By =Lorna Anne

Virgos are the antithesis of the previous sign, Leo. Leos like to command, Virgos serve. Leos are generous to the point of excess, Virgos are practical and prefer simplicity. They can be fastidious in appearance and manner, and helpful to others. They usually have a keen intellect and an eye for detail. Normally they are very hard workers and love to organize. They strive to improve themselves and the world around them since their symbol is the Virgin: perfect, clean, pure and innocent. The dysfunctional Virgo can be messy and forgetful.. They can be of service to others but with the intent of controlling them by taking away their power and ability to do things for themselves. They can be exceedingly critical of the world around them and those in it; but sadly, this negative trait becomes amplified to a hyper-criticalness of themselves, which can project a very defensive personality that misconstrues others’ observations as criticism. Virgo symbolizes the bounty of the harvest through hard work. They are the force that brings things to fruition through diligence and a sense of responsibility.

The big astrological event for the month is a trine (120 degrees) between Jupiter and Uranus: Jupiter represents an expansion of faith/optimism and new philosophical insights concerning life views. Jupiter rules Sagittarius, and the archer’s arrow aims toward future foresight and planning. Uranus represents the rebellious, innovative and unusual. Uranus pertains to the awakening of higher states of consciousness and mental faculties, such as intuition and knowing (without seeing). And to computer technology as well. We can expect advancements in these areas. Also, things may be greater or bigger than we expect. There will be expansion of wisdom, insight and knowing. Overall, this planetary combination represents happiness and freedom. Days on which the Moon favorably aspects this pair are: 2, 6, 10, 15, 20, 25, 29. Release and movement of these energies should be apparent on or around these dates since the Moon affects the timing of events.

Week 1 begins with a First Quarter Moon in Sagittarius, favoring expansionary Jupiter. Mercury enters Libra on the 2nd and our thoughts shift to wanting balance and harmony The Sun trines Pluto on the 3rd, when we will be willing to invest in making changes and to transform what isn’t working in our world. Venus entering Virgo on the 5th favors pragmatic and practical solutions.

Week 2 is a bit more complex, with a Full Moon in Pisces on the 8th. An awareness of ourselves as part of a larger whole also becomes a dominant theme this month. There are unusual possibilities for expanded mental clarity and self-expression when Mercury sextiles (60 degrees) Jupiter on the 10th; however, Venus opposes Neptune that day (confusion/deception) so be cautious. By the 13th you may see that unexpected events were beneficial after all, if you didn’t over-control and instead went with the flow. What you’ve been trying to hold onto you may decide should be let go. The Sun and Saturn make opportunistic aspects (sextile) on the 11th, and Mars enters Sagittarius on the 13th, so it is time to make your visions a reality without over-extension of resources.

Week 3’s Last Quarter Moon in Gemini provides an opportunistic aspect to the Jupiter/Uranus trine and presents us with new ideas and viewpoints. Venus sextiling Saturn on the 21st gives us the wherewithal to work with those new concepts and see their value or irrelevance. Mars makes a 90 degree angle to Neptune (square) on the 21st, releasing confusion concerning the best course of action. If a change of direction is needed, the clouds of uncertainty should clear in the last week.

In Week 4 there are opportunities to tighten things up and get structured on the 23rd. The exact trine for Jupiter and Uranus is on the 25th. Prior to that, the Sun enters Libra on the 22nd, and Pluto goes Stationary Direct on the same day, calling for new beginnings in partnerships. This is further accentuated by Mercury entering Scorpio on the 27th (deep thinking/mental transformation) and Venus entering Libra on the 29th, with a New Moon in Libra as well, enhancing relationships and artistic ability, and setting the stage for next month. The 25th through the 30th should be very harmonious and we should all be able to see our visions take form in our realities with harmonious aspects from the Moon to the Jupiter-Uranus trine.

Key Words: Vision, Expansion, Knowing

ARIES: Following your own path and trusting a Leap of Faith epitomizes the Aries mentality. Areas most strongly affected are work/career and business/personal relationships. They may seem confusing. Set up structures and boundaries concerning them in mid-month. Don’t be sacrificial. Be yourself and maintain your freedom. With Mercury in Libra in your 7th house your attention will probably be absorbed with them. There is a future for your talents and abilities if you put them out there and don’t be afraid to be unique where others try to fit in. You will probably work harder than usual this month. You will discover new truths about your goals and what motivates you in the mid and latter half of the month. Go after what you are willing to work for. The Moon is in Aries on the 9th giving you added fire for your creative vision.

TAURUS: Energies are focused on working hard, especially on creative projects; however, a little fun and recreation is also highlighted. There may be more entertaining than usual. Recreational activities provide opportunities for lasting partnerships. Your motivations and ambitions may expand and change quite a bit this month. You may choose to be of more service to others in some way, or maybe you will plan on doing something to improve your health, with Mercury in your 6th house. You may have uncertainty that the transformation you desire will be successful. After the 26th, situations will become clearer. The Moon is in Taurus on the 11th, helping to center you and help you to take a chance on new opportunities.

GEMINI: September is a grounding time for Geminis. One in which being at home and beautifying it in some way is highlighted. Accessing the deepest part of yourself to find what you need for emotional security, expressing it to others, and fitting it into your plan for the future is all connected to the bounty of this month’s Harvest Moon. Partnership conflicts may arise around differing values. Trusting changes implemented in your Leap of Faith is where your lesson is. Know that your true desires will allow you to create a path to achieve them. The Moon is in Gemini for the Last Quarter on the 15th when the opportunity to clarify your ideas to others who challenge them will present itself.

CANCER: Cancerians must have faith and belief in that what they value and that what they hold dear can be achieved without attempting to control others or situations. Communicating these values is what is most important; listening to what others value may expand your own views. There may be challenges to be attended to in the home life, but from the 11th to the 21st, you will be given opportunities to create what you would like. Trust you will receive what you need from others. Getting your ego out of the way and seeing yourself as part of a bigger picture or grander scheme is essential. Remember: it must be a win-win situation for everyone. By or around the 22nd, solutions should present themselves. Recreational or creative opportunities are favored around the 11th and 14th. The Moon is in Cancer on the 16th. Plant dream seeds for success.

LEO: Leos are learning to have faith in themselves and in creative endeavors. Bear in mind that you should explore your own innate talents through learning or outside instruction. There are opportunities for socializing and networking with others. With the Sun in Virgo in your 2nd house, along with Venus, you may be investing funds into projects in the home. Travel is certainly in the air, whether it be to foreign countries or lots of short-term trips. Be cautious this month. Don’t over-extend yourself or go too far if you should decide to take a risk. There may be confusion and deception around the 10th and 21st, so tread carefully.

VIRGO: It’s your birthday month and you might feel like making it a gala event with both Venus and the Sun in your 1st house. Socializing and celebrating are in order. Focusing on physical resources will yield positive growth if you transform them to your needs and rid yourself of what is no longer necessary. Venus enters Virgo on the 5th, so the first half of the month may be work oriented. On or around the 10th, be wary of confusion and lack of clarity in partnerships. Communicate clearly. Others wants may challenge you to either make unnecessary sacrifices or to hold your ground and seek a win/win situation for everyone. Mid-month, double check all details to make sure they are accurate. The Moon is in Virgo on the 21st to help you find practical ways to accomplish your goals.

LIBRA: Librans will be given opportunities to make their dreams realities particularly during the first half of the month. Thinking about yourself, where you are at in life and where you choose to go in the future is strongly highlighted. Look into your deepest self to find the answers. Changes in the home may occur during the first half of the month as well. You may feel a sense of Destiny is at play. Spiritual partnerships and connections may be given greater relevance in your life. Mars shifts into your 3rd house of communication on the 13th. Thoughts and ideas will create expansion artistically and intellectually which will be stimulating and fulfilling. Pay attention to opportunities that come out of nowhere and guide you in unseen directions. There is a New Moon in Libra on the 24th – a particularly powerful time since the Jupiter-Uranus trine also exactly aspects. Most definitely plant seeds for your birthday month and the future.

SCORPIO: Scorpios are in the process of realizing the fulfillment and expansion of their career ambitions. Through intensive internal analysis the best directions will present themselves. The best days for achievement are the 11th, 14th, and 21st. Expand the work environment by adding something new and different. Get in touch with what you truly value. You may change your views on something you’ve been trying to control. It is best to wait until the latter part of the month if there is uncertainty. Behind the scenes networking, expanding material resources and investments are all highlighted in the latter half of the month. The Moon is in Scorpio on the 26th and Mercury enters Scorpio on the 27th, giving you mental clarity as to the changes you need to make.

SAGITTARIUS: You have both the Sun and Venus in your 10th house of public image and career, so career moves and recognition for your accomplishments are highlighted. Opportunities to take a Leap of Faith to incorporate an expanded vision of your goals and ambitions is also recommended. Mars enters your sign on the 13th, so after that you should have clarity as to making it all happen, though you may need to work behind the scenes in the first half of the month. On the 10th and 21st, you may be challenged by confusion, but by the 25th, clarity of ambition and motivation should lift you from uncertainty and career moves made clear and public. The Moon is in Sagittarius two times this month: the 1st and 28th. Maintain faith and you will have a bountiful Harvest Moon.

CAPRICORN: With both the Sun and Venus in your 9th house, you will be expanding your role in both society and the culture. You will gain understanding as to what needs to be attended to in order to create the public image and career moves that you want to achieve. Research and experimentation may be required to gain the necessary insight to determine your best strategy; but once plans are set in motion, (particularly on the 11th when the Sun makes an opportunistic aspect to your ruling planet, Saturn), concrete action can be taken with positive results. The 3rd and 4th are favorable for making long-term changes to enhance personal growth and insight. There are certain opportunities for advancement if you put your ideas out there to others The Jupiter-Uranus trine on the 25th may make you aware of just how radically you have changed and directions you wish to embrace in the future. Watch for faulty communication on or around the 21st. The Moon in Capricorn early in the month on the 3rd is a great time to begin new projects and get grounded for a busy month ahead.

AQUARIUS: The Sun and Venus are in your 8th house of joint finances and sharing and deepening intimacy in relationships. You may receive financial assistance to put your goals and ideas into practice. Your ruling planet Uranus still resides in your 3rd house of communication. Unexpected news may come your way on or around the 13th. You may expand your understanding of your role in society. Mars enters your 11th house mid-month, favoring goals and ambitions. Changing the structure of your work environment to tighten up what created conflicts in the past is necessary if you haven’t done so already. Give your life a basic overhaul to obtain your deepest dreams. The Moon is in Aquarius on the 5th, so set your course for the month ahead.

PISCES: Intimate relationships and business partnerships are highlighted this month with thoughts on how to transform them to a new and better place. You should be in an expansionary mode at work. Be wary of confusion and deception in all partnerships around the 11th and 21st. On the 10th, what you have wanted to bring about in your life may come to fruition or you may decide to revise your values. Focus on understanding yourself better and ascertain what role you wish to play in society and the world around you. Internal searching is recommended. Career drives are highlighted in the latter half of the month when you can combine your vision with practical ways to achieve it. The Moon is in Pisces on the 7th, when you can see yourself as part of a bigger picture.



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