‘How To Make Things Happen” By =Lorna Anne


Wise Words For Healthful Living

“How To Make Things Happen”

By =Lorna Anne

There’s no need for charms, spells or chants. Just these two simple rules contained in this statement will do it: If you know your true wants you’ll get them just so long as you believe you can.

1) Finding the true desire: So many times we think we want something, but really we don’t because we’re not coming from our hearts. We are reacting to fears, many times unconscious; but, to want in a state of fear is not a true desire. You won’t get what you think you want, but you will get something else you do you want. However, even true desires may be denied if the second rule is not adhered to.

2) Finding the Unconditional State: Realities are denied if you don’t believe you can manifest the reality. This means you must eliminate all sorts of fears from your mind to overcome what is blocking the manifestation. For example: a) That the Universe is callous and uncaring and isn’t listening; b) That you want something you shouldn’t have; c) That you want something contrary to your true Destiny; etc, etc. No ifs, ands, or buts…It’s called the Unconditional State.

If you know your true wants and believe you can be given them, you will unconditionally receive them. But any weakness around yourself as a capable doer, or whether the Universe will respond to you, will prevent it.

There can’t be a “maybe” in your mind because it’s a conditional state. You need to know, believe and feel that the greater powers that be, that co-create your reality with you, are supportive and on your side. It Will Be!!



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