“Levels Of Consciousness” By =Lorna Anne

“Levels Of Consciousness”

By =Lorna Anne

I have pretty much discovered there are four levels of consciousness. Levels imply hierarchy, and in most instances, this perspective is inaccurate, as I find all four levels existing in one person’s consciousness simultaneously. These varying levels seem to coordinate with varying areas of a person’s life, and the level of consciousness seems to be caused by the emotional security, or lack thereof, toward that area.

Here are the four levels:
1) Those that do not know what they want
2) Those that know what they want, but don’t believe they can get it
3) Those that think they know what they want, but really don’t because their choice is being made in a state of fear or ignorance. This group may either believe or not believe that their wants can be achieved.
4) Those that know their true wants and believe they will get them.

Bear in mind that the timing for want fulfillment is based on two things. One, is astrological. There are windows of opportunity between planets and when those windows open (made by interplanetary aspects and aspects between the Sun and Moon), events happen. However, the level of consciousness is equally important in terms of desire fulfillment. If one does not believe they can get it, or are in a psychic split (don’t know what they want), or are deluding themselves to want what they don’t, then the window will not open.

That is why understanding one’s emotions and true desires is so vitally important in creating a happy fulfilling life. In this way, readings are helpful in helping overcome confusion and gaining clarity as to one’s true desires. Another tool to try with oneself is to banish all fear around one’s wants. Imagine every negative fear becoming a positive potential. Then see what the heart truly resonates with once all fear is removed. That can be helpful in grounding one to find true wants. Removing irrational fears about the future is a key to finding one’s true evolutionary karma.



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