By =Lorna Anne

Trends: In July we move into the watery, emotional sign of Cancer: the ocean, the womb of life, the unconscious, the pulls and tides of the Moon. Cancer is symbolic of the co-mingling of energies to create new life and to care for and nurture it once born. It’s also about honoring what many of us ignore –the life of the unconscious. Do we deny its impulses to release new life within ourselves? It is Cancer’s job to nurture and stabilize us against the winds of Gemini by going deep within our emotional selves. It represents inner safety as well as the safety of family and tribe. We must value our inter-dependencies with others and our need for bonding. The dysfunctional side of Cancer is the fear of never having enough, and so Cancerians can be extremely selfish in order to protect themselves from the fear of lack. They can be possessive and demanding of others to the point where they stifle the Eros – the life principle itself. We all must learn to live more in the present and feel the support of the Universe, rather than worrying about the future.

It’s a Blue Moon, and things you never thought would ever change, just might. There are powerful, dynamic planetary forces, with much of the growth being on an internal level, since five of ten planets are Retrograde, causing us to turn inward. This does not negate external change; it means that the revolutionary aspects will most likely trigger external events to create inner change.

Week 1 has a Full Moon on the 1st in Capricorn and is filled with positive advantage, optimism and good times, if one seizes the opportunities presented. Rigidity and stubbornness must give sway to feeling and emotion. Learn from higher spiritual laws, and value finding your own direction. Think outside of the timeworn ruts that have confined you. Around the 6th you should feel the emphasis shift from the mind to the emotions, if you didn’t pay attention to them at the Full Moon. Tap into your inner power core: renew and rejuvenate yourself. Also on the 6th, this month’s transformational energies begin with the Sun opposing Pluto. Also psychic communication and telepathy are heightened with positive aspects to Neptune from the Sun and Mars.

This trend continues into Week 2. This week is astrologically intense. Around the 12th there are challenges from sudden disruptions and unusual circumstances. Do not resist them, but understand their importance. Everything happens for a purpose. Around the 14th you may have a reality check when it comes to relationships in your life. Release disappointments, hostage situations and unfulfilled commitments that bring you down. Ruthless power struggles and anger in order to attain emotional security will not work. Explore and listen, rather than just pushing your own agenda. In all cases, mediate and seek the change that brings improvement. The strong energy shifts will occur mid-month around the 15th when Mercury and Mars, following the Sun, both oppose Pluto.

In Week 3, around the 16th, the drive, and the well-thought-out knowledge as to how to make sweeping personal changes, is available. Pay attention to inner desires. Around the 18th, unexpected information may come as a surprise; so once again, embrace the unusual and different. Around the 21st and 22nd, is a good time to start a diet plan or anything that requires long-term discipline. It is also best to turn inward around this time because communication may be difficult. However, if you’ve been avoiding saying something that you’ve needed to, now is the time to bring the dark to light.

In Week 4, it’s about loving yourself enough to overcome unconscious fear and express the real you that you’ve discovered in your inward journey this month. Clear thinking and creative self expression are highlighted. Around the 25th, you may need to confront unusual ambitions. assertions and impulses within yourself or others. Creatively express the new inner you. The month ends with a Full Moon in Aquarius, to bring heightened revelations and unusual fun.

Key Words: Inner exploration, transformation, mental illumination

ARIES: Special emphasis is on home and family this month, as well as focusing on the deepest parts of yourself: your desires, hopes and fears, and healing the negative thinking that thwarts growth. Be wary of power plays around the 15th and 16th. Use the vast power available this month to improve existing personal/business relationships as well as joining in recreational activities to meet new friends and gain insight. During the first half of the month you will see the larger purpose for your existence on the planet. Pay attention to your feelings. It’s a Last Quarter Moon in Aries on the 8th, providing a solution for conflict: make peace, not war.

TAURUS: There’s lots of action in your Third House of communication and self-expression and there’s lots of energy available to focus on improving these skills and expressing the true deepest parts of yourself without fear of consequences. The emphasis is on good times this month; though personal relationships may experience conflicts due to rigid control and power plays. Conflicts must be dealt with fairly, with everyone’s interest in mind. Work at mending and healing. The Moon is in Taurus on the 9th, giving you the opportunity to understand the bigger picture.

GEMINI: Money, personal resources and joint finances are highlighted this month. Challenges may cause you to make unexpected changes in your plans in the first half of the month. The way to go is with the flow, and to accept any external limitations that may be imposed. Your communication skills will be an asset in meeting new people and having fun in a plethora of social engagements. Your ruling planet, Mercury, is in Cancer from the 8th until the 28th, so get in touch with valuing your deepest feelings and longings. The Moon is in Gemini on the 11th, giving you new directions for this upcoming Lunar Cycle.

CANCER: It’s your birthday month, and although last year might have been quite challenging, you should congratulate yourself on the personal transformation that has taken place. Preventing control issues from ruining partnerships, and standing up for yourself to be an active member within a partnership, has been important. Learn fairness and justice for all and it will hold you in good stead. Let go of any relationship that doesn’t allow that. There is harmonious growth in plummeting the depths of a situation and understanding the bigger picture in terms of lessons to be learned: Setting up self-protective boundaries and honest self-expression are the keys. With Mars in your First House, you have plenty of energy and aggression to meet any opposition. The Moon is in Cancer on the 14th, helping you to cope with energy shifts caused by Pluto in your opposite house.

LEO: Both Sun and Mars are in your Twelfth House of karma, so this is a time of testing in which being of service to others is important. Choices you make now will have a long range effect. Philosophical principles should guide you in the direction of fairness and equality for everyone. Nurture yourself and others. The choice is to create a healing situation for everyone; or, to try to control and dominate. In Week 1, focus on goals and ambitions. Trust the process and be patient. The Sun enters Leo on the 22nd, and Mercury and Venus follow on the 23rd and 31st, respectively, to help you get in touch with the inner you.

VIRGO: Goals and ambitions on your transformational journey are highlighted. How could you improve yourself? Overly structured behavior has its place; but pay attention to the tides of your feelings and flow with them. Communication difficulties will ease by mid-month, when what you truly value must be expressed clearly. Practical vs whimsical may be a theme this month. It is best to do both. Find spirit in all matter. The Moon enters Virgo on the 18th to help ground you during the energy shifts mid-month.

LIBRA: The focus is on career and public image, bringing forth ambitions and values that may have been ignored or unrecognized until now. This may cause transformation in the deepest part of yourself. Venus, your ruling planet, turns Stationary Retrograde on the 25th, when stepping outside of the box to express feelings that need to be communicated is recommended. Home and family relationships should improve by breaking up routines and embracing the new and different. There’s plenty of opportunity for socializing and conversation during the first week, as well as heightened artistic creativity. Mid-month brings challenges to allow your unique self the transformational freedom needed amidst shifting energies of change. Don’t make yourself do practical things until the latter half of the month when it is favored. The Moon is in Libra on the 21st to help you get in touch with the deep inner you.

SCORPIO: The Pluto energies are causing major shifts in your life, Scorpio. The form and structure of your communication needs to come from your feeling center, and it is certainly better to express how you feel about things. Do not perpetrate power plays or put up with them from others. You have plenty of drive and ambition this month, just be wary of pushing agendas too hard. Mid-month, let go of what doesn’t work anymore, or change it so that it does. It’s a First Quarter Moon in Scorpio on the 24th, when bold action should be taken. The effects will be seen clearly on the Full Moon on the 31st.

SAGITTARIUS: Sagittarians are beginning a process of learning deeper intimacy and bonding with others. You are reaching into the deepest part of yourself to make the changes that will nurture, provide emotional security, and overcome fear. Energy exchanges, learning to network and to have faith in the reality you are creating will help make it a successful month. You may feel overwhelmed by your own drives and ambitions, but don’t forget your emotional needs. The Full Moon in Week 1 should enlighten you as to the best choices to make. The Moon enters Sagittarius on the 26th. Plant wishes for the future.

CAPRICORN: It’s an exciting first week with lots of opportunities to start new things or to expand existing ones due to a Full Moon in Capricorn on the 1st. Relationship issues between yourself and business/intimate partnerships can be dealt with most successfully from the 6th to the 15th. It’s a good time to confront any unresolved issues. Care for and nurture yourself before attending to others. By the 21st, your ruling planet, Saturn, makes harmonious aspects to both Sun and Mercury, so you should feel that you have a solid foundation beneath you for long-term growth. The Moon enters Capricorn for the second time this month on the 28th. Pivotal days are the 7th, 14th, 21st and 28th.

AQUARIUS: Your ruling planet, Uranus is active again this month, especially after its harmonious, slow-moving aspect to benevolent Jupiter last month. There’s lots of opportunities for Aquarians during Week 1. Mid-month may feel uncertain and unstable as Destiny may play its unexpected hand. Pay attention to nurturing yourself and improve your health in some way. Around the 20th to the 23rd is a great time to start a new health regimen. Maintain a practical view if things seem out of control around the 8th. Use common sense. The Sun, Mercury and Venus all enter your opposing sign, Leo, on the 22nd, 23rd and 31st respectively, highlighting relationship issues at the end of the month. The Moon is in Aquarius two times, on the 3rd and a Full Moon on the 31st when illumination will provide necessary answers. Pivotal days are around the 3rd, 9th, 16th, 24th and 30th.

PISCES: Pisceans have recreation and fun highlighted for the month as long as you allow time for them amidst the goals, ambitions and transformations you have envisioned for yourself. Remember, work goes better with play. A retreat for spiritual healing and well-being is encouraged. You may need to revise your plans around the 14th and 15th, but you will see the benefit in doing so. It is a harmonious month overall for Pisces, as long as you are flexible and open-minded. The Moon is in Pisces early in the month on the 5th to help ground you for this month’s transformational changes.


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