MAY ASTRO FORECAST 2015 By =Lorna Anne


By =Lorna Anne

Trends: With the month of May comes a shift from the fiery, impulsive, exploratory nature of Aries to the blossoming, earthy determined efficiency of Taurus. A sign that expresses its energy and power through physical matter. Love for physical comfort and the good things in life is a means to an end. For through material possessions, Venus (ruling planet) can express beauty and artistry, providing a sense of harmony, and above all, physical security. Taurus’ symbol is the bull, and like that noble animal, they prefer to remain in a secure environment, and to appreciate the wonders of nature, the beauty in their world, and the soul, or Eros, that they see flows through all creation. Tremendous loyalty and willpower are attributes of this slowly persevering sign. Concerned primarily with the practical necessities of life, the dysfunctional side of Taurus can be lazy, forsaking the will to evolve for easy living. If they are pushed, or meet opposition, they can be exceedingly stubborn. They may also be quite insecure and jealous in partnerships, needing frequent emotional reassurance. If this is not provided, they may shut down their emotions and affections, or transfer them to food – another sensual delight – which may result in overeating. It is true that Taurus is happy in the Garden of Earthly Delights, but understanding and appreciating the manifestation of spirit in nature promotes a higher understanding of the creative power behind physical reality, which ultimately will give a much deeper emotional security than the collection of things.

Some hard aspects to both Saturn and Neptune will cause us to confront any confusion or uncertainty in our lives, and to structure our realities to help us gain a sense of clarity and purpose through hard work, determination and responsibility. Three of the four weeks contain Saturn aspects. Saturn is about struggle against adversity, and the wisdom and strength that come from meeting and embracing the tests Saturn puts before us. It is best to see Saturn as a boon to one’s character, growth and development, rather than a bane; for it is important to recognize the value behind the extra effort usually required by Saturn. Neptune is the planet of dissolution, removing boundaries and becoming part of a greater cosmic whole. We do not want to be overly rigid and structured (Saturn), nor an amorphous chameleon (Neptune), so it is the balance between effort and non-controlling integration that we must seek – the cosmic energy released into reality and given structure and form. Probably more so than any combination, Saturn and Neptune aspects teach us that we cannot see the bigger picture in terms of how unexpected realities may help us, but we need to trust them just the same.

In Week 1 we are fortunate to have an expansionary aspect to Jupiter, to help mitigate Saturn’s limiting nature. The lesson to learn in the first week is the balance between too much and too little, and that less is more. With the Full Moon in Scorpio on the 3rd, there will be clarity in letting go of things that are holding you back from the necessary transformation and change you see possible.

Week 2 can best be met with a disciplined attitude and an active, aggressive mind to cope with authority conflicts and use of force, which may come about around the 14th. There is a need to stay on top of things because there could be frustration from unreliability, misleading statements and downright deceit, since Neptune’s difficult aspects become active from the 9th through the end of the month. Think things through carefully and check your facts.

Week 3, Mercury goes Stationary Retrograde on the 18th, causing us to see things differently, to release thoughts simmering under the surface that we’ve ignored, and the completion of things we’ve let slide. On the 21st, Venus opposes Pluto, signifying the ending of situations and structures which are no longer of positive value in ourselves or in our world. Self expression will be difficult around the 21st, so don’t try to make things happen. If there is delay, trust it. You might experience lack of cooperation and negativity, or you might be given unwanted responsibility, especially around he 22nd when the Sun opposes Saturn.

In Week 4, there is a breath of fresh air, with a push for freedom and rebellion from circumstances around the 25th. The mind is quite powerful right now, so although unconscious desires and fears may suddenly rise to the surface, you will be able to figure out what action to take with the aid of your intuition. When Mercury conjuncts Mars on the 27th, it is a powerful blend of intellect and positive action, making your intuitive hunches possible realities. The 28th through the 31st will yield the awareness of the spiritual lessons to be learned from this month’s cosmic agenda.

Key Words: Determination, Structure, Dissolution

ARIES: The focus this month is on physical possessions, material security and what you truly value in your life. Aspects favor you with a strong and powerful intellect along with excellent communication ability. There are opportunities for changes in public image/profession and in home situations. There may be tension in partnerships if there is too much control or rigidity. Tackle any obstacles in your way with faith, determination and positive action. There are no problems, only solutions. The Moon is in Aries on the 14th. Be wary of a short fuse and irritability.

TAURUS: Taureans are celebrating their birthdays and I’m sure you can think of a lot of things to treat yourself with but if you’re making big item purchases, please do so before the 18th when Mercury turns Stationary Retrograde in your Second House of material possessions. Increase your material comfort and give yourself some well-earned contentment. Seek a happy relief from the tedium of everyday life. The Moon is in Taurus on the 16th, when compassion and creativity are highlighted.

GEMINI: Those of you born in late May or early June are dealing most directly with the Saturn oppositions this month. If you feel like Sisyphus pushing a boulder up a mountain and getting nowhere, patience is a virtue. This, too, shall pass. Try to see all sides of a situation. Partnerships may be difficult and it would be best to strive to come up practical solutions. Bear in mind that you are evolving to a higher plane by resolving tensions. What is called for is faith and intelligent thinking. Remove overly rigid mental structures. The Moon is in Gemini on the 18th, the same day as the New Moon. Plant dream seeds for your birthday next month.

CANCER: Extra responsibility at work or with children is probably coming your way. Energy should be put into structuring your goals and plans on a time line, so you know exactly where you’re headed in the future. By the end of the month you should be able to see where Destiny enters into the bigger picture. It is best to get your ego out of the way and go with the flow. The Moon enters Cancer on the 20th to help ground you amidst sudden change. Remember to honor what you truly value.

LEO: Changes on the work front begin the month. It is doubtful that you will be able to control what happens. Use your willpower to plan for the future to give you a sense of both material and emotional security. Others may disagree with or misunderstand your goals and plans. It would be best to meet any obstacles in your path with firm determination around the 21st. You may decide to have a sudden shift in plans around the 18th. There’s an abundance of heightened mental energy this month, so with perseverance, solutions should present themselves. Making a win/win situation for everyone is the best course. Difficult days are around the 3rd and the 18th. The Moon is in Leo on the 22nd to give you extra vitality.

VIRGO: Virgos must rely on philosophical values to cope with the conflict from differing viewpoints which challenge you. Thinking may change when your ruling planet, Mercury, turns Stationary Retrograde on the 18th; so it is recommended to wait until after the 18th to make any final decisions concerning career moves. Actually waiting until Mercury turns Direct next month would be the wisest choice. You may experience confused communication and uncertainty as to what others want, so try to bring clarity to these situations. Make any large purchases before the 18th. The Moon is in Virgo on the 25th to help ground you amidst the confusion.

LIBRA: You can watch an entire Lunar Cycle unfold this month since the Moon is in Libra on the 1st and 27th. Pivotal days are around the 7th, 14th and 20th. Venus, your ruling planet, enters Cancer in the first week, challenging you to leave intellectual concepts behind and to get in touch with your inner emotional nature. Changes in career and home life can be expected. Communication may be difficult and you may have trouble understanding other people’s points of view. Creativity and artistic inspiration are favored around the 16th. Around the 25th, the usual and unexpected may throw you a curved ball, but by the 27th, understanding will clear a path.

SCORPIO: There are only two major aspects to your ruling planet, Pluto, this month: one, with the Sun on the 6th, enabling easy transformational changes; the second, is with Venus on the 21st, which may cause power struggles in partnerships. There is quite a bit of activity in your Eighth House of joint finances, sexual intimacy and evolution to higher states of consciousness. All these areas are highlighted. Use intelligent analysis to sort through the confusion of others. It is best to not expand material resources this month if you can avoid it. At least wait until the Saturn, Neptune, Mercury aspects have passed next month. The Moon is in Scorpio on the 2nd and again on the 30th to help you uncover your deep emotional center. Pivotal days are around the 11th, 18th and 27nd.

SAGITTARIUS: The Sun, Mercury and Mars are all in your opposite sign of Gemini, bringing up relationship issues and opposing viewpoints. Stick to your philosophical principles and don’t let fast talk and big ideas lead you astray. At the beginning of the month the Sun squares your ruling planet, Jupiter. Be wary of reckless behavior and unrealistic expectations. Your own viewpoints and perspectives may shift around the 18th. Be certain to sort through confused communication and misunderstandings around the 3rd, 9th, 25th and 28th. Be organized and practical. The Moon goes into Sagittarius on the 5th, helping you to meet the challenges ahead.

CAPRICORN: Your ruling planet, Saturn, has oppositional aspects from the Sun, Mercury and Mars, so this could be an intense month, when others may put limitations and restrictions upon you in ways you don’t like. Try to keep the channels of communication clear. Misunderstanding in partnerships may arise if you are not sure where other people are coming from. An all or nothing attitude is a concept Capricorns should embrace this month. Don’t settle for what doesn’t work for you. Your talents may not be appreciated, your needs not met. Choices need to be made as to what you are willing to accept from others. Taking risks without having faith behind them is a dangerous thing. The Moon is in Capricorn on the 7th, when emotional issues will be at the forefront.

AQUARIUS: Aquarians are in an advantageous position to take a few Leaps of Faith this month. Be assertive/aggressive and put yourself out there to bring about your heart’s desires. Make sure you take the necessary preparatory steps, get your facts straight, and plan your course wisely. This may cause conflict with others who may want you to take a more conservative approach. With all the uncertainty and confusion in the air, communication is your best but most difficult asset. It’s a Last Quarter Moon in Aquarius on the 11th, so something you’ve been deliberating about can be brought to conclusion.

PISCES: The oppositions to Saturn this month are reflected in the areas of your professional career/public image, and the deepest part of yourself – your ideals. Faith is required to carry them out. It is a good time to assert your power and authority, and to overcome limitations and restrictive thinking. On the other hand, the powers that be may challenge you to be practical and sacrifice your inner dreams. It is a choice you must make. The Full Moon on the 3rd should help you see the light. The Moon is in your sign on the 12th, to ground you and clear confused thinking. Search inside yourself for answers.



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