“Chicken Or Egg? Destiny or Desire? By =Lorna Anne

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“The Chicken Or The Egg? Destiny Or Desire?
Which Came First?”

By =Lorna Anne

It’s an old question concerning the creation of life, but the same question can apply to the creation of reality itself. Which came first: Destiny or Desire (chicken or egg)?

According to the scientific world, it is the egg which came first, since chickens evolved from egg mutations. But does that really answer the question, since a pre-chicken still had to lay the egg?

If you follow that line of thinking, you could say that Destiny (your parents) put you on the planet, and then came your desires. But it was the desires of your parents that brought you here in the first place!

This conundrum is an attempt to answer the question “How much of our reality do we create ourselves, and how much is beyond our control and given to us? Many New Agers think that everything is within our control. They claim that we create our realities entirely by what we think, and of course, by our choices.

But Astrology would refute that argument because an astrological birth chart is a blueprint of our lives. It tells us specifically when occurrences will happen, the gist of what they are, and in what areas of life they will manifest—for our entire lives. It even describes the physical characteristics and health a person will be born with! And so it seems Destiny comes first. Some think we choose beforehand when we are arriving on the planet, and therefore, choose our birth charts. There is no proof to this line of thinking, though it’s possible.

Once on the planet, we do co-create our reality through our desires as well. Everyone, including so-called enlightened people are given unexpected realities (Destiny) they may not like, if they admit to their feelings, because these difficult and challenging realities make us learn, have faith in ourselves and grow. Enlightenment is not a static state. There is evolution happening on all levels because nothing stays the same. Since we are co-creators of our world, we do have the power to prevent severe, life-threatening realities from happening’ but only if we fully one hundred percent believe they won’t. This is true, proven by those who survived death experiences. They say they never thought the worst.

Even when an unexpected reality is given, we have the power to change the Destiny to conditions that are better and different. We have that capability.

The evolution of our souls on this planet depends on what eggs of Desire we nurture and grow and believe to be possible. Desires and destined opportunities that we ignore, fear or deny, leave parts of our birth charts unfulfilled. Enough denial and there is no evolution—only death.

Ultimately, whether we believe Destiny or Desire come first, we are here to learn we have co-creative power, and eventually evolve ourselves to… Super Chickens!


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