“Finding Your Own Path” By =Lorna Anne

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“Finding Your Own Path”

By =Lorna Anne

We live in a world where everyone is making choices all day everyday. Every action is a choice, all forms of self-expression are choices.

We can live from the heart, which requires us to release the wellspring of our emotions, making choices based upon our feeling center, and trusting an unseen outcome.

Or we can operate from the mind, rationalizing our choices; but the mind is a two-edged sword which has the power to promote or negate. In the mind is where paradox resides, and paradox creates a conditional state of either/or, right or wrong. And that is the very thing that undermines our “knowingness” – the fear that we don’t know, that we are wrong, and making bad choices.

There are those who say they don’t know their true feelings. That would be the result of the double-edged mind causing a fear of betrayal in trusting the emotional response. This creates a polarization that ends in total disbelief and conflict between both mind and heart.

Lost feelings, lost trust, negative fear-based thinking, lead in only one direction – despair. Therefore, it is the choice our egos make (in dealing with thoughts and feelings) that is the only wrong or right. Feelings and thoughts are latent until the ego decides to act upon them. No need to censure the unconscious flow; but, better to allow conscious self-expression of our inner self.

We must rely on the ego to sort through the mental paradoxes and learn what is true. Find the true emotions and register only the positive thoughts – trust our knowingness – that the heart is our soul and the soul is our journey.



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