By =Lorna Anne

Trends: Aquarians feel a comradeship with all of humankind. They are strong intellectual thinkers with unorthodox but brilliant ideas. They believe in equality for everyone and usually have a large network of friends. There charm is a unique personality coupled with a strong loyalty to others, and to their own ideas and beliefs. The symbol for Aquarius is a man pouring an urn of cosmic water, giving to humanity the gift of consciousness. This is why it is an air sign and not water, as many would suspect. It is not daily thinking. It is inspiration, telepathy and intuition. Aquarius rules inventions and computers, and all communication via the air waves. The quintessential Aquarian is a rebel and a renegade. Even their ruling planet, Uranus, rotates on an axis that is more horizontal than vertical. Ideally, it is their role to overthrow the old order to evolve to a better place; however, the dysfunctional side of Aquarius is rebellion solely for its own sake, which does not support a worthwhile cause. Also, fanatical, impractical, bizarre thinking is another Aquarian weakness. Or, the opposite. They may bow and acquiesce to others due to the fear of being different, making them abandon any unusual ways of thinking or acting. Their role is to help humankind progress to new levels of consciousness, to extend the bond of humanity to everyone, and to believe we must unite as one on our unique evolutionary paths.
After a sobering end to last month, it’s now an opportunistic time for creativity, intellectual pursuits and mystical insight. Especially in Week 1, with a Full Moon on the 3rd in creative Leo, as well as Venus conjuncting Neptune (1st) and the Sun sextiling Uranus (2nd). These aspects confer increased imagination, a heightened appreciation of beauty, mystical art and photography, originality and intuition. On the 5th, Mercury Retrograde sextiles Saturn, providing us with ability, discipline, and a sense of purpose and structure to help make those beautiful inspirations manifest. Be wary on the 6th of reaching too high or setting impossible standards for achieving goals and ambitions.

In Week 2, Mercury turns Stationary Direct in Aquarius on the 11th, enabling intuition, insight, and brilliant thinking, using unorthodox approaches to solving problems and choosing the best course of action. Venus sextiles Pluto on the 8th, yielding opportunities for powerful creativity and a deepening of intimacy in partnerships. Mercury Direct sextiles Saturn again, providing us with wherewithal to learn life’s lessons, to help us see the structure that we need to put in place in our world, and to give us the wisdom to handle the sudden shift of planetary signs the following week.

In Week 3, on the 19th and 20th respectively, Mars and Venus shift into Aries. It’s all about drive and ambition and new beginnings. These aspects accentuate courage and individuality. The Sun entering Pisces on the 19th may help those Aries energies by downplaying the egotistical urge (the dysfunctional side of the sign), and helping us to see that we are part of a bigger picture, not the center of the Universe. There’s also a New Moon (29 degrees Aquarius on the 18th), giving us a sense of community, yet preserving our individual rights, through rebellion if necessary.

In Week 4, on the 22nd, Venus conjuncts Mars. It’s a little late for Valentine’s Day, but this is the quintessential love aspect, favoring physical passions, attractions and creativity. Especially with the Moon in Venus’ sign, Taurus on the same day – good food, intimate relationships and luxury are on the agenda. All those new beginnings early in the month may run into a few snags around the 23rd, when the Sun squares Saturn. Make the necessary adjustments for success and persevere. Obstacles concerning self expression, and over-rigidity must be overcome. Fortunately, Venus and Mars are making harmonious aspects to Saturn, to help keep us grounded, realistic and practical. Mars provides us with the energy to take purposeful action for long- term growth, conferring skill and daring. On the 25th, the last aspect for the month, the Sun conjoins with Neptune, bringing us back into that creative, dreamy state with which we began the month, but with our lessons learned, so that we are not trying to escape from our realities, or delude ourselves with faulty assumptions.

Key Words: Creativity, Love, Wisdom

ARIES: Aries should have the urge to begin new things this month, and maybe even a self-makeover, since Venus and Mars are entering your sign on the 20th and 19th, respectively. New paths to help you express your true individuality can be found by focusing on who you are and what you want to become. The latter part of the month will be more action oriented, so making plans is recommended. Around the 22nd, feelings of romance and a touch of passion should arise when Venus conjoins with Mars. This aspect begins a favorable period for willpower and action with purpose. Your abilities should be heightened at this time but be wary of confusion, deception and escapism, since the Sun conjoins with Neptune on the same day. Make sure there is clarity concerning other people’s actions and your own. Focus on a non-egotistical approach to any task at hand. The Moon is in Aries on the 20th to help ground you for action.

TAURUS: A spiritual, healing connection to your world begins the month when your ruling planet, Venus, conjuncts the mystical planet Neptune on the 1st. On the 8th, Venus provides an opportunity for passion and exploring your deepest most intimate self when she makes opportunistic aspects to Pluto, the planet of evolutionary Destiny. Then she enters Aries on the 20th, heating things up a bit more, when it is best to be wary of being too assertive/aggressive. Dealing with what bothers you, rather than ignoring it and letting things slide, is an opportunity for honesty and diplomacy. Strong passionate feelings will most likely be felt when Venus conjoins Mars on the 22nd. Around the 24th, your busy ruling planet trines Saturn, bringing with it common sense and a practical realistic approach to maintain balance and help cool down the emotions. The Moon goes into Taurus on the 22nd, helping you to get in touch with your true feelings.

GEMINI: We begin the month with your ruling planet, Mercury, in Retrograde motion in Aquarius, making an opportunistic aspect to Saturn, the planet of reality manifestation. Think about your goals and how to attain them, but it is best to wait until the 19th to get into action, when Mercury makes the same aspect in Direct motion. Mercury turns Direct on the 11th, which will give you an understanding of the best course of action to take. It’s a First Quarter Moon in Gemini on the 26th, which may bring up challenges to your way of thinking. Make no choices based in fear.

CANCER: There are opportunities for Cancers during the first week of the month through unexpected ways, which should reveal themselves around the Full Moon on the 3rd. Harmonious relationships and opportunities to deepen intimate partnerships highlights Week 2. Seek balance in partnerships and be open to new ways of thinking in Week 3. Be particularly careful of other people’s individuality if you’re trying to make them into something they’re not. The Moon is in Cancer when the month begins and again on the 27th. Pivotal days are the 7th, 14th and 20th. Watch your lunar cycle unfold.

LEO: Your ruling planet, the Sun, is one of the three busiest this month. In the First Week, the Sun sextiles Uranus and opposes Jupiter, encouraging you to try the new and different but don’t go overboard into excess. Be careful of being overly demanding. On the 11th, Mercury turns Stationary Direct in your opposite sign, Aquarius, so relationship issues may need to be given some thought to sort them out and take the best course of action to take with them. Around the 19th to the end of the month, exercise a little impulsiveness and try what’s never been tried before. It will release blocks and limitations. The Moon is Full in your sign, 14 degrees Leo on the 3rd. Become conscious of any underlying tensions you’ve been feeling. The Full Moon is a time for insight, and to help you understand that removing restrictions is necessary. The Sun enters Pisces on the 18th, to help dissolve resistance.

VIRGO: Virgos should be gearing up for action, since your ruling planet, Mercury, turns Stationary Direct on the 11th. You’ve made plans with a purpose in mind, so opportunistic aspects from Mercury to Saturn around the 5th (Retrograde) and again on the 19th (Direct) will show you the way. Get disciplined and organize yourself to become more efficient. Be honest in your relationships and don’t pretend or cover up. Put your energy into work and see the productive results. Relationship issues may require you to accept viewpoints other than your own. The Moon goes into Virgo on the 5th, helping to ground you to make necessary decisions.

LIBRA: Venus, your ruling planet, has a busy month ahead. Hard work co-mingled with passion and intense creativity. At the beginning of the month your creative pursuits may tend to have a more spiritual quality than usual, since Venus conjuncts Neptune. On the 8th, energies shift when she and Pluto conjoin, enhancing dynamic creativity based on inner passions and drives. She enters Aries on the 20th, favoring new beginnings and individuality in partnerships. When Venus coinjoins with Mars on the 22nd, you may find your passion calling you to take positive aggressive action – something Librans need to embrace, since Aries is your opposite sign; so don’t be timid this month. Order, balance, and objective realism will arrive around the 25th, after you have plummeted the passionate depths during mid-month. The Moon enters Libra on the 7th, when creativity should be even more heightened.

SCORPIO: Feelings of Destiny and strong forces at work in your life will provide opportunities for deepening partnerships and imposing limitations with others when necessary. The last of the very long-winded Uranus/Pluto square (with which your ruling planet has been involved), is next month, so you may be in the process of moving into an emotionally caring center of self-healing once again. By now you should be able to see your evolution taking you to a better place than where you were. Do what you truly desire rather than what others want you to be. There’s a lot of Aries energy this month so you may be challenged to erect some boundaries and structure in your life in order to preserve your emotional security. It’s a Last Quarter Moon In Scorpio on the 11th, helping you to overcome any fear concerning self-transformation.

SAGITTARIUS: The First Week may bring up challenging opportunities to expand your belief system, and to bring up questions as to what your place is in society, and the part you play in it. It’s a dose of realism that will help you ascertain who you are. These themes will carry throughout the month; however, it will be mostly intellectual rather than action oriented, when staying at home feels like a good idea for a change. Letting others know who you are and what you truly want will be most helpful if you are challenged by other people’s conflicting values and wants. The Moon enters Sagittarius on the 12th, the day after Mercury turns Direct, releasing a mental burst of opportunistic energy. In the last week, take it slow and easy.

CAPRICORN: Saturn, your ruling planet, is one of the three busiest this month, though it probably will not have the hectic pace of last month. Mercury Retrograde and Direct, sextiles Saturn on the 11th and the 19th, providing opportunities for new insights and philosophical understanding. Around the 1st and 8th, partnerships should deepen and transform to a higher place, particularly if you express your emotions honestly. Then around the 19th-25th, others may demand more freedom from the restrictions you’ve imposed. By the end of the month, with a little patience, balance will be achieved and you will become conscious of the long-term, karmic, spiritual growth that has occurred. The Moon enters Capricorn on the 14th, so pay attention to your emotions coming from the unconscious. If they are fear-based, discard them. Find your true feelings.

AQUARIUS: Hello, Aquarius! It’s your birthday month and it should be an exciting one indeed. The Sun is in your First House, with a sextile to Uranus, your ruling planet in your Third House of communication, so if there’s someone you haven’t heard from or would like to talk with, it’s a good time to do so. Around the 5th, 11th and 19th, there are opportunities to meet new friends and favor your goals and ambitions through networking and letting others know about your talents and skills. After the 11th, you will be certain of what actions to take, so wait until then before being pro-active. The Moon enters Aquarius on the 16th, and it’s a New Moon on the 18th in your sign. It’s a time to plant wishes for the coming year.

PISCES: We begin the month and end it with your ruling planet, Neptune, conjoining with Venus on the 1st and the Sun on the 25th. It’s a month for spiritual healing and mystical creativity. The Sun enters Pisces on the 18th, so you should be empowered to create something positive out of those visions and ambitions you’ve been dreaming about. Extreme emotion, passion and love are all on your agenda this month, especially during the 3rd Week. Mid-month, karmic forces may come into play, and some assertion/aggression, which you’re not entirely comfortable with, may be required. The Moon enters Pisces right after the New Moon on the same day. Be wary of deception or misunderstanding around the 24th-26th.



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