“When Wrong Isn’t Wrong” By =Lorna Anne

“When Wrong Isn’t Wrong”

By =Lorna Anne

Wrong is a relative term.. Aside from ethical issues of wrong and right, here are some other examples of when wrong is not so wrong:

1) You’re driving to an appointment in an unknown part of town. You’ve been given notice only that morning that the apartment you’ve lived in for more than a decade is being converted into luxury condominiums and you will have to move. In your bothered state of mind, you miss the turn that you were supposed to take, and end up wandering aimlessly through neighborhoods you’ve never seen before. And there, before you, is an adorable little house with a yard and a for rent sign on the lawn. You call the number. It’s affordable and you end up renting it. Was it wrong that you missed that turn and were late for your appointment?

2) You go to the grocery store and the coffee you usually drink is out of stock. None of the other brands appeal to you; but you see a caffeine-free coffee substitute that looks interesting, and so you decide to buy it until you have time to go to another store. It’s worth a try for the sake of expediency. It’s so good that you like the taste as much as regular coffee, so you decide to make your second cup of the day this much healthier coffee replacement. Bad news that the market ran out of your brand of coffee?

Do you get the point? Realities that are denied you will always lead to someplace new, though not in alignment with your original plans and wishes, you are being given a blessing in disguise.

“Wrong” realities are most likely either for your protection or to evolve you to a better place. It might be somewhat difficult to let go of your wants, not control, and go with the flow; but if you trust that there’s a bigger picture and a positive reason, you can look for what’s good about the new and different, rather than wasting precious time getting upset or angry because reality didn’t follow your intentions.

Most people do get angry and frustrated, and they’re missing the golden opportunity that’s coming from a Universe that can’t speak but can only show you the way. Following these reality clues to positive change alleviates both tension and disappointment.

We really can’t see the Big Picture, but if we’re denied realities we think we want, if we could see the entire picture of the karma, we would agree willingly to these unexpected denials and reality switches. If we could see the whole picture, we would agree that we wouldn’t want what we thought we did!

Don’t fight against Destiny. Instead, seek its positive purpose, and in hindsight, you will see the benefit, because reality is always working in your favor. If you don’t believe this, the path leads to disappointment and hardship based in ignorance.

Love your reality and your world, and be on the same side with Destiny. It’s trying to guide and help you! Even if you feel you are particularly or severely challenged, the challenges can be overcome. They are there to make you a stronger, more competent person.



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