“Give Yourself Permission To Be Happy”

By =Lorna Anne

How do emotions affect our world? What role do they play in our development? What is the best way to handle such powerful forces?

Denying emotions that point to our happiness breaks the link to the best possible Destiny, because our evolutionary growth is directly connected to our emotions. Extreme denial can lead to extreme conditions, because emotions are like nature – you can’t control them or deny them without serious repercussions. They certainly cannot be destroyed –only repressed – and repressed emotions can lead to violent behavior.

If we honor our feelings in our world, our realities can get into balance and harmony with ourselves. For centuries, certain cultural influences have tried to destroy the connection to our emotions. Need I mention the story of Adam and Eve? An apple? Eve wanted an apple, she ate an apple. Are we really supposed to believe that all of mankind is doomed for all eternity because of an apple? Wouldn’t this frighten children to mistrust and suspect their emotions as being dangerous?

There is tremendous anger resulting from societal forces that teach us to be rational and to only pay attention to our mental functions. Ignorance as to the importance of our emotions can cause us to make poor choices based upon fear. If we didn’t call feelings bad, taboo or evil, and we dealt with them consciously, rather than repress them, we’d be doing something really positive to help ourselves.

For example, lets take a look at how to handle our emotions successfully. Food cravings – desires for what we may think are unhealthy choices. Sweets, processed foods and the like. You really can’t see the bigger picture as to what your body needs on that particular day; it may seriously need some extra sugar at that particular time, and the desire is telling you the best course of action for your physical body. And that’s why you trust it, rather than say the emotional impulse is wrong. But why choose a cupcake and not dried fruit? Because cupcakes make you happy! And that’s indulging the feelings!

When a taboo desire comes to you, consider it for that one moment in time. There is always an important lesson attached to the feeling that needs to be explored and understood. You’re not leading yourself down the path of destruction to consider it. You have power to keep things from getting out of hand. Trust your strength and will power rather than calling yourself weak. The key is to prevent a healthy indulgence from becoming habit.

There is a caveat to this way of thinking: Do not indulge the feelings until you can eliminate the guilt trip (which is caused by not trusting your emotions) or it will set up a negative rebound reaction. You won’t appreciate or enjoy the experience. It would be indulgence without acceptance, due to the fear of being wrong, and that moves us into the realm of muddling the true emotions creating uncertainty as to making the best choices. Acceptance and trust of the emotions is humanity’s saving grace. It is all of our evolutionary paths.


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