“Reality Is Always Working In Our Favor”
By Lorna Anne

Most of us have agendas for our realities, in that we want things to go a certain way. Not only concerning the eventual fulfillment of our wishes, but also in terms of how events evolve to fulfill those wishes.

We want control of what is happening to us and around us because the more we can control, the safer we feel.

Some, rather than controlling reality, let reality control them. If it doesn’t seem to be supportive of their desires, then some will throw their desire out and adopt a new one which conforms more closely with how the current reality looks.

But we must realize that things are not always as they appear, and counting on face-value realities to guide us is a mistake. To not want what we want because things don’t go exactly the way we expect them to, is a deception.

Dealing with things that are not ideal is the necessary challenge to make us stronger. Our job is to transform them so they are. These difficult obstacles are what we need to work through in order to get our desired outcome. It is our lesson.

Life is a school and difficult things happen to teach us faith in ourselves, our individual paths, and our ability to create our life. To feel abandoned and alienated because things seem to be working against us is, once again, a misconception. Things may be tough, but life will still take us to the destination we want if we tough it out and keep the faith that it will.

If we are met with flat rejection from our reality, (if something should make the possibility irrevocably impossible, for instance, expiration of deadlines), then one of three things is happening: 1) What we think we want, we don’t really want. We only wanted it for safety’s sake. Or we really aren’t certain of what we want. 2) Maybe our wants are true in our hearts, but if we saw the bigger picture of the future, we wouldn’t want it. In both these cases, being denied our desire is actually protecting us from a wrong choice. 3) We are caught in the paradox of punishment and thinking that we’re undeserving. This can be a stumbling block throughout a lifetime, that will prevent our wishes from fulfillment until we can see our intrinsic worth. In that case, reality will continue to present opportunities in hopes of overcoming this weakness. So when things don’t go as planned, do not abandon your hopes and wishes; but rather, believe that things will eventually turn themselves around.

That will open the door to miracles, serendipitous events and lucky breaks. When we view things from this perspective, we will see that reality is always working in our favor.


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