By =Lorna Anne

Trends: The transformational season of Autumn is the apt time of year to find Scorpio, the sign concerned with evolution, use of Will, desire and power. Three fundamental components of the complex, fixed sign of Scorpio; the only sign of the zodiac that has three symbols and three levels of development. This is due to the fact that Scorpio represents evolutionary transformation (from victim to healer), and its symbols do the same. Though different astrologers at times use different symbols, their meanings are generally the same. The scorpion, the lowest level (and dysfunctional side of the sign), symbolizes a revengeful, egotistical, manipulative, greedy nature that is more than capable of violence and destruction to selfishly obtain their desires. The snake, the middle level, represents the transformation from base, physical, selfish desire and motivation to that of spiritual regeneration and strong faith (from Dark to Light). They become aware of the power of their magnetic energy, and are concerned with the use of Will to bring about healing and a better state of existence, fearing not to shed the old skin for the new higher level of consciousness. The third level, the eagle/phoenix, is symbolic of the transcendence of mere ego to great foresight and spiritual understanding. They have penetrating vision and intuition. Their regenerative powers, thanks to the dual rulership of their sign by Mars and Pluto, makes them a force to contend with; since they have almost a mystical understanding of power and the forces of life and death, it makes them dangerous opponents or great allies.

It’s a month to pull yourself up by the boot straps, keep a stiff upper lip, and see the upside of every situation that occurs. There will certainly be moments of buoyant optimism, due to opportunistic aspects to expansionary Jupiter; however, the main players are Saturn and Neptune, making a 90 degree square to each other. And Sun and Mercury will intensify the energies by both conjuncting Saturn and squaring Neptune in Week 4, when the exact degree occurs between the two. This slow moving aspect will be in effect all month and most likely, to varying degrees, through to the end of the year. A square aspect signifies that one planet will challenge the other and a choice must be made. With these two planets, it’s like mixing oil and water. Saturn is reflected in the personal, practical, conscious mind; Neptune represents the imaginative, artistic, idealistic, collective unconscious. Saturn likes to separate, isolate, set boundaries and build structures. Neptune likes disintegration, and dissolves structure and form. Saturn takes himself very seriously. Neptune wants to sacrifice the personal self for the sake of the collective or the ideal. Saturn wants order, Neptune, disorder. Neptune seeks ecstasy, imaginative flights of fantasy and emotional empathy with everything. Saturn seeks personal protection from fear, overcoming feelings of inadequacy and weakness, working through tough jobs with patience and perseverance. Though it seems like the two can’t possibly resolve their differences, here are some resolutions: transform the ideal into tangible manifestations using Saturn’s talent for building forms; make compassionate choices not based in fear; create structures that bring joy; expand and understand your personal path on the planet to incorporate your ideals; trust yourself. If dysfunctional, this aspect can create uncertainty, confusion, pessimism, disappointment and discouragement due to the disintegration of our reality structures. This can cause us to set unnecessary boundaries and have irrational fears.

Other themes needing mention this month are the expansionary tendencies of aspects made to Jupiter by the Sun and Mercury (10th and 13th respectively) and then their slide into Sagittarius on the 22nd and 20th, respectively. So expect growth and expansion in some areas of your life, depending on where it falls in your chart. This month’s process is aided if one finds opportunities to transform outmoded forms and structures with the help of favorable aspects to Pluto (the planet of change and evolution) from the Sun and Mercury.

Week 1, Venus and Mars conjoin for the second time (see Week 1/ Sept AF 2015) as Venus returns from her retrograde motion. The fusion of the two archetypal energies of masculine and feminine usually brings with it heightened feelings of attraction and eroticism, and self-assertion in matters of the heart to bring about and heal relationships. In addition, Jupiter and Uranus form an aspect called a quincunx. At best, the energies are quixotic and the mysterious, unlikely and unexpected often happen. This is a wild card, exact on the 5th, but carrying into Week 2. During the first week there are also opportunities to change your perspective about yourself and see that you are part of a greater whole and have tremendous influence to integrate peace and harmony in your world.

Week 2 is very stimulating and opportunistic, especially from the 9th to the 12th. Your opinions may shift and you may end up going in a direction you hadn’t thought possible – which now seems like your best bet.

Expansionary energies continue into Week 3, when you can fine-tune your process so that it is less time consuming and more efficient; however, you may be challenged to sacrifice something you value in order to do so. Solve the dilemma by favoring philosophical wisdom and new, more expanded points of view.

Week 4, the Saturn/Neptune square is exact on the 26th, with Mercury conjuncting Saturn and squaring Neptune on the 24th and 25th. The Sun makes the same aspects on the 29th, so you should be able to get a clear picture of the process you’ve been in all month, engendered by these two outer cosmic forces.

Key Words: Expansion, Organization and Ideals

ARIES: With that long-term theme of self-enlightenment still upon you (Uranus in Aries) you will expand this concept by becoming conscious of how you operate in relationships. Mercury, Venus and Mars are all in your Seventh House of business and intimate partnerships, networking with others, and achieving balance, harmony, and possibly artistic expression in your life. Sex and worlds beyond (actually two separate subjects), will be issues. In the former, deepening intimacy with another may be challenging, especially in the latter part of the month. Stay true to creating a win/win situation for everyone. Worlds beyond include seeking and evolving to higher states of consciousness. Both yielding self-transformation. The Moon is in Aries on the 21st when long-term growth can be achieved from your efforts.

TAURUS: Balance and harmony in work relationships means making choices for a win/win situation for everyone. Justice and fairness is the lesson. There are opportunities for you to change the role you choose to play in society. How much energy do you wish to put into creating what you know to be philosophically right? In what area must desire be negotiated for the greater good? You can make a lot of headway in these areas this month. In the latter half, Destiny may present you with an unexpected reality to test your ability to go with the flow and trust how this new reality is integral to your process. The Moon is in Taurus on the 20th to help ground you.

GEMINI: Friends and business relationships may challenge you to accept viewpoints that differ from yours. Even though you are known for flexibility, you may feel that others are going to extremes with their limited viewpoints and controls. By mid-month, you may find a happy medium if each of you embrace the others’ perspective. Catch up on things you’ve let slide and that are holding you back. Fix what’s broken and begin a new health regimen to keep you feeling in tip-top shape. Perusing philosophical subjects will give you the insight you need to keep yourself free from underlying tension. It’s a Full Moon in Gemini on the 25th, when light can be brought to bear upon the darkness. Pivotal days are around the 4th, 12th, 19th and 25th.

CANCER: Your evolutionary process of gaining emotional security in relationships might challenge you to overcome power plays (yours or those of others), and avoid enforcing heavy-handed politics. Instead, support everyone’s right to be an individual (including yourself), and if others don’t like the way you walk the earth, so be it. You are learning to overcome co-dependency in relationships. On a practical level, roll up your shirt sleeves and get the big jobs done. However, don’t make this month all work. Take time to enjoy yourself and the company of friends and family. Put some energy into improving your home environment and beautifying your surroundings. Brilliant insight can come from dialogue with others. Don’t follow the herd in your career field, rather present new and brilliant insights. The Moon is in Cancer two times this month: on the 1st and 27th, so you can see an entire cycle unfold. Important days are around the 7th, 14th, and 21st.

LEO: Your ruling planet, the Sun, is flitting from one planetary aspect to the next, like a butterfly drinking the life force that keeps it going. There are positive opportunities for self-transformation in Week 1 through higher learning of metaphysical subjects or through travel. A deeper understanding of your own thought processes should confer personal insight in Week 3. In the Fourth Week, the Sun mixes with the Saturn/Neptune square, by conjoining with Saturn to enlighten you as to lessons you need to learn. Use common sense and practicality and it will help anchor you to make the right choices. The Moon is in Leo two times this month, on the 2nd and 29th. Pivotal days are also around the 10th, 18th, and 23rd.

VIRGO: Your mind and mental capabilities will be challenged to overcome confusion and limitation and keep you centered and balanced. Your sign makes a T-square with that Saturn/Neptune aspect, and the way to alleviate the tension is what you do best: convey your thoughts and ideas, listen to those of others; learn when to set structures and boundaries in place and when to let go, and make these decisions based upon your philosophical foundations. Best to sit tight and not attempt to make changes in Week 2, but rather, let things happen on their own. Even though you tend to be conservative in certain ways, you may see the benefit of going beyond your usual limitations, at least prior to Week 4. In the last week, it’s best to chill out. The Moon is in Virgo on the 4th. Speak your truth and overcome inhibitions.

LIBRA: Venus (your ruling planet), and Mars shift into Libra on the 8th and 12th respectively. So if you’ve been doing a lot of introspective transformation on yourself, it’s time to step out from behind the curtains and take the stage. In Week 2, there are opportunities to make a commitment to something you value in your world and there’s opportunity to find new ways of expressing your creative self during Weeks 2 and 3. The Saturn/Neptune square, in Week 4, will challenge you to overcome obscurity and fuzzy details and to see what’s really going on. Overcome blocks that prevent dialogue about stressful subjects. Come up with a plan for your destiny. Around the 23rd, a relationship may surprise you. The Moon is in Libra on the 7th, when artistic perception should be heightened.

SCORPIO: It’s your birthday month, Scorpio!! Mercury enters your sign on the 2nd, and as an opportunistic ally, aspects Pluto on the 10th, after the Sun does so on the 5th. So the first two weeks are geared up for making positive changes within yourself, especially in terms of mental outlook and attitude. Turn over a new leaf: be positive about limitations beyond your control that may be imposed upon your expansionary goals and ambitions. Slow growth is better than too much too soon. There are higher spiritual reasons for unexpected changes. Maybe it’s to afford you the opportunity to renew your trust in life by taking a leap of faith in a different direction than usual, toward your ideals and dreams, rather than only toward practical solutions. Take some time to be by yourself and tap into your higher wisdom to make the ideal choice. It’s a New Moon in Scorpio on the 11th, and an exciting time to plant thought seeds not only for the month ahead, but for the entire year. Expand goals and plans.

SAGITTARIUS: If you’ve been feeling rather energetically inhibited, there is opportunity both socially and energy-wise to get yourself out of the rut. You might want to focus on spiritual pursuits to do so. Be wary of too much self-sacrifice in the hopes of redeeming yourself. There are some things it’s just best to let go of rather than sacrificing parts of yourself you shouldn’t, because it never works to your advantage that way. If you’re confused about what your true feelings are, you may gain some insights around the 6th and the 18th. Otherwise, sit tight and wait until the Saturn/Neptune aspect has passed. It’s a Full Moon in your opposing sign, Gemini, in Week 4 as well, so relationship issues will most likely come to a head.

CAPRICORN: Your ruling planet, Saturn is a major player in the square to Neptune, along with the Sun and Mercury. Saturn moves so much slower in the heavens, however, so you will feel the effects all month and into maybe even the New Year. There will be opportunities for enlightenment concerning your process with these two outer giants, especially around the 6th and the 18th. All of Week 4 will be in the thick of the energies. Since Saturn is in your Twelfth House and Neptune is in your Third House of the mind, a lot of what is going on is inside of you and not apparent to others. Therefor, pay attention to evolving your spirituality and expressing your inner truths to others. Take advantage of extra energy, drive and ambition concerning your career and goal advancement. Destiny may play a hand in your life from around the 18th to the 23rd. It may cause you to perceive things differently concerning changes you wanted to implement. There may be a better structure or plan, especially in relationship to work and career. Week 2 and 3 are quite expansionary, with new opportunities coming up on the horizon. The Moon is in Capricorn on the 14th, to ground any over-expansionary tendencies you may have.

AQUARIUS: Aquarians are shifting their focus from the boudoir to the big world outside. Time to focus on your career and see where you can make changes that will reflect your values and ideals. Who your friends and associates are reflect the role you choose to portray in society, and you have learned the importance of building friendships you can trust. If you are uncertain, put up boundaries to give yourself emotional security. Surprise visits or unexpected communication may come your way around the 23rd. Take any opportunities presented to further plans and goals. Controlled expansion is best. It’s a First Quarter Moon in Aquarius on the 19th. Be open as to unexpected change, even if you are uncertain as to how things will play out.

PISCES: Pisceans are still dealing with intimate and business partnerships, and the energies are expanding to include deeper levels of intimacy and trust. Valuing new and unusual relationships is collaborated by realizing you are a part of a greater plan or destiny, and this will help put in perspective aligning personal ego with the bigger picture. However, if you’ve been attempting to merely fit in and be like everybody else, realize that unique individuals overcome their fears of what others may think in order to honor themselves. They’re also the ones who have made the greatest achievements and contributions to society. Your ruling planet, Neptune is a major player in the Saturn/Neptune square at the end of the month. Follow your heart, create your dreams, and don’t let dogmatism get in the way of feelings. The Moon is in Pisces on the 19th, enabling you to get in touch with your higher self.



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