By =Lorna Anne

Trends: Bold, like its firey constellation in the sky, Leo is the internal source of power and self expression. Leo rules the heart and is known to be generous by nature and radiant and confident in manner. Leo is also the creative principle, bringing children into the world, as well as the children of artistic creative drives. Leos are movers and shakers when it comes to making sure their desires are met. The lion is their symbol, denoting, on its highest level, spiritual wisdom and power, when used correctly. Although they can be playful as kittens, they see themselves as kings and queens of their domains, and being benevolent rulers, most people do not dare tread on their toes. However, the dysfunctional side of Leo is, of course, commanding, manipulative, dictatorial power. They can be most egotistical and vain. They see life as a stage; they are the star, and no one else. They can be overly dramatic, but on the other hand, if not dysfunctional, Leos do have a proclivity for acting, due to their innate sense of drama.

The first two weeks are a time of contrasting energies, with a struggle between expansion and expression, and restriction and holding back. In Week 1, on the 1st, Venus trines Saturn, giving us a sense of structure, duty and design; but at the same time, she squares Uranus, which creates unstable and unusual desires, and a need to break from boredom and routine. Venus is aspecting the Saturn/Uranus quincunx (see July Astro Forecast 2014). These are slow moving planets and will aspect each other til the end of this month, with various planets making angles to them, thus continuing the quixotic energies from July. On the 2nd, Mercury conjoins Jupiter, bringing with it foresight and an open mind; but at the same time, it squares Mars, creating defensive argumentativeness and irritability. There is a risk of accident due to over-reaching and extravagant self-indulgence (Mars squares Jupiter on the 1st). In the first week, it is best to go slowly. The First Quarter Moon is in Scorpio on the 2nd, asking us to search within ourselves to understand our ambitions. On the 7th, Mars trines Neptune, diffusing intense egos, allowing us to pursue spiritual truths and to put our visions into practical realities.

Week 2 begins with the Sun trine Uranus and conjunct Mercury (8th), and a Full Moon on the 10th in Aquarius. What is called for here is originality, invention and creativity, along with inspiration and spiritual insight. However, on the 8th and 9th, the Sun conjoining Mercury (clarity concerning the self), also squares Saturn, signifying the realization that we’re trying to fit a round self into a square hole, and it won’t work Do not despair or be burdened by heavy depressive feelings! We must be true to our own unique self-expression, and not sacrifice what we hold dear, no matter how unusual it might be. The 9th is particularly difficult for communication with others, and being alone with ourselves and our feelings is recommended. The Full Moon on the 10th should bring clarity as to the best course of action. By the 12th, the heavy feelings should lighten, and we should feel much freer in terms of our emotional self-expression. The Moon in Aries on the 13th will invigorate our pioneering sense of adventure.

In Week 3, we may finally revitalize plans or come up with a new clear course of action, having the willpower to bring it about around the 15th (Mars sextiles Pluto). Mercury enters Virgo on that day and thinking turns to practical considerations. On the 18th, Mercury opposes Neptune, and although this confers heightened sensitivity and telepathy, it can also bring about deception, difficult communication and confusion. By the 21st, our minds will be made up. Thinking will be clear in terms of how to exert our wills (Mercury trine Pluto). The Last Quarter Moon, in Taurus on the 17th, should improve relationships and finances, if we have seen the path clearly.

In Week 4, there’s a New Moon in Virgo on the 25th and the Sun enters Virgo on the 23rd, so energies shift from the power of self-expression (Leo) to investing in practicality, logic and organization (Virgo). On the 25th, Mercury sextiles Mars, bringing with it common sense, discipline and hard work. Also on the 25th, Venus is trine Uranus, stimulating unusual relationships and events. But on the 26th, Venus squares Saturn, creating the opposite effect: blocked feelings and emotions, melancholy, and a serious reappraisal of relationships. Mars conjoins Saturn on the 25th and squares Venus on the 27th. Here we must decide whether to cooperate or assert our individuality, and Mars being the stronger of the two planets, encourages us to walk our own individual path and to create some kind of structure in our lives that we want. We end the month on the 29th with the Sun opposing Neptune, conferring spiritual awareness and insight in terms of understanding this stop and go, up and down month.

Key Words: Contrast, Self-expression, Will

ARIES: Aries had best get geared up to be busy, because the only planet that Mars (your ruling planet) doesn’t aspect this month is Uranus. Because some of the aspects are difficult, keeping yourself calm in the face of challenging situations is one place where control is needed; it is also best to curb over-indulgence of emotional reaction, especially if it is harmful in any way to oneself or to others. By the end of the month you will learn these controls and boundaries. It is a good month for directing your willpower and initiative, around the 15th and the 25th being particularly strong. Be ready for discord on the 25th and 27th. The Moon is in Aries on the 13th, giving your energies an extra boost.

TAURUS: Venus, your ruling planet, does a little dance with the Saturn/Uranus quincunx throughout the month. There can be feelings of restriction and unhappiness, even melancholy. Most likely, these feelings are the result of not standing up for your freedom to be you in some way. Others’ wills may conflict with yours and choices must be made to either accede or hold your ground. At the beginning of the month, you will most likely choose to play it safe, but by the end of the month, after Venus enters Leo on the 15th, and conjoins Jupiter on the 18th, you will probably desire freedom enough to have the courage to overcome blocks and restraints. The Moon is in Taurus on the 15th, which will help you feel grounded.

GEMINI: At the beginning of the month, Geminis will be challenged by conflicting drives and ambitions. It is best to gain more knowledge of your options before making choices. On the 2nd, you may be feeling overly-sensitive or defensive because you aren’t trusting your problem-solving ability or foresight to be able to work things out. The 8th-10th will provide the needed insight, though communication with others may be somewhat difficult due to the fact that your ruling planet, Mercury, is aspecting the Saturn/Uranus quincunx.. Overall, however, communication and expressing yourself clearly is highlighted this month. Intuitive insight is what is needed until the 15th, when Mercury enters Virgo, the other sign of the zodiac it rules. This should give you a sense that you’re finally making headway, though there most likely will be uncertainty around the 18th when Mercury opposes Neptune, clearing around the 21st when Mercury trines Pluto. It is a good time to expand your spiritual horizons and dig deep into the self for understanding. The 25th is highlighted for good communication, discipline and correct thinking. The Moon is in Gemini on the 17th to help enhance your process.

CANCER: This is a good month for Cancers to amass their strength and willpower and draw upon the energies of the sextile from Mars (energy/drive) in Scorpio and Mercury (mental acuity) in Virgo, especially mid-month. There are opportunities to change what has caused you difficulty and to give structure and form to your vision. This may involve buying material possessions as a new means of self-expression. This will create the possibility for new creative enterprises and will introduce new innovative concepts to further your career or public image. The Moon is in Cancer on the 20th, when you will be able to understand and embrace what makes you happy.

LEO: Leos are celebrating their birthdays with, at various times in the month, Mercury, Venus and Jupiter all in Leo. The only major aspect from your ruling planet, the Sun, to other planets (other than the Moon), is on the 8th and 9th, when obstacles and restrictions can be overcome by innovative thinking (Sun square Saturn, trine Uranus). Jupiter is in Leo and will remain there for the rest of this year, bringing with it an expanded view of the self and feelings of optimism and well-being. It is a great month for self-awareness and spiritual pursuits. However, Mars and Saturn are squaring Leo from Scorpio, so you might be challenged to relinquish in order to gain, or to change your views as to what you once thought valuable in exchange for something else. Realizing this tradeoff will help keep things in balance and perspective. The latter half of the month should be quite constructive, with increased social engagements, new friends and improved finances. It’s a Full Moon in your opposite sign, Aquarius, on the 10th, so relationships are highlighted. The Moon is in Leo on the 22nd, so let your love light shine!

VIRGO: Virgos will find it necessary to hone their communication skills and to learn lessons in self-assertion. Mercury, your ruling planet, conjoins the Sun on the 8th, so getting your ideas across after the 9th, will fare better than any attempts made in the first week when you may have the desire, but Mercury squaring Mars on the 2nd will be quite challenging. Try to state your ideas clearly and don’t get defensive. Mercury aspects the Saturn/Uranus quincunx on the 9th, conferring intuition and insight and releasing blocks when it comes to changes you wish to make. On the 18th, be wary of deception and confused communication. By the 21st, you will feel more powerful than you have all month, with opportunities to put your new insights into practice. The Moon is in Virgo on the 25th, when you can see the results of your efforts.

LIBRA: Libras will be provided with lots of opportunities to fulfill goals and ambitions and make new friends, as the Leo energies are residing in your 11th house which concerns those issues. Dig deep and make sure that you are following your path. Mars and Saturn are residing in your second house of values and material possessions and they are being challenged by those Leo energies. Your motivation and drive may not be in accord with your ambitions at the moment, but the desire to express those inner drives will help teach you how to do that. There should be quite a heightened sense of creativity this month as well, with lots of new insights concerning your process of self-expression. At the beginning of the month, Venus (your ruling planet), squaring Uranus, may cause emotional instability and the longing to break routine, so do something out of the ordinary and incorporate something new into your life. Venus enters Leo on the 12th, when you should really be able to tap into the creative force. On the 18th, she conjoins Jupiter, bringing buoyancy and optimism. Accept the unusual and be flexible without losing your center, for on the 27th, others may be challenging you. The Moon will go into Libra on that day, helping you to find the fairest possible solutions.

SCORPIO: The Moon will be in Scorpio twice this month. It’s a First Quarter Moon in Scorpio on the 3rd, squaring all those Leo energies, which could make for a challenging month. Others may try to push you too far and too hard in the first half of the month, so try to balance your own needs with the demands from others so that you don’t over-extend yourself. Career and public image are highlighted, and there is long-term growth in those areas, providing you’re willing to let go of what doesn’t work and to make positive changes to improve what does. Getting focused to make these realities happen will be easier after the 15th, when the push-pull energies calm down. Talking things out is still the key to conflict, so if you’re feeling irritable, don’t be afraid to express yourself. It will relieve the stress. Insight should occur on the 7th, and the 15th through the 18th. Challenges this month are testing your spiritual backbone and your ability to walk a path of strength. The Moon re-enters Scporpio on the 30th. By then you will be able to appraise the results of your actions.

SAGITTARIUS: Your ruling planet, Jupiter, went into Leo at the end of last month, bringing along with it feelings of optimism, a heightened sense of self-expression and mental expansion. Be wary of extravagance and excessive reckless behavior at the beginning of the month when Mercury conjoins Jupiter and Mars squares Jupiter within one day of each other. On the 5th, the Moon enters Sag, beginning a new cycle, so look forward to the rest of the month with lighter spirits. Particularly positive days are around the 11th-14th. A good day for relationships and finances is on and around the 18th, when Venus conjoins Jupiter. Opportunities should come your way around the 10th if you put yourself out there and make yourself heard. Creative/spiritual educational pursuits are highlighted.

CAPRICORN: The dominance of the Leo/Scorpio energies are a mixed bag for Capricorns. The concentration of planets in Leo are in your 8th house of transformation. It will be somewhat baffling as to how this process will occur, since the angle is a quincunx. On the other hand, Mars and Saturn in Scorpio in your 11th house of future goals and ambitions (in harmonious aspect to your sigh), make opportunities available to you in favor of those goals. In general, with that 8th house concentration, your relationships with others will reach a deeper level of understanding and intimacy; or you may decide to abandon those that don’t grow and change. The beginning of the month may be somewhat frustrating (as for all signs—see Trends) as your ruling planet, Saturn, is being squared by the Sun and Mercury on the 9th, but this will release limited thinking. After Mercury enters Virgo on the 15th, you should be able to get practical matters in hand. On the 25th, Mars conjuncts Saturn, when restrained use of power is beneficial. The Moon is in Capricorn on the 7th, starting a new cycle and helping to ground you for the challenges on the 9th.

AQUARIUS: Aquarius has a constellation of planets in its opposite sign, Leo, so relationship issues are highlighted. Each sign must learn to embrace their opposite, so here’s your chance to be king/queen for a month; unless the other half of your relationship happens to be a Leo – that might create some tension! Career, which is where your attention is focused, may be in conflict with relationship needs. There are opportunities to solve this month’s dilemmas through the aid of Uranus (your ruling planet in Aries), which says go for the new and innovative solution. Try what hasn’t been tried before, even though others may put up restraints. Expressing yourself to others and being clear about your needs are both important. Don’t let practical considerations bog you down in the latter half of the month, but do be careeful of over-indulgence around the 1st and the 18th. The Moon is in Aquarius on the 9th, helping you to maintain your center in the midst of challenging aspects (See Trends).

PISCES: Pisces may find their month filled with work, being of service to others, and concerns for improving your health in some way, due to the heavy concentration of planets in the 6th house –- the domain of these issues. With trines from Mars and Saturn, most likely restriction will be a good thing, since the energies this month have a tendencyy toward excess. There may be financial upheaval at the beginning of the month, but by the end of the month, these issues should be worked out, with a little ingenuity and insight concerning practical solutions. Mars trines your ruling planet, Neptune, on the 7th, bringing with it a desire for spiritual pursuits. Mercury opposes it on the 18th, conferring heightened sensitivity, but also be wary of deception and difficult communication, On the 29th, the Sun opposes Neptune, bringing with it new spiritual awareness. The Moon is in Pisces on the 11th, a day after the Full Moon. Turn inwards so you can see your life clearly.



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