it’s hard to see things clearly. Try to bring things to light. The tip of the Yod is in your 4th house, the deepest part of yourself, your home and inner security. The Yod points to you finding your inner power and actualizing it in reality. Focus on your own self expression and avoid drama. Ask for clarity instead. It’s a New Moon in Leo on the 26th, the beginning of a new cycle, so plant seeds for the future. Jupiter enters Leo on the 16th which will expand your sense of self and give you a feeling of well-being. Be careful that you don’t over- extend yourself in the latter half of the month.


VIRGO: The month begins and ends with the Moon in Virgo (1st and 28th), so you can watch a new cycle unfold throughout the month. Pivotal days are the 5th, 12th, 18th and 28th. Your ruling planet Mercury goes Stationary Direct on the 1st, releasing new thought processes concerning goals and ambitions, career and public image. The tip of the Yod is in your 3rd house of communication and Uranus is in your 8th house of intimacy and partnership commitment. The mission is the expression of a more authentic you, coming from an emotional center rather than a logical one. Let the words flow without control and trust where that leads. You are in a process of transformation to a more confident, expressive communicator.


LIBRA: Though it is a good month to study and learn in order to enhance your career and self image, Mars leaves your 1st house of the self and joins Saturn (the tip of the Yod) in your 2nd house of values and material possessions. You may be starting a process concerning what is most important in your life and what is the best way to transform things to make it come about. Uranus is in your 7th house which represents business and intimate relationships. Rely on spiritual truths when trying to balance and respect your wants as well as others. The unusual or unorthodox may be necessary to satisfy both. Career and partnership may be at odds. In any event, solutions should begin to present themselves mid-month, and in the latter half of the month, energies should shift to make ambitions more feasible. The First Quarter Moon is in Libra on the 4th, challenging you in your career. Insight into the best direction can be gained from the Yod formation on the 6th and 7th. On the last day of the month, the Moon returns to Libra; the path should be clear before you.


SCORPIO: Scorpios may find their philosophies on life are changing and expanding. There’s a need to dig deeper and find the spiritual truths behind everyday reality (Venus in your 9th house). The Yod mission concerns the 1st house of the self and the 6th house of being of service to others. The tip of the Yod is in the 1st, meaning you must consider yourself and not be overly sacrificing. Have faith in your power to transform realities to make them work for everyone. Mars crosses into your sign on the 25th, giving you a boost of energy to get things done. Give birth to a new you, strong and feeling your personal power. In the last week, you should be positively recognized and rewarded for your discipline and effort. The Moon is in Scorpio conjoining Saturn on the 7th, which will be an eye-opener for your Yod mission.


SAGITTARIUS: Lots of intellectual stimulation from friends and partnerships right now may help you to see the other person’s view (Venus in your 7th house). If you want to keep those relationships safe and protected, some changes probably need to be made. Intimate communication is necessary to maintain healthy partnerships and a little soul-baring is good. The tip of the Yod is in your 12th house of karma, Uranus is in your 5th house of creative power. Working with Destiny and trusting your Leap of Faith will help you gain strength. The 3rd week may seem a bit chaotic, but things should clear up in the last week when the energies will become more harmonious. The Moon is in Sag on the 8th, right after the Yod configuration is exact; so Destiny may throw some wild cards your way. Use them wisely.


CAPRICORN: Any lingering relationship issues should come to a resolve this month, with the Sun, Venus and Mercury all in your opposing sign of Cancer. Making new friends and connections in the business world are highlighted, furthering goals and ambitions. Pluto in your sign (part of the T-square with Uranus), is particularly active at the beginning of the month on the 4th, bringing possible power struggles when you are seeking more freedom in your relationships. Since Saturn is the tip of the Yod in your house of goals and ambitions, and Uranus is in your 4th house of the home and the deepest part of yourself, you should have success in your mission of setting up better home and working conditions. A means of putting

in motion your goals is the focus of the Yod. The Moon is in Capricorn on the 10th, allowing you to find your path more clearly.


AQUARIUS: Improving your health in some way should be paid attention to this month, doing the necessary things to care for yourself and those around you. Lots of ambition and drive in your career is highlighted since Mars moves into that house, and Saturn (the tip of the Yod) is going Stationary Direct in it as well. Don’t be afraid to present new and innovative ideas. (Uranus in your 3rd house of communication/Venus in your 5th house of creativity make the Yod) to improve the work environment/productivity for yourself and others. You have the means and the wherewithal to make it happen, if you stick to your principles and defend what you know to be right despite tension from others. Look for harmonious solutions with give and take on both sides. Uranus, your ruling planet, is part of the Yod, so the 1st week (though somewhat chaotic) should provide you with insight as to what steps to take. The last week of the month should offer expanded opportunities in both business and personal partnerships. The Moon is in Aquarius on the 12th to help ground you.


PISCES: The first two weeks Pisceans will most likely be dealing with conflicts carried over from last month. Differing viewpoints may still challenge, but if you extend caring and emotional support to others, resolutions will present themselves. The two planets in the Yod formation reflect the following mission: Uranus (one leg of the Yod) is in your house of material possessions and finances; Venus, (the other leg) is in the 4th house of the home and your deepest inner self. The tip of the Yod (Saturn) is in your 9th house of higher learning, ethics and philosophy. It is possible that you will take classes to further your ability to make money; or the learning may concern new perspectives in ethics and philosophy that will help you clear confusion with others, if the lessons are embraced. Harmonious aspects from Mercury to your ruling planet, Neptune on the 19th, and from Venus on the 24th, will give you opportunities for some recreational enjoyment. There is a New Moon in Pisces on the 14th to steer you on the best spiritual course.





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