By =Lorna Anne

Trends: Libra adds grace, charm and elegance to life. Librans love to create beauty in their surroundings and enjoy socializing and entertaining. Being a mental sign, they seek intellectual stimulation. They are known as the partnership sign and feel at their best when they are a complement to others. Whether in intimate partnerships or groups, Librans like to feel they are a connected part. The symbol for this airy, gregarious sign is the Scales, representing balance, equality, fairness, cooperation and the superior intellect that endorses these attributes. The dysfunctional side of Libra is the exchange of those qualities for the approbation of others. In simple terms – people pleasing. And secondly, indecisiveness, the result of abandoning their principles to appease others. They have a tendency to avoid conflict and unpleasant issues and to prefer their glossy version of what they would like reality to be, rather than what it actually is. Overall, however, Librans make very good objective mediators and are also very supportive and encouraging of others’ ambitions and talents.

In Week 1, there’s opportunity to find out about the hard facts of something which have been confusing you or seems unclear or deceitful. Once you know the full story you can right the wrongs and remove the deceptions. Strike out on your own, if need be, and look for workable solutions.

In Week 2, Mercury turns Stationary Direct on the 9th, in time to help you break through any blocks that prevent you from giving form and structure to changes you want to make. It’s a good time to implement them, due to a harmonious, slow-moving aspect between Jupiter and Pluto which will be in effect all month. And Mars is harmoniously making an aspect to Pluto on the 15th, so the energies favor transformation. Challenges in love and relationships should ease around the 10th, as long as you allow others, and yourself, the freedom to grow to full potential. Do not be overly sacrificing or try to control others by doing good deeds for payback benefits. It’s a New Moon in Libra on the 12th, so a new beginning for relationships gone wrong is possible.

In Week 3, drive, ambition, and optimism combine on the 17th to help you face intellectual challenges around the 22nd, which may require you to let go of something you’ve been holding onto for the wrong reasons. The 20th – 23rd is a good time to purge and cleanse.

Week 4 is the Full Moon, at 3 degrees Taurus on the 27th. You should be feeling quite optimistic, with all your ducks in a row, though you can expect impatience and restlessness if you didn’t ditch what you’ve wanted to and instead left things the same. If you were unaware of your blocks, you will be made aware. Time to let go of social norms that limit growth and see the metaphysical and universal laws at work.

Key Words: Re-birth, optimism, clarity

Aries: Aries, get real, and get in touch with your desires, whether you think they can be fulfilled or not, especially concerning relationships. Once you’ve found those real feelings, you need to give value to thinking that they can manifest if you remain true to believing in the ideal potential. There will be challenges: reality may look quite inhospitable to integrating your wishes, but with a little trust in the process, you will be able to make great strides during the 15th – 19th. Use your intuition and insight to see positive new possibilities. The Moon is in Aries on the 25th when a new cycle begins. By the beginning of next month, this month’s efforts will bear fruit, if they haven’t before then.

Taurus: On the 8th, your ruling planet, Venus, enters the sign of Virgo, conferring logical thinking, organization and practicality. Situations may be more complex than you thought they were, and the best way to handle them may still be obscure, especially if you are missing certain pieces to the puzzle. But by Week 3, you can see what needs to change, to give you the emotional security that you need in a certain area of your life. Try not to overly control the process. Remember, the Universe works in mysterious ways. Just know you’ll be happy with how things turn out, and meanwhile, enjoy life and don’t worry. There’s a Full Moon in Taurus on the 27th when the puzzle pieces should all fit together to give you an enlightened view of the bigger picture.

Gemini: Your ruling planet, Mercury, is quite active this month, turning Stationary Direct on the 9th, after making opportunistic aspects to Saturn on the 6th (Retrograde) and the 15th (Direct). There’s lots of opportunity to understand life’s lessons, and to envision a new and more perfect future through the eyes of past experience. Accept change, even if it does challenge you. Go with the flow and let go of whatever has held you back. In Week 4, you may feel impatient and impulsive. Focus on finding solutions. Don’t run away from the new and unfamiliar. Explore and understand it. Accentuate or create spiritual beauty within your home. An entire Lunar Cycle takes place in this month for Gemini. Pivotal days are around the 1st, 8th, 23rd and 29th.

Cancer: This month is opportunistic for socializing in your home, or making it more beautiful in some way. Let the creative inspiration flow from deep within yourself. Let your voice be heard among the many. There are lessons to learn when it comes to cooperation and being helpful to others. You should be able to see your relationships with others quite clearly now. Make sure they are based upon your ideals. Relationships could go one of two ways this month, depending upon your assessment of the situation: either you could find renewed optimism and re-launch a new and transformed relationship, or you could decide to let one go. Sudden career changes are highlighted. The Moon is in Cancer two times this month, on the 1st and 31st. Pivotal days also include around the 12th and the 20th.

Leo: Leos will most likely be giving attention to organizing and assessing resources and finances, and possibly deriving a budget plan from the effort. Letting go of burdensome commitments, or at least asking for positive change, is in order. You may need to let go of trying to over-control your reality and understand that it’s playing out a certain way for a good reason. The Moon enters Leo on the 6th. You may be challenged to relinquish something you are trying to retain. Insight and illumination should come around the 11th and the 23rd, when deep thinking will bring faith and optimism. It will most likely be an intellectually stimulating month, bringing good networking possibilities.

Virgo: There is opportunity for Virgos to make those long-awaited changes in the home, or deep within yourself. You figured out what truly matters to you, so go for the dream. This month will give you an extra tank of energy to plow through things and get them done. Prioritize, organize. You may want to try a little extra romance and intimacy with a loved one. Do something to beautify yourself around the 8th. Don’t take any unnecessary chances this month, especially during the first two weeks. The latter half is more expansionary and open to opportunity. The Moon and Venus enter Virgo on the 8th. Get ready to overcome challenges on the 10th, since your ruling planet, Mercury, turns Direct on the 9th.

Libra: It’s your birthday month, Libra, and you can be sure there’s a surprise in store for you this month. You now have two additional planets in your Twelfth House, along with Venus, Jupiter and Mars, so expect Destiny to play a hand. The choices and actions you make now will have long-lasting implications. You may even decide upon a change of residence. Your thinking will most likely turn philosophical and it is best to reach beyond the practical and mundane to understand the higher energies at work. One thing you might realize is that a little extra forethought and planning will help alleviate confusion when new things are suddenly added to your life. There’s a New Moon in Libra on the 12th, and it’s an important and powerful initiator for the future. Plant thought wishes for this coming month and the year ahead.

Scorpio: Your focus this month is on goals, plans and ambitions, along with networking with others who can help you achieve your dreams. Don’t be surprised if you change your mind about something you didn’t think you would. There will most likely be a sudden change in work responsibility or unusual working conditions around the 11th. You may decide to limit or consolidate your resources around the 6th and the 13th. Your ruling planet, Pluto, is quite active this month, so how you think about change, which is bound to come, is quite important. See the bigger picture and realize you’ve been undervaluing something that has major importance in your life. Creative spiritual pursuits are balm to the soul. Be pro-active behind the scenes to deal with unexpected energy shifts. The Moon enters Scorpio on the 11th when the time is ripe for positive change.

Sagittarius: Career advancement or being valued in your career is the payoff for working hard. You’ve got an extra boost of drive and ambition this month but be careful and don’t just rush forward. Plan things out to avoid mistakes from short-sightedness. You may feel like being a hermit and getting away from it all, especially around the 6th. Go with it! You should feel a large positive energy shift around the 17th, when your ruling planet, Jupiter, is very active. You will most likely be feeling quite exhilarated and happy with the progress you’ve made in your chosen path and the future is clear. Be careful of over-doing it around the 17th and 25th. The Moon enters Sagittarius on the 16th, when expansionary energies are strong.

Capricorn: Your ruling planet, Saturn, crossed into Sagittarius last month, so you will be concerned this month (and for the long-term cycle of the next two and a half years) with asserting and forming your philosophical principles and beliefs. Fathom and understand emotional issues so you can clear conflict and find the best course of action for your emotional security, especially in relationships. This month is about changing yourself to improve your self image and the role you choose to portray in society. How do others see you? Lighten up on control issues and go with the flow as life may hold a few unexpected surprises for you, making extra demands on your time and energy. Make sure you take care of yourself as well and don’t sacrifice your own needs for someone else. Find a give and take balance. It’s a First Quarter Moon in Capricorn on the 20th, to help ground you and to help you make necessary inner transformational changes.

Aquarius: For Aquarians, it is an interesting hodge-podge of issues: intimacy in partnerships, shared resources and the unseen forces of the occult world. Though you may not identify with the last of these topics, recently there most likely have been inexplicable events or happenings that logic cannot explain, for example, such as sudden disappearances of personal possessions. Trust there’s a karmic Destiny at work. Try to bond deeply with others. Be honest. Admit any short-comings you may have and strive to avoid control issues; however, don’t give away your power to fear or to others. Stay centered in your philosophical beliefs and do not compromise yourself unnecessarily. Say what needs to be said. Particularly unusual days are around the 11th and the 25th. The Moon enters Aquarius on the 20th, to help ground you to cope with change.

Pisces: Pisceans have lots going on in the area of business and intimate partnerships, especially after the 8th. Being the sacrificial lamb of other people’s control issues may cause tension. Remember yourself. In fact, open up and reveal your inner most needs and desires, otherwise others will not know what you want. Value the new and different in intimate partnerships – break the mold and try to actualize the ideal partnership of which you’ve always dreamed. It will be easy to make plans and goals for the future, for there is opportunity for you to achieve your ambitions with the help and support of others. Your career may get a boost if you present new ideas clearly to those who have authority. Particularly important days are around the 6th, 16th and 30th. The Moon is in Pisces on the 23rd, helping you to go with the flow of growth and change.



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