“The Unreality Of Christmas By =Lorna anne

“The Unreality Of Christmas”

By =Lorna Anne

On reading this title, first thoughts would probably presume that it referred to the commercialism and materialism associated with this holiday, ignoring its true significance – the birth of Jesus Christ.

True, this is about remembering Christ, but in addition to his birth and the miracles that were recorded in the Bible when he was around the age of 32, his early years are left unrecorded in the popular Bible versions.

But there is a book entitled, “The Lost Books of the Bible”, which has been verified by the Bishop of Canterbury, as being authentic documents from the time that the Bible was written, but never included.

These testimonies enlighten us about Christ’s childhood years. It is recorded that he had tremendous powers, far beyond human capacity, even back then. He would sculpt birds out of clay and make them come to life and fly away. Sounds unreal, huh?

It’s probably why this part of his life is not included in the regular Bible. Who would believe it? Skeptics refuse to believe his commonly known miracles, such as the changing of water to wine, feeding the masses with a small basket of fish and a loaf of bread, walking on water, to name only a few.

If it is hard to believe the well known miracles, who would believe that he struck his playmates dead when he was angry at them, and at his parents’ insistence, brought them back to life! Unreal, huh?

It may be hard to believe in the physical possibilities of these stories; yet, to realize the full potential of the human brain, rather than just the 10% it is said we actually use, might be a good explanation for these paranormal abilities.

There are stories of humans who have exhibited super-physical strength. One example was the story of a nun who, single-handed, carried a piano down a flight of stairs to save it from a fire. Experts reasoned that this was due to an extreme adrenaline rush.

An anonymous writer once said, “The only limitation to human potential is lack of imagination”. What if we believed that controlling the natural elements was possible? What if we were able to learn those abilities? That would be quite scarey for the human powers in control of our planet. Another reason why these miracles may be buried in obscure texts, rather than taught as truth by the various religions of the world.

This Christmas, give yourself the gift of expanded consciousness. You may not feel comfortable believing that you have the capability to do super-human feats, but belief in yourself as a powerful co-creator of your own reality is within the realm of fact and would prevent feeling like a victim. Explore the potential of your own willpower.

Believe, at the very least, that you can heal yourself and make positive things happen by having faith and trust in yourself and your abilities. These are the very lessons that that great man, Jesus Christ, attempted to teach to the masses.



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