By =Lorna Anne

(Just A Reminder: If you know your Ascendant/Rising Sign, please read that sign’s forecast as well for further information.)

Trends: Bold, like its fiery constellation in the sky, Leo is the internal source for power and self- expression. Leo rules the heart and is known to be generous by nature and radiant and confident in manner. Leos are charmed with a vitality that exudes well-being, like sunlight that warms the world. Others love to bask in the light. Leo is also the creative principle, bringing children into the world, Both biological and those of artistic creative endeavors. Leos are movers and shakers when it comes to making sure their desires are met. The lion is their symbol, denoting, on its highest level, spiritual wisdom and power, when used correctly. Although they can be playful as kittens, they see themselves as kings and queens of their domains, and being benevolent rulers, most people do not dare tread on their toes. However, the dysfunctional side of Leo is, of course, commanding, manipulative, dictatorial power. They can be most egotistical and vain. They see life as a stage; they are the star, and no one else. They can be overly dramatic, but on the other hand, if not dysfunctional, Leos do have a proclivity for acting due to their innate sense of drama. Overall, Leo energy is invigorating and lends an appreciated glow to any situation.

It is well-known in the world of physics that our observation of our reality changes its appearance/form. Sort of like, reality is in the eye of the observer. On a most fundamental level, we will all have before us a karmic choice concerning our outlook/perspective on some facet of our reality. It will be a choice of faith or fear, optimism or pessimism, trust or mistrust, choosing light over darkness. This is due to a slow-moving square aspect between super-conscious, visionary Jupiter and dark, minimalistic, dour Saturn, especially during the first and third weeks. The best way to release these energies is to have faith, bond and commit. Build form and structure in your life. Overcome any limitations that prevent this. This process will be evident most of this month. Another theme of focus is on our values and what we deem as most important. Do we admire ourselves? Is our personal world what we want? Do we have the security we need? Or should we value change?

In Week 1, Saturn turns Stationary Direct, which tends to manifest consolidation and confinement of energy. However, on the 3rd and 4th, Jupiter’s energy will counter-balance and challenge those limitations to maintain belief and optimism – to value a belief system that will conquer fear. Love yourself, your reality and your vision of the future. Around the 5th, there may be a choice of creating something enduring between yourself and others, or going It alone. Around the 6th you may want to do something that you don’t think you can. Feelings of inadequacy must be overcome. Tenacity and discipline will give you the strength you need. Don’t be surprised if assertion/aggression is forcefully expressed around the 8th. Action will tend to be exaggerated due to Mars entering Leo, though usually this will take place in terms of extreme generosity, magnanimity, or playfulness – attributes of Leo. We should all feel Mar’s new-found vitality.

Week 2 is not as challenging as Week 1. On the 7th and 11th, both Mercury and Jupiter enter Virgo, respectively, conferring logic, analysis and practical thinking. On the 12th, take a break and escape routine. There’s lots of energy and excitement for new and different things – indulge! Incorporate your values into your world and bring about changes to create long-term growth concerning what is important to you. It’s a New Moon in Leo on the 14th: plant seeds for the upcoming Lunar cycle.

Week 3 has the least planetary aspects and should be the easiest and most relaxed. However, there’s lots of energy and vitality to overcome any obstacles that may come into your path. They can be surmounted with discipline, patience and determination.

Week 4 provides ample opportunities for disciplined thinking, organization and problem-solving, so tie up any loose ends from the month’s activities. By the 26th, optimism based on faith should prevail, if the light was shed on this month’s darkness. Harmony, sensitivity and spiritual awareness should teach us how to create win/win situations and not make unnecessary sacrifices. The end of the month is also a prolific time for artistic ability and inspiration, as well as social and romantic connections.

Key Words: Choice, Faith, Perception

ARIES: There’s a heavy concentration of planets in your Fifth House conferring heightened awareness of your inner development, creativity and self expression. Focus on the inspiration that comes to you and creatively convey your feelings and inspirations through artistic pursuits – or create a new reality the way you want it to be. Your competitiveness should kick into gear around the 18th, so games, workouts and recreation should release tension and prove successful. Make it a fun month. Feel the vitality of the Leo energy and accomplish great things by taking a Leap of Faith in love and romance – there is long-term growth in those areas. The Moon is in Aries on the 3rd to help ground you for the month ahead.

TAURUS: Taurus, you may have a bumpy ride if you continue to limit and ignore what needs to be attended to, which is to shed some light on apparent inner conflicts and figure out how to resolve them. It is a battle of fear over faith. Your ruling planet, Venus, will be challenged to expand self-expression from the deepest part of yourself and release blocks. Mental organization and cool thinking can come to your aid on the 7th. Week 2 is a good time to bring into being what you’ve decided that you want to create. Working at home may be a priority. A heightening of passion and love may occur mid-month. There’s a Last Quarter Moon in Taurus on the 6th. Express those feelings you’ve been stuffing and let the chips fall where they may.

GEMINI: Your ruling planet, Mercury, is the busiest of all the planets this month so it most likely will be quite stimulating mentally, especially during Week 1. Verbal and artistic self-expression are highlighted, so share your creative thoughts with others. Life should mellow out a bit by around the 12th so you can take time for a little escape and dream about your expansionary vision of the future. In Week 4 you should be able to come up with a strategy. In the latter half of the month, being practical is recommended. Remember, where there’s a will there’s a way to make your dreams a reality. The Moon enters Gemini on the 8th, to help propel you to a new scenario.

CANCER: People frequently identify and characterize others by their possessions. Are you someone that seeks status and public acclaim, or do you want to be known as an individual who expresses their true inner selves? Paying attention to physical and material resources is key here. Buy or bring to you what gives you physical security and a sense of well-being. Nurture yourself. Above all, have a gratifying and fulfilling month. This month’s challenge may be trying to reconcile your own inner value clashes. Solutions should present themselves next month. The Moon enters Cancer on the 10th. Turn inward and sort your priorities.

LEO: Happy Birthday, Leo You should certainly be feeling the vitality and pulse of life itself with five planets in your sign for most of the month. Enjoy basking in the sunlight. With an abundance of energy, exuberance and willpower, you should have quite a lively month with lots of social engagements. Challenges and choices may be involved with how much of yourself you’re willing to reveal, and how freely playful you will let yourself be. Focusing on philosophical issues can evolve you to a higher state of consciousness. Remember to love others as you love yourself and conflicts will resolve. It’s a New Moon in Leo on the 14th, so plant seeds, not only for the coming month, but the coming year as well.

VIRGO: In the first half of the month, trying to keep your world organized, as you like to do may be counter-productive to the flow of life calling you to “be in it”. Circumstances may cause changes in routine. Best to ease up on the controls and enjoy the ride. Giving yourself time for a much-needed retreat from the world may be in order. Choose to reveal your feelings and express the hidden you rather than stuffing it for fear of your own emotional intensity. Relate from an intimate place. This month’s focus is about love and beauty and the spiritual connections to those areas of your life. The Sun, Mercury and Jupiter are all entering your sign as the month progresses, so you will be able to sort through the barrage of information that you must absorb, possibly causing you to change your mind about plans around the 18th. The Moon enters Virgo on the 15th, right after the New Moon to help you to prepare yourself for the upcoming Lunar Cycle.

LIBRA: This is not an action-oriented month, but more so, one for planning. Making things happen in the first couple of weeks could require a lot of struggle and endurance, having to go against limitations. Have patience. On the other hand, imposed limits prevent you from over-extending yourself. The choice is to find a secure balance. The second half of the month improves when the Sun and Venus (your ruling planet) conjoin on the 15th, which should fill you with feelings of love, beauty and inspiration. Focus on new ways to express yourself. It’s a great month for artistic endeavors of all kinds, as well as prioritizing your goals and ambitions for future directions. Trust in the path that takes you there. Network and make yourself better known in the circles you value. Others may provide important insight. The Moon enters Libra on the 17th, conferring brilliant conscious awareness.

SCORPIO: This month’s focus concerns career and public image: how you express yourself and what you present to the public. Notoriety in your profession may also be recognized. You may be challenged in allowing yourself the freedom to be yourself in the public eye. Express yourself honestly and without fear. It’s a good month for clear and structured thought. Love the real you and let it shine. In the latter half of the month, a little practical foresight could go a long way. Don’t spend or plan beyond your means unless you can see a clear path as to how to make it all work. The Moon enters Scorpio on the 20th, to help you wind down and get centered.

SAGITTARIUS: You will be very concerned with philosophical issues, ideals and visions. How can you expand yourself to play the part you wish to play in society? Choices you make now will have far-reaching implications further on down the line. There’s a lot of activity with your ruling planet, Jupiter, and although you ought to be feeling buoyant and optimistic, the amount of discipline and work it will take to make your desired vision a reality is a bit daunting. Don’t rush things. Don’t take short cuts when you are working toward long-term growth. At the end of the month it will be easier to come up with creative solutions to the issues at hand. The Moon enters Sagittarius on the 22nd, grounding you for a productive fourth week.

CAPRICORN: You are being challenged to shed light on deep, inner transformational change, calling upon you to focus on core issues, and to take an intimate look at how you express yourself in relationships, both intimate and friendship. What parts of yourself do you tend to hide from others? Be honest. There’s a lot of energy to help you become whatever you want to be, once you gain the respect as to who you are now, so that you have the confidence to follow the path you want to carve for yourself in the future. Invent a new you that makes you happy and shed the negativity you hold against yourself. Your ruling planet, Saturn, is being challenged by positive expansionary Jupiter. The choice is yours. You can make it or break it by the view you hold of yourself. Trust the future. Be wary of confused communication around the 12th. The Moon is in Capricorn on the 25th, when aspects favor good mental organization.

AQUARIUS: The focus is on intimate and business partnerships, and expressing to those important people your desires, feelings, and creative inspiration. Share the love with others and don’t be afraid to tell it like it is, though you may fear others’ reactions. Tensions may arise if the self-centered focus from others gets in the way of fairness and equality. Remain an individual but work at compromise. Do not forsake your beliefs or ideals. Mid- to end of month is a very harmonious time to start anything new that you value bringing into existence. Be wary of confusion in financial dealings or communications around the 12th. The Moon enters Aquarius on the 27th, giving you an opportunity to put your relationships in perspective.

PISCES: You will be concerned with improving health and vitality. This month provides the discipline to follow through on what you know would be good for you now and in the years to come. Be careful of over-extending your good intentions and helpfulness to a point where it exhausts you. It’s best to favor the break-up of routines and catching up on sleep, or doing whatever it takes to create the security and self-nurturing you need. Work demands may require extra energy this month. Take time off around the 12th, because whatever you do will probably have to be re-done anyway. Differing philosophical viewpoints may make it difficult for you to allow others to follow their own path. Differing issues can be resolved at the end of the month. The Moon is in Pisces two times this month: the 1st, and a Full Moon on the 29th, so you can watch an entire Lunar Cycle unfold. Pivotal days are around the 8th, 15th and 22nd. The Full Moon should be most enlightening!



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