“JUNE ASTRO FORECAST 2015” By =Lorna Anne


By =Lorna Anne

Trends: Intellectual expression, thoughts, observations and communication are all ruled by the airy sign of Gemini. For the lessons of Gemini, we must learn to utilize the mind for what its purpose truly is: a means to take us to where our hearts want to go. With Gemini we learn that the mind is the means, not the end. In Gemini we also learn to regulate the flow of our bodily energies so that we don’t over-extend ourselves to exhaustion; and, it’s also the role of Gemini to protect us from buying into fear, by offering solutions, options and possibilities. The mind should be a resource to keep us centered on our course. The glyph for Gemini is the roman numeral II, representing a dualistic nature which allows an understanding of many different perspectives, enabling good arbitration skills. On the dysfunctional side, duality becomes fickleness, flitting from one activity or relationship to another. This duplicity is also a convenient way for Geminis to push their agendas by only revealing some of the facts, or twisting and circumventing what they don’t want revealed. For Geminis, after the understanding and exploration have been accomplished, seeking and deciphering the true heart’s desire from the mental static and fear, is the endpoint.
June is almost the antithesis of last month’s productive struggles. June is a breath of fresh air—like windows thrown open in unused rooms. There are tremendous forces of mental and physical energy to accomplish any project or task at hand; as well as lots of social activities and engagements; and the opportunity for routines to change and to introduce the new and different, whether it be in your reality or in your mind. Expect brilliant thinking and unusual insights. Everyone should be touched by a sense of optimism, self confidence and faith, yielding a new understanding of yourself and your life philosophy.

Impulsiveness and risk-taking are highlighted in Week 1, in terms of spontaneity and heightened self-expression. Parts of ourselves normally left hidden will shine. The first week is also fortuitous for business ventures and enterprises after the Full Moon on the 2nd, since this Moon will illuminate the Sun, Mercury, Mars aspects squaring Neptune at the end of last month. A light will shine on hunches denied, feelings of inadequacy, confused communication or deception, and these will be brought to consciousness. Once the fog clears, action can be taken.

In Week 2, the opportunistic mood continues. You can put into place a whole new order in your life, having the right inclination and know-how. It’s a very social week filled with unusual opportunities. Mercury turns Stationary Direct on the 11th, so after that you are protected in making large purchases. Saturn Retrograde returns to Scorpio on the 14th, reminding us to search inward for our own truths. The Sun entering Cancer on the 21st, and Mars following suit (in Week 4), encourages us to nurture ourselves and our world.

In Week 3, the longest and slowest moving aspect of the month takes place: Jupiter trine Uranus. This is the third and last pass. (See Astro Forecasts September 2014 and March 2015 for more information.) Through one’s search for higher metaphysical truths, freedom can be found. There’s a New Moon in Gemini on the 16th to help align emotion, energy and intellect. Don’t try to be practical or disciplined around the 23rd, because energies are directed toward spiritual pursuits or downright escapism from everyday humdrum.

Week 4 is more restful than the previous weeks. Mars enters Cancer, so those outward bursts of mental energy earlier in the month will shift to inner needs for emotional security. The last aspect of the month, on the 29th, when Venus trines Uranus, creates long-term growth through unexpected and unusual experiences which take us into the Full Moon on July 1st.

Key Words: Energy, Opportunity, Growth

ARIES: This whole month provides opportunities for inner growth. Mostly, it’s about learning to communicate on a serious level, to steer and structure your relationship in a direction of trust and honesty. Depersonalize over-sensitivity to innocent situations. Be playful and free in your self-expression. Don’t be intimidated by others’ views Assert yourself and express the real you. Be wary of confused communication around the 23rd. Enjoy the recreational and sports opportunities highlighted for fun and excitement. The Moon is in Aries on the 10th, so you should feel loaded with energy.

TAURUS: Well, Taurus, it’s time to shed that conservative skin of yours and admit you like variety and the new and different. Home and family may pose a few challenges, but there are opportunities to achieve what you value and truly desire; however, you may have to invest more personal resources than you expected. It’s best to trust that this will not put you in a disadvantageous position, but will, instead, expand your horizons. Embrace the unexpected – it may cause you to change your values and priorities. The Moon is in Taurus on the 12th, to help ground you amidst flux and change.

GEMINI: Geminis will have lots of action in this, their birthday month, with lots of surprises in store for you. So much to see and learn! Communication is the key to expressing yourself, your dreams and desires. Meeting new, unusual and interesting people will bring important insight into future goals. Your ruling planet, Mercury, turns Direct on the 11th. Now you can make purchases you want. This whole month is filled with opportunity. With the Moon in Gemini on the 14th, plant wishes for the year ahead!

CANCER: Cancerians are learning to value and trust their higher spiritual selves. The karma that unexpectedly presents itself will be of benefit on shedding light on how to be creative with material resources in ways that offer expansion in your career. The Sun and Mars both enter your sign on the 21st and 24th, respectively, so pay attention to your emotional security and nurture yourself. The Moon is in Cancer on the 16th, right after a New Moon. Turn inward and understand the need to have faith and value your chosen path.

LEO: Leos will attract social situations and new friends this month, which may cause you to change your mind about what you thought you wanted to pursue and achieve. In Week 1, new information and perspectives will present themselves, enabling you to solidify your belief and faith in future prospects. A need for creative self-expression and playful communication should make this a fun, rewarding and inspirational month for yourself and the relationships in your life. The Moon enters Leo on the 19th, enabling you to focus on yourself amidst a busy social time.

VIRGO: Career and public image is the focus of the month. Don’t be afraid to flaunt your talents and abilities, and talk about the changes you’d like to make to improve conditions around you. Differing viewpoints may challenge you and it is best to let each to his own. Spirituality and occult subjects provide opportunities for growth. Your ruling planet, Mercury, turns Stationary Direct on the 11th, so after that, any large purchases you wish to make can safely be done. Strive to bring your deep hidden desires to the light of day. The Moon is in Virgo on the 21st, grounding you for the spiritual insights and deepening of faith that come your way around the 23rd.

LIBRA: Librans will most likely focus on higher learning and life philosophy. There is long-term growth in digging deep inside yourself to understand your core beliefs and use them as a base upon which you create your future. If you are an artist, artwork with spiritual themes will most likely evolve, expanding your creative potential. Focusing on the mental skills of Gemini provides long-term growth in how you walk the earth and express yourself. There is a new excitement in intimate partnerships. Integrating belief into action yields a deep sense of integrity. The First Quarter Moon is in Libra on the 24th, so pay attention to where you might be sacrificing your integrity for rationalizations and public approval.

SCORPIO: There’s a cluster of planets in your ruling planet, Pluto’s natal house, providing opportunities to use shared resources and improve your career and public image. Others will appreciate your efforts and your unique contribution to your profession. Any changes you choose to make this month should be to promote long-term growth. Last month’s Eighth House themes are still active (See May Astro Forecast); however, any difficulties you were challenged by can be overcome this month. The path will be much easier to reap the benefits of those efforts. The Moon is in Scorpio on the 26th, so pivotal days are the 6th, 12th and 19th. Mercury turns Stationary Direct on the 11th. After that, spending and expanding your resources are highlighted.

SAGITTARIUS: The first week is a particularly opportunistic one if you’re willing to invest energy and ambition to make things happen. There’s long-term growth in embracing the unexpected and unusual, since your ruling planet, Jupiter, is involved in a trine with Uranus on the 22nd. Giving yourself more freedom in life is recommended. Since so many planets are in your opposite sign, Gemini, expect relationship issues to come to the forefront. Maintain your philosophical beliefs despite opposing views. Try to make a win/win situation for everyone. Seek unusual solutions and new ways of doing things. The Moon is in Sagittarius on the 1st and 28th. You can watch an entire Lunar cycle unfold. Pivotal days are the 8th, 14th, and 21st.

CAPRICORN: There’s a concentration of planets in your Sixth House of health, healing, work, and being of service to others. In all these areas, opportunities abound to make positive transformations. You may not want to be direct or confrontational in communication with others, but if you aren’t, it will cause confusion. With the heavy Gemini emphasis this month, talking things out is highlighted. Sudden changes in home life will most likely occur in Week 1, enabling you to maintain the structure you desire in your life. The Moon enters Capricorn on the 3rd, helping you to see your Destiny clearly. There will be a Full Moon in your sign July 1st.

AQUARIUS: You are still on a roll from last month, with lots of opportunistic aspects to your ruling planet, Uranus. Any blocks that you ran into last month will clear. Super-charged days are around the 9th, 10th and 22nd. The Jupiter/Uranus trine falls in your Third House of communication and your Seventh House of business and intimate partnerships, so those areas are highlighted. Improve your self-expression and communicate your ideas freely. This will strengthen relationships. Fun, recreation and sports provide a welcome diversion. The Moon is in Aquarius on the 6th, when mental brilliance and enlightenment will become conscious.

PISCES: This month gives you the opportunity to explore the deepest parts of yourself, to learn how much you are willing to sacrifice, and when to set up boundaries around what you need and deserve. You have found new values that you realize are important in your life, and that you want to honor them. Get a clear perspective as to what motivates you and what holds you back. Pay attention to your emotions and how you may rationalize away their importance. Your ruling planet, Neptune, turns Stationary Retrograde on the 12th, highlighting spiritual awareness and your soul connection to your world. Improve your health and be careful of over-exertion. The Moon is in Pisces on the 8th to bring you clarity.



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