“Judgments: Those That Help Us And Those That Hold Us Back” By =Lorna Anne

“Judgments: Those That Help Us and Those That Hold Us Back”

By =Lorna Anne

Making judgments falls into two categories. Most judgments originate from a bed of past experiences and social conditioning. This type of judgment comes from the rational mind, and although we may not realize it, these judgments may be based in biases due to negative feedback from others or from results from our own past. Unfortunately, our learning experience, which is supposed to produce wisdom, can be steeped in irrationality, bias and fear. We tend to take an experience we dislike and then overlay it upon every other similar reality. This has been proven by the classic psychological study of Little Alfie, the child who was bitten by a white rabbit and who then became afraid of everything white and fluffy, including anyone who had white hair! He generalized his fear of rabbits to other parts of his reality unconsciously. This is negative judgment, and yet the mind has trouble understanding the cause of its angst because negative judgments can be unconscious.

Judgment that we can use to steer our course through life occurs when we can clear the irrational bias and make our choice using intuitive judgment based in the emotions. If we operate from rational bias, then the true emotions become skewed and blocked in reaction to the fear. It is the judgment that things are wrong or bad that blocks an honest emotional response. It also blocks a vision of the value of the experience. If we sit in judgment and condemn the reality as “bad”, then the bias is paralyzing. Sure, life’s not always a bowl of cherries, but it’s not just there to bum us out either. Life is a classroom. Instead, the questions should be asked: What has caused this? What can be learned from it? How can it be transformed from manure to flowers? This way of dealing with our world is productive. Why? Because intuitive judgment, sometimes hard to connect with beneath layers of fear and negativity, is a gift and a blessing, for it contradicts that trite and inaccurate way of thinking that “one never knows”. Intuitive insight is the key that unlocks our Knowingness, that helps us overcome the fear that prevents us from taking positive steps on our evolutionary path, regardless of past conditioning and other people’s judgments against us!



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