By =Lorna Anne

Trends: The transformational season of Autumn is the apt time of year to find Scorpio, the sign concerned with evolution. Will, desire and power. Three fundamental components of the complex, fixed sign of Scorpio; the only sign of the zodiac that has three symbols and three levels of development. This is due to the fact that Scorpio represents evolutionary transformation (from victim to healer), and its symbols do the same. Though different astrologers at times use different symbols, there meanings are generally the same. The scorpion, the lowest level (and dysfunctional side of the sign), symbolizes a revengeful, egotistical, manipulative, greedy nature that is more than capable of violence and destruction to selfishly obtain their desires. The snake, the middle level, represents the transformation from base, physical, selfish desire and motivation to that of spiritual regeneration and strong faith (from Dark to Light). They become aware of the power of their magnetic energy, and are concerned with the use of Will to bring about healing and a better state of existence, fearing not to shed the old skin for the new higher level of consciousness. The third level, the eagle/phoenix, is symbolic of the transcendence of mere ego to great foresight and spiritual understanding. They have penetrating vision and intuition. Their regenerative powers, thanks to the dual rulership of their sign by Mars and Pluto, makes them a force to contend with; since they have almost a mystical understanding of power and the forces of life and death, it makes them dangerous opponents or great allies.

Most of the astral activity this month is inner planets making aspects to outer planets, usually signifying more long-term life changes and growth, rather than shorter duration, daily activity which is caused by inner planets that aspect each other. On the very first day of Week 1, both the Sun and Venus make opportunistic aspects to far-reaching Pluto, the planet of transformation and Will (ruler of Scorpio), which sets the tone for the coming month. With Mars (the desire principle) sextiling Neptune, (the connection to our Destiny), it helps us to realize we need to honor what will give us a deeper meaning and fulfillment in our lives. The Full Moon on the 6th, at 14 degrees, 26 minutes Taurus, gives us clarity to see the path that we value most, and the wherewithal to follow it.

In Week 2, Venus conjuncts Saturn on the 12th, yielding consolidation, limitation and restriction. This action may be met with rebellion and power plays. Hold your ground and stay centered amidst the contentious, reckless mood that may arise within ourselves or others, when Mars squares Uranus. It would be best to give enough to make it a win-win situation for everyone without needless sacrifice, greed, or over-extension. Don’t be afraid to trust your intuition around the 11th; it’s most likely right, with Mercury trining Neptune on that day.

In Week 3, both Sun and Venus enter Sagittarius, so energies finally shift to a more expansionary mode; however, before that, the Sun conjoins Saturn on the 18th, reminding us once again that measuring and controlling excessive tendencies is recommended. On the 21st, Mercury sextiles Mars, helping us to come up with decisive plans and strategies. This should help us combat the uncertainty or lack of decisiveness when Venus squares Neptune on the day before, making us question what we thought we valued. There’s a New Moon at 0 degrees Sagittarius, 20 minutes, on the 22nd when Mercury also squares Jupiter (which rules Sag) so we may have difficulty accepting those expansionary ideas brought about by the Sun and Venus.

Week 4 we may see things we thought were solid structures disintegrate before our eyes, when the Sun and Mercury square Neptune on the 26th and 30th. Don’t give up and let go when the structures dissolve. Value the unusual and experimental and allow spontaneity to flow. Merge with it and become part of the process. It’s a good counterbalance for a month that may be excessively over-controlled. Let the chips fall where they may and see what happens.

Key Words: Controlled expansion, keen insight, transformation

ARIES: Aries is concerned with the deepening of partnerships began last month. The too-far/too-fast energies apply here as well Measured expansion and structure given to new avenues of intimacy is recommended. With the Sun, Mercury, Venus and Saturn all in your Eighth House, the deep, transformational issues of life and love are the major focus: sex, death, change and making things long-lasting, yielding a deepening and enrichment in your life. Since the Eighth House is also concerned with joint resources, Arians may bond with others in the sharing of resources which would be beneficial for everyone involved. Around the 17th and 21st are particularly good for partnerships of all kinds The Moon is in Aries two times this month, on the 3rd and the 30th. Pivotal days are the 10th, 17th and 24th. A difficult day is the 12th.

TAURUS: Taurus is concerned with business partnerships and ethical issues and decisions. There may be opportunity for classes or higher learning of some kind, to help you adjust to any new situations that came about last month that require expertise. The Sun, Mercury, Venus and Saturn are all in your opposite sign of Scorpio, so you will be learning the Scorpionic lesson of letting go of what you must, and keeping what you truly value. Intimate partnerships will most likely also be a part of this transformational process, in which you take those relationships to a higher level or have done with them. Goals and ambitions may become a bit ambiguous at the end of the month with all those Neptunian influences (see Trends). Go with the flow until clarity comes, for unexpected surprises from others may alter your plans. When in doubt, don’t be afraid to be different and go in unorthodox directions. Be wary of over-spending.

GEMINI: The month begins with your ruling planet, Mercury, shifting back into Scorpio after its Retrograde last month. Though the first week contains a lot of opportunity for fun, excitement, expansion and change, the middle of the month is work oriented.. The latter part of the month energies may shift focus to intimate/business partnerships since the Sun, Mercury and Venus all enter your opposite sign of Sagittarius. You may have opportunity to join or gain resources from others. It’s best to keep a close hand when it comes to plans and goals and not say too much too soon until you feel certain it is safe to reveal your inmost desires and wishes. The end of the month may bring up confusion and uncertainty with all those Neptunian aspects (see Trends) squaring your sign, especially concerning career directions. Try to maintain a practical perspective. Wait til next month for the fog to lift. The Moon is in Gemini on the 7th, helping your mind sort through the busy opportunistic first week of the month.

CANCER: Cancer will most likely be concerned with fairness, justice and balance in partnerships when either you or others may get a bit domineering and heavy-handed concerning how you want things to be. Jupiter, the planet of expansion, is in your Second House of goods and material possessions, so buying whatever you’ve needed for awhile is recommended. Just be careful of over-spending or exhausting yourself physically in recreational pursuits or exercise. It’s a good time to create some form and structure in your life, manifesting creative solutions and new ideas in both work and home environments. You are rich in creativity right now so don’t be afraid to experiment with different art forms. The Moon is in Cancer on the 10th when Mars and Pluto are in your opposing sign of Capricorn. Best to revamp the structure of your relationships and take them to a higher level.

LEO: Leo will be challenged this month by a preponderance of planets squaring your sign from Scorpio. Having to make changes, put up limitations, or let things go that you’ve been holding onto for security’s sake may be difficult, but the lesson is that you probably don’t need it as much as you think you do. Curbing those expansionary tendencies is a good thing this month as well. Big changes in your house of work and health are highlighted, so a new diet/exercise plan or work schedule may be beneficial. The first week is filled with opportunity, especially if you’re thinking of making improvements in the home. It’s a good time to get started but don’t let the costs get out of control. The Full Moon in Taurus on the 6th may be challenging, but if you make the choice to free yourself from oppressive situations you will be successful. The Moon enters Leo on the 12th, to help ground you amidst the Scorpionic turbulence.

VIRGO: Virgo gets to do what is loved the most: communicate and give form and structure to those deep thoughts and ideas you’ve been mulling over. Also, it’s a good time for recreation and fun, since Mars (energy) resides in that physically active Fifth House. Maybe take up a new sports activity to help release some of that mental energy. The Scorpionic influence this month will provide you with transformational opportunities. Striving for a higher spiritual connection has long-lasting growth in partnerships, but you must let others know what you want, and you must find out what others want as well. Figuring out your core issues early in the month will help you plan for a dynamic course of action mid-month, when your ruling planet, Mercury, makes opportunistic aspects to Mars and Pluto (drive and change). The Moon enters Virgo on the 15th to help ground you in your transformational process in attaining what will make you truly happy.

LIBRA: Mars and Pluto conjoin in your Fourth House of the home, so most likely, changes will be made there. The Sun, Mercury, Venus and Saturn in your Second House of finances and material possessions provide opportunistic aspects for making those changes. During the first half of the month, it is best to plan a strategy as to what you value and want to keep, and what you want to let go of in order to achieve desired outcomes. At the end of the month, there could be misunderstood communications at work, so stay on top of details to avoid errors. On the 16th, you may long for flights of fancy. Indulge, because from the 18th on, the energies are calling to give structure and form to practical concerns. The end of the month is a bit confusing for everyone (see Trends), but Venus, your ruling planet, trines Uranus, suggesting experimentation and trying the new and different. It could have far-reaching results.

SCORPIO: Scorpio has a loaded First House with Sun, Mercury, Venus and Saturn all passing through, making this a dynamic birthday month. It’s all about you and the way you walk the earth, so to speak. Focus on self-improvement and transforming yourself from a cocoon state into a butterfly, with a brand new evolutionary path about to begin. Being outspoken and clear a bout your desires will better provide others with the knowledge of who you are and who you’d like to become. Your ruling planet, Pluto, is quite active this month. The 1st, 10th, and 16th are days in which the inner planets make aspects to Pluto, so those days should be pivotal in your transformational process. Be wary of heavy-handed politics around the 10th and avoid manipulative behavior from yourself or others. The Last Quarter Moon in Leo on the 14th may be challenging as well. Take it easy on those days. Wanting to bring the new and unusual into your life provides opportunity mid-month to figure out how to go about it. Around the 21st, action can be taken effectively. The Moon is in Scorpio on the 21st, enhancing the flow of energy for clear action.

SAGITTARIUS: The focus for Sagittarius the first half of the month is inward. It is a time in which new cycles begin and old ones end. Let go of failures from the past, learn the lessons, and plant seeds for success. With the Sun, Mercury, Venus and Saturn all in your Twelfth House, you may feel Destiny at work to help you experience a re-birth within yourself, and a higher state of consciousness. The Twelfth House rules intuition so pay attention to your hunches. It’s best to detach and find time for yourself to be alone. Escapist tendencies may be prevalent when you isolate yourself rather than strive to find the deep connective energy that unites and runs through all living things. Be a part of it. Feel the new life inside you and bring it into your reality in a new and positive way. After the 16th, Venus shifts into your sign, the Sun on the 18th, and Mercury on the 27th. You will feel ready to greet the world again on the 22nd when there’s a New Moon in Sagittarius.

CAPRICORN: Mars is in Capricorn this month, making favorable aspects to the Sun, Mercury, Venus and Saturn in Scorpio in your Eleventh House of friends, community and future goals. It is a transformational house in that the recent choices made in the powerful Tenth House of career and public image last month culminate in social and professional achievement or failure in the Eleventh. It is time to release that Martian drive and take the opportunities to become the success you wish to be. In Weeks 2 and 3 be wary of excess and over-spending of time, energy and money. Plan a strategy for future investment and expand with measured control rather than too much too fast. You may need to make some unexpected changes in plans around the 12th, but by the 16th, these changes should feel right. The latter half of the month, pay close attention to details to prevent muddled communication and confusion, especially where others are calling the shots. The Moon is in Capricorn on 24th to help overcome the Neptunian uncertainty (see Trends), and to help give you structure and form and keep your feet on the ground when situations may lack clarity.

AQUARIUS: A constellation of planets in your Tenth House make career and public image the focus. The energies are directing you to analyze and dig deep into solving problems at work or with your career path/public image, in general. Make changes where necessary, especially during the first half of the month. Your expertise will be appreciated, even if your efforts are behind the scenes. Certain destined changes around the 12th may or may not be what you want. It may be better to simply let something go, rather than put up with what you don’t want. If you’re making a total career change, this is a good month for it to happen because your Tenth House is a house of power, so career advancement is in the forecast, one way or the other. Any attempt to stop or restrict your transformational process will probably only work temporarily. At the end of the month, if you have been in conflict with personal relationships, issues should clear up when egos get out of the way and a common ground is acknowledged. The Moon is in Aquarius on the 26th, so plant seeds for the coming month.

PISCES: Pisces will have a month in which conforming to one’s society, culture and social milieu will be important. Making changes and adjustments to fit into the larger scheme of things is part of this evolutionary process – to integrate and play a bigger part in your world. Classes for higher learning may be a beneficial tool to gain the knowledge necessary to do this, or teaching others new ways of doing things may also be part of the process. With Mars and Pluto in your Eleventh House of goals and achievements, along with a constellation of planets in your Ninth House, it gives you the vision and wherewithal to make your dreams a reality. It may require a lot of work, but friends will be on board to help you transform you and your world to a better place. In Week 4, your ruling planet, Neptune, is in the limelight and there’s a First Quarter Moon in Pisces on the 29th. Take some time to escape responsibility and enjoy yourself. Confusion may arise around then in the career arena. Wait til next month before making any sudden changes or expansions.



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