“The Other Side” By =Lorna Anne

“The Other Side”

By =Lorna Anne

If we open ourselves to the realization that we are working with unseen helpers who attempt to guide us and compensate for our limited vision as to what is going on with ourselves, we would release tremendous beneficial power to aid us.

These energies can only do what we give them permission to do, and nothing more. If we don’t believe they are there at all, we render them helpless. If we acknowledge and permit them to become part of our lives, their influence can literally reap miracles.

Many are afraid of the Other Side: the world of unseen entities that populate other dimensions, and yet, can affect ours. There is fear of dark and evil spirits. Let it be clear that the only dark evil spirit is fear itself. Fear is the portal in which darkness enters. Evil and darkness is an absence of light. If you come from a place of the heart – love – there is no fear and you will be totally protected. Light will always overcome dark.

The key is not to give fear any power. Believe the energies are good and there to help you. Do not polarize from them; be at one with them and let them help you. It is what they want to do. It is their mission to be of assistance.

Look at any civilization and you will find these entities have a place in the belief system of the culture. For much of the Western world, it is angels and fairies. For Middle Eastern cultures, it is djinn. In Africa and the Caribbean, the Mocho Jumbies. For Hawaiians, it is the ancestors. Slavic nationalities have a host of house entities that guard the kitchen and premises. For those of you who have no belief in such energies, ask yourself, can all these cultures and societies be totally delusional? It is a sad state when the two-edged sword of the mind destroys the belief and spirit; and even sadder when an unlimited wealth of positive potential gets negated by fear.

Ask for a little help sometime from whatever energy or entity you choose to believe in. Watch yourself in this process and shift your mind to being trusting and supportive of them. And see what happens. You have friends in unseen places!


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